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nhsuzanneApril 16, 2007

Patti and Dave's grandbaby!! What a nice way to start a wretched (weather) Monday morning!!

Check in today all!

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Good Morning,

It is wet, windy and dreary here, but not as bad as was predicted. There was even talk of cancelling the Boston Marathon, something that has never been done, but the show will go on. A friend of mines daughter is running in it today.

I also had trouble logging in here for a few days. I started thinking about how awful that would be if this site were to just go away.

Marci and Raeanne, have a great trip. I should have taken notes from the other thread because I can not remember who else is going away. If there are others, be good and have fun.

DS and I are leaving Wednesday for Virginia (not VA, like Patti, LOL) to visit DS #1 and DIL. I can not wait to see them. I have not seen DS since November and DIL since December. We talk all the time, but it not the same. We will be doing some siteseeing because I have never been to that area. I am also going to hook up with a very good friend of mine that lives there and I have not seen her in about 3 or 4 years. I will post pictures!

Suzanne, thanks for positing the picture above, but it didn't show up on my computer. How is your weather today?

Patti, (((HUGS))) to you and Dave and the very best of luck and good wishes!

Donna, thinking of you and your Dad.

Tikanis, I hope you can get on here soon. Miss you!

Lynn, how are you and DH doing?

Dee, I also read about your govenor. I was sad to read he was not wearing a seat belt. A good lesson learned. I was angered to read that he was on his way for a meeting with Don Imus. What a shame, all over that fouled mouth jerk. Ooops, did I say that "out loud"?

Enjoy the day. Stay dry.

Love, Besh

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Good Morning,

The weather here is atrocious. Driving, pounding, wind driven rain! Yesterday it snowed all day and changed over to rain late in the day. The winds picked up to fever pitch overnight and now it's really blowing in true Nor'Easter style! Strong winds and astronomical high tides will cause coastal flooding, beach erosion and splash over at the NH shoreline today and tonight. High tides will hit Hampton Beach at 10:55 a.m. and 11:16 p.m. It's a mess. The rest of the state has floodwarnings all over!! WHAT A MESS!!!!

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Good Evening Everyone!!!!

Besh - DH and I are doing well. DH is finally getting his identity back after having his wallet stolen. He feels better now and we jumped through all the right hoops so far to get everything cancelled and re-issued. Still working on social Security card.

Marci - What a lovely adventure at Macy's LOL. I have to give you credit.....I would not have been so patient.

What an awful event that took place today at viginia Tech.
If anyone on this thread has family or friends at that college, my prayers and thoughts go out to you that you hear from them soon!

Donna - ((HUGS)) Hope things are quiet for you right now. I will be thinking of you on the 18th and Patti too!!!
On a birthday note: I mailed your package today....please be on the lookout for it by Friday or Saturday. Hope you like it. There are a couple items that I threw in to hopefully make you laugh or at least smile. We can discuss after you open the package.

We had bad weather also this weekend. Tons of rain which is dearly needed. High winds last night which woke me up at least three times. (the howling).

DH and I have been walking for the last week. We are working up to 2 miles. I do feel better. I am used to being a couch potato so this is a major change for me. LOL!
Funny thing is, I feel like I only lost weight in my that possible?...LOL!

Take care and have a wonderful evening!!!!


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It is always so refreshing to get on here & just talk among good friends.

NH Suzanne~Thanks for posting the picture. I didn't get it on my computer either. :(

Besh~Wow! Have a nice trip. It seems like everyone is going somewhere for a little trip. :)

Lynn~You must have gotten some of our rain! LOL We just didn't get it like they had predicted. It has been chilly in the mornings though which I'm very happy about. Thanks for the well wishes. This means so much to us. I really want to go back to TX & be close to my kids & grandbabies.

