Do I thaw frozen lasagna first or not?

downsouth1993January 23, 2009

Hi there,

I had made two lasagnas from scratch with bechamel and homemade tomato/meat sauce a couple of weeks ago. Ate one - yum and froze the other. I will be bringing it to a dinner party tomorrow. I always have a dilemma whether I should cook it from frozen and at what temp? or should I thaw it first? If I thaw it first what temp should I cook it at? It is in one of those large throw away roast pans and is around 4" deep. Whatever method that would make sure it does not dry out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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I reduce the oven temp 25 degrees and add 10-15 minutes to the cooking time.

Sometimes I cover the pan the first 2/3 amount of time.


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I've never thawed it before. 350 is my temp choice...keep it covered with foil until the last 10 -15 minutes. Remove the foil so the cheese can brown up a little..I always add some more parm on top at that time. Should take about an hour maybe an hour and 15 minutes give or take. Thawed, probably 45 minutes.


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I thaw fact I am thawing 2 in the refrig right now....been there since yesterday noon, will be cooked tomorrow.
I always add a dribble or 2 of chicken broth to any casserole which has spent time in the freezer.
I heat it covered, remove the cover....add a bit of broth after 20 minutes of so, continut in the oven for another 10 to 15 minutes then add cheese on top....and uncover for the final1 5 to 20 minutes.
Linda C

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'cover' = reynolds wrap release, non-stick aluminum foil

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"non-stick aluminum foil" Isn't that redundant?


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no....non stick has a non stick coating on one side....but foil is throw away so I don't worry about non stick for covering a casserloe.
Linda C

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I can't believe how many people have lasagna in their weekend plans! I've got mine in the fridge defrosting, I guess it never occurred to me to cook it from frozen. :) I usually thaw lasagna out and cook it for about 45-50 minutes with the last 15 or so uncovered so the top can brown a bit.

Enjoy your dinner party!

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Thanks all for the suggestions. It's still in the freezer so I guess I will leave it there and cook from frozen state. I'm going to take a few of the suggestions from frozen and thawed state above a) cook -25 degrees from recipe degrees b) after 45 min (since it is frozen) add a little chick broth c) last 10 to 15 min remove foil add parm and brown.
Again thanks for the great tips.

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