Do you have a portable charger?

socksApril 1, 2013

I'm asking about the small, portable chargers which can be kept to recharge cell phones, ipads and other electronics. There are so many available--I've looked at Halo (QVC) and Anker (Amazon) and just am not sure which to choose. Maybe I should check out Best Buy or Target for better prices--not sure.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has one they like (or don't like) and any guidance on choosing such a device. I think they will be handy in case of loss of power, on the road with a fading phone, etc. They would make nice gifts too.

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Maybe these portable chargers aren't too popular for some reason. Best buy had only one or two and Target had only one, none of these looking like anything I wanted.

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Unfortunately, many of these "chargers" are just junk. I've seen ads for cigarette lighter to cigarette lighter jumper cables for cars - the lighter fuse will blow the minute you turn the key.

That's not to say it's not possible to create a rechargeable battery pack that could temporarily recharge or supplement your cell phone or tablet, but it's only a temporary backup.

I Googled and looked at the two products you posted - the Halo looks like something that belongs in a makeup bag - the Anker looks more creditable but I don't have any first hand knowledge of either.

The first thing they have to do though, is bring your battery up to a minimal charge before supplying "extra" power so you can use your device.

If there was an easy solution to this, the device manufacturer would be the first one offering it.

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Your last point is a good one, Yosemite.

I also was concerned because I wasn't finding much in Target or Best Buy. The fact that they did not have much worth considering was somewhat of a red flag.

Thank you for your input. I just thought this might be a handy item in case of power outages or other emergency.

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yosemitebill is probably 100% both products seem to be junk from what IâÂÂve read online

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I use a 145 Watt power inverter that plugs into an automobile cigarette lighter socket, and plug my cell phone charger, etc, into that. It was about $15 at Sears several years ago and has been used on several long trips to power the DVD player or laptop in the back seat as well as keeping the cell phone topped up.

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I have the power rocks from HSN and love it and it works very well and I can't see any down side to it so far.

My friend has similar from QVC and she let me borrow it and I was sold. I just got a smart phone for the first time and am going out of town for a wedding so I figure it will be a long night and if my phone needs charging because I may take a lot of photos on it then I am set to go.

My cell is my main phone as I don't have a home phone. Mine came with a car charger too but a cell phone charger for the car will do the same because there is a mini USB port on it besides the regular USB port for the computer.

I have one of those USB things that plug into an electrical outlet if I don't want to charge this via the computer. I forget the name of it but it's a square plug that has a usb port in it so you plug the usb cable into it then plug into the wall then attach the mini end of the USB cable to the mini usb port on your device. Mary

Here is a link that might be useful: power rocks

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Amazon has numerous car socket and wall plug-in units that provide a USB charging socket (some have two sockets). They run about $10, and you can use any old USB cord that has the right sized plug for your device.

The TV sellers often charge 2 or 3 X too much for the stuff they sell, and to add insult to the injury, that can be for junky brands.

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I got my USB socket for the wall at the craft store. They were $2 by the check outs. I see they are now selling a bell and howell solar charger but you can also charge it by way of USB. Mary

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Crafty, you can pay too little for things as easily as too much.

I personally wouldn't connect my multi-hundred dollar smartphone to a $2 charger, much less one bought at a craft store. The wall or car unit has components inside to change the electricity to a low voltage, low amp current needed to charge batteries. The difference between a few dollars and $10-$15 for a respected brand isn't enough to make me want to trust some cheapo gadget to not fry my device or its battery.

I got a chuckle out of your mentioning Bell and Howell. That company went out of existence a long time ago, someone must have bought the name. The solar device also got hammered as garbage on Amazon.

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