Such a sad thing about VA Tech. I've been stunned since I heard the news about 4:45 p.m. We were watching "The Devil Wears Prada". Such a cute movie! Even Dave liked it. He said that he didn't think that he would. He asked about all of you. He wanted to make sure that "all of the girls were all right today." He is such a darling. Well, I've rambled enough. Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

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We got home from the dr. today & I had a big surprise waiting on the porch for me! Donna, my un-birthday partner, had sent me the best presents. She sent the most beautiful candle votive w/cherry scented votive candles. I could hardly wait to get into the package to find out what it was that smelled SO good. I also got the prettiest birthday angel to hang up in the car or as a suncatcher, or whatever you choose. Then she bought me some really awesome "Stuck On You Faith Notes" that I can hardly wait to use. The card she sent was too cute, I wish that I could share it here with everyone. And, I'm saving the best for last--Donna gave me a GC from Borders so that I can go buy myself a new book. I'm pretty certain that I already know what it is going to be, too. LOL Anyway, thanks Donna, I love everything I got. I was a little concerned when you said it might come this weekend b/c we are going Friday to Clearwater to a Jazz Festival that lasts through Saturday night late so we won't be home until sometime on Sunday. The UPS came through on this one. I hope since no one is writing it isn't a sign that there is something wrong with everyone. Please check in. We leave early tomorrow a.m. for St. Petersburg to go before the Board of Veteran's Appeals so hopefully, I can get on here tomorrow night? I don't know how long it will last. Last time it didn't last very long at all. I have 6 pages typed up of what I am going to say though. Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it & if anyone is in touch w/BJ, please tell her that I miss her. Everytime that I hear something about "peeps" I think about her. Patti :)

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Hello, I got locked out like Tikanas, so I needed a new name. Tikanas, if you are lurking, try to register as a new person. It apparently works.

Make today count!

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OK, this is getting weird. Who am I now?


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Dee, I haven't lost my identity yet!! Boy is this forum getting screwed up! I wonder how many of us simply cannot log on. I hope they fix the problem soon.

Meanwhile we are struggling here in NH to recover from all the damage! It's been absolutely amazing to see the destruction around here. NH has certainly had it's share of flooding in the last year.

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My instructions from Dave are to ask each of you to check in. He said that those of us in the warm weather in the south, need to know that those of you in the north haven't frozen between your barns & your homes. LOL Today was the hearing. It went pretty well. Dave at least feels like he got a "fair" hearing even if it doesn't go in his favor. The judge seemed very fair & listened intently, making notes & asking questions. Dave's representative did what we could tell was his level best to present the facts & ask the right questions & allow us to speak on Dave's behalf. Then, our therapist went with us & spoke on Dave's behalf as well. All, in all, we felt it was good. The therapist is a pretty good judge of character & reading body language & he had an overall great feeling about the entire thing. The last time he came out of the court room & he was seething so there was a remarkable difference. My DDIL & me--what are we going to do with us? They asked me if I had a file? I told them yes--& then I showed them emory boards--they were looking for something sharp. They never found it & I don't know what it was or could have been.

How is everyone else? I hope that everyone else is doing all right.

Dee~Sorry that you were not able to get on for a while.

NH Suzanne~Glad that you were able to check in today. I honestly think that Dave had you in mind when he was asking for those up north to check in. LOL

NJ Donna~What is the news on your Dad? I hope that it was good. It was such a beautiful morning here today. The clouds had that pretty shade of pink along the bottom of them & in the rearview mirror you could see clouds with orange on them. It was just beautiful & I reminded Dave that we had a day that God had given to us.

Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

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Good morning all,

Patti and Dave I am glad to hear something positive about this whole ordeal for a change! I will keep sending positive vibes your way! Thanks for thinking of me and my four legged babies.

Donna, sending positive thoughts for you and your family. Hope all is going well.

Dee, I bet alot of people can't log on to this site yet. It's bizarre and hopefully they will fix it soon. Let's see who you are today!! LMAO

The northeast has taken a beating but in NH the devestation is astounding. We are tough here in this state and we will recover fully but this is the third major flood in less than two years so it will be tough for some. I am counting my blessings that even though most of our property is bordered by a large brook - we (house and barn) are on a knoll and stay dry. The waters were creeping dangerously close to our barn but have since receded!! We may even see glimpses of blue sky today but starting tomorrow it will be warm and sunny for a change. It's only been about three weeks since we had any warmth and sunshine! We still have snow on the ground in lots of places but it's going fast!

Today I am leaving work early to meet our vet for spring shots! I hate this time of year and I hate having to give my animals all that poision - a necessary evil for now I fear. Last year Sweet Pea got really sick for about a week and it's caused me to do a lot of research about the necessity of all these vaccinations every year. There is alot of evidence that says it isn't necessary.I will be speaking to my vet about this today.

I hope everyone has a chance to log in today and say hello!!!

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Well, hello Suzanne. I don't want you to think that you are the only one here. LOL Dave was getting me a new cell phone today & she was checking it over the see that all of the features were working. Now, I forgot what I was going to say...Senior Moment! LOL We found the cutest book yesterday that we want to get our granddaughter since we are buying her all of the Dr. Seuss books. It is the Dr. Seuss cookbook. I don't remember what the name of it was but it was cute. Are you going to try to get her pic on here again? I've got to try to get her pic on my new cell phone. Her DF sent me one today but it hadn't charged enough yet. So, guess what Dave is doing today since he hasn't done it in two weeks & we will be partying this weekend? That's right girls! Laundry. I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open so I think that I'm going to go & take a nap. Did anyone watch Sanjaya get kicked off last night? Or did all of the ones that cared leave temporarily & aren't posting? Take care of yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

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Hi everyone!

Just a fast check in. Patti, I am so glad you got your was my pleasure shopping for it, just sorry it took so long to get it out to you. I was thinking of you and Dave on the 18th..when will you know anything?

Suzanne - we got off pretty lucky down this way, just lots of wind and rain. It's a tough call on those vaccinations isn't it? I completely trust my vet and would go with whatever she recommended. I think you are absolutely right discussing this with your vet - Sweet Pea is your baby and you only want what is best for her.

Lynn - I am on the look out for the package!

Dee, Patti, Suzanne, Marci, Lynn, Besh, Raeanne and everyone - thank you so much for your prayers. We are so grateful for them. Our news was not good on the 18th - my dad has many small tumors in his brain and will continue his radiation until 4/30. The primary site is the lung but there is cancer in the bones and liver as well. They found another spot on his femur on Tuesday. He will be receiving a monthly treatment for the bones and will begin chemo some time in May. His oncologist is wonderful. My dad has mainly good days but there are some that are not and they are very hard. He does have pain from the bone cancer but the oncologist put him on pain meds which are helping. I would appreciate it if you could keep him in your prayers. He's a good guy.

Enough sadness!! The weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful and I hope everyone takes advantage of it. I go tomorrow after work and get my permanent crown on my tooth - thank goodness cause the temp fell off a week or so ago and I had to stop in so they could re-glue it. Thank goodness also my Lacey is doing well - all of her labs came back negative. We are only waiting now to see exactly what that big stone was made of.

I love all of you and truly appreciate your friendship.

I will stop in again, probably over the weekend. Enjoy life and have a wonderful, safe weekend!!

Love, Donna

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Good Friday morning!!!

Donna, ((((((HUGS)))))) sorry the news isn't so great about your dad but I am glad he has mostly good days. I hope you all will be able to enjoy what time he has left and not see him in pain. I am glad he has good pain meds and that you like the oncologist.

As of this morning I am looking for a new vet. I love this one and do trust her opinion and she is an excellent vet except......her bedside manner. She was over two hours late (not unusual and I understand) but she roars in jumps out and starts sticking my animals with needles! Okay, I had a few minutes to discuss my concerns over the vaccinations. She agreed to let me split them up in two visits so that the immune system wouldn't be so shocked! That just indicates to me that she is aware of the issues I am bringing up! She never took vitals - this is an annual visit mind you- and the only place she touched them was at the vaccination sites! She will be back next week to do the second half but after that I don't know what I am going to do. She just isn't warm and fuzzy around my horses and they react to her is a tense and stressed out manner. Enough said on that!!
My girlfriend whose mare got her shots yesterday (all at once) is having a bad reaction and isn't eating! I hope she will be alright.

The rest of the afternoon was glorious however. The weather has turned absolutely spectacular and DH and I enjoyed the afternnon outside with the animals ( I groomed because they are shedding like crazy) and our neighbor came over with out of town company to see the animals and DH brought the donkeys out for them to play with. All the while, momma fox was in the back of the field playing with her two kits AND another full grown fox was there too! We think it might be the sire as sometime the male fox will stay around to assist in the rearing of the kits but not always. Mind you this is an uneasy relationship because I have chickens that they would love. The chicks are secured however and the fox is smart enough to know she can't get them. Anyway, it was a splendid afternoon.

I hope you all have a chance to check in.

QOD: What's up for this weekend?

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WOW, I had a lovely, spectacular post yesterday that just disappeared or never made it here. You would have all been very impressed by it, honestly! (Wonder where it ended?)

Well, happy FRIDAY. I'm happy that this week is over and the flood waters are receding a bit. Horrible mess for lots of people around here. Weekend prediction is full of sun and warmth. I have Monday off, and it may go up to 80 degrees. YIPPEEE

[[[[[[[[[[[Donna]]]]]]]]]]] continued good wishes and prayers for your family. I agree with Suzanne that it's fortunate your dad has relatively good days. Enjoy his company; I hope you all can spend time together in as normal a setting as possible. None of us can predict the future, so live life to the fullest today.

Patti and Dave -- sounds like life is improving for you two. Could not happen to nicer couple. I love hearing about your adventures. Dave, a big thank-you from all of us for helping Patti with that laundry. Now, if you'd like to head North, I can arrange for a few more loads. lol!

Raeanne/Marci, have you left yet? Hope you have fun in FL. I can almost see the palm trees and feel that sun. Everyone---close your eyes and picture it! Those lovely yachts on the intercoastal highway in, money, money. LOL!!

Gotta get some work done. Also need to call dentist as I was awakened by the left side of my mouth last night. You would think that after spending $7,000 on the right side in the last 4 months, my mouth would give me a break! geez louise

Make today count!

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"Bee" prepared to wish Donna a........


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Thank you Marci!!

I received a wonderful package from Lynn yesterday with the nicest birthday card. She sent me lavender candles, a lavender shower gel and bath set, meditation CD set of Ocean Voyages and Whales of the Pacific (will listen when I burn my lavender candles after my shower!),slippers with the cutest little matching bear tucked in them, a cool little book called "I'm Not a Feminist, But..." and last but not least American Idol lip gloss! Lynn, thank you so very much!! I love everything!!

No particular plans for today which I am happy about. The weather is beautiful and sunny. I think I will take my shower and get myself together and enjoy the day.

Thank you again Lynn (and Marci for the GIF)!

Will check in later........Donna

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Donna - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a nice day and enjoy your goodies. I still laugh even when I think of the American Idol Lip Gloss... too funny! I even got myself some and wear it while I watch Idol!! HAHAHA.

Take Care!!!


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Looks like I need to take Maddie's spotlight away yet again.


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Biiirrrrttthhhddaaay dear, sweet, caring, compassionate, shoe-buying, lavender-smelling Dooonnnnnaaaa
Happy Birthday to you!

Hey, at least I didn't sing "shoe-smelling"! LOL!!!

May today be a special one for you, Donna
Enjoy the sun while it lasts!

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Happy Birthday Donna!!!!

Wish you a joyous day with many more to come. Enjoy that AI lipgloss!!

I hope you get out and enjoy this glorious weather that we have all been gifted with! It's yummy and dreamy!

Nice singing job Dee!

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Hi all,

Just got back from VA and had a wonderful trip. It was so nice to see DS and DIL. I did not realize how much I missed them until I had to leave this morning. We had flight delays going down and coming back. We did get a couple of discount travel vouchers for the inconvenience. A great excuse to hurry back!

Donna, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like the girls took care of you on your birthday. Lynn, AI, lipgloss??? I have not seen that one yet. I did buy AI, Edys Ice Cream, yummy. And when I was in VA, I bought an AI scratch ticket!

Hope everyone else is well. I must go do some laundry. Back to school tomorrow.

Love, Besh

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