Singer CE-100 Owners-Post Here!

jenholmes01September 28, 2005

Just wanted those of us with the same machine to give each other tips. How do you measure where something is going to go or where you want it to go? What about larger pictures? How do you do these? Thanks from one who is still learning!


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I was considering a Singer CE 100. I am a beginner and want to make sure I am not over my head. Is it easy to use?

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When you say beginner, are you saing learning to sew, learning to machine embroider, or both?

I have a CE-200 and the embroidery was easy to learn because I also have a Brother PE150 that was used first. If you go to the Singer site, you might be able to view the manual in PDF form and get an idea of what the CE series machines are all about. This machine connects directly to our computer via USB to embroider so both have to be in the same room close to each other (will not work with a wireless connection) unless you have a laptop to hook up to the machine. The embroidery unit will work through a USB hub. You can multi-task on the computer while the embroidery unit is running. Also watch your pricing to make sure all the software is included and not an add-on at additional cost.

The things I don't like about the CE series for sewing is that there is no measurable guide to tell you what your sewing stitch length and width is on the sewing end of the machine, you have to listen for the beeps that really aggitates after a while, constantly sew test samples to get the right combination because there are no markings, had to put a stitch guide on the 5/8" mark because the line is hard to see, and in 40+ years of sewing, the first time I ever saw a buttonholer go bezerk. I was so frustrated sewing with this machine and wasted sewing time, it was put away and the Kenmore 19365 is now in use.

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I love my CE-100 and have had very few problems other than operator caused ones. I belong to a group on Yahoo that is a wealth of information about problem solving and that has helped me a lot.
I have not tried to do larger stitchouts. Just stick to the ones that work in the large and small hoops. Maybe someday I will get brave enough to split a design and stitch it out. For now, I am content to stick to the single stitchout.

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I wanted to know what the group was that you belonged to. I need some tips on embroidering names on the fuzzy part of a stocking. Any tips please post? Plus like I said what is the name of the group.

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I am also wanting an embroidery/sewing machine. My sewing machine of 25 years is trying to tear up on me and I have never been without one. I have been sewing for many many years now BUT have never even messed with one of the embroidery machines. I came here to find out what to look for and need something simple to use. SO GLAD I did to because I was looking at that Singer and that beeping would annoy me to death! Can't handle that!!!! I have a Brother serger and I really like it.
The thing I liked about the Singer though was from what I could understand about it was you could download any clip art from the internet and embroidery it. That is what I liked about it. Seemed like it would be the cheaper route to go so you wouldn't have to buy all those disks and stuff. BUT like I said, I KNOW NOTHING about this except what little I have read and I might not be understanding that!
But DH was going to get me one for Christmas because I need the machine and was wanting it to also embroidery.

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Read my prior post about the machine and visit the Singer site.

After you download clipart, you then have to edit the image with the software and get it to a sewout state..this is called digitizing.

The CE-200 does a wonderful job embroidering. My gripe is the lack of stitch width and length numbers either on the slide control or a number on the LCD panel.

All the new machines beep to a certain extent; some machines you can mute the bugger--on the CE100 and 200 you can't.

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In the market for a machine.
what is the diff. in the ce-100 and the 200?

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The CE-200 has more decorative stitches.

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Hi All,
I just got a singer ce100 last night after returning a Brother pe270D. I am having a problem the thread bunching/clogging up on the back of the fabric. This was my reason for returning the brother machine. Anyone with any tips?

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Ezdave, are you embroidering? What are you using for stabiliser? Let us know what fabric you're using, what type of design etc. We need more info to help you.

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In response to my previous post. Here is what I know so far.
I am embroidering in the hoops.
I am using fusible, interfacing. The kind that you iron on
Made by Pellon.It says,"interfacing for light to medium weight fabric.
I have been having trouble with Cotton t-shirts mostly but, also with denim shirts.

I was using 60 wt. thread but am now using 40 wt. embroidery thread. both giving the same problems.
I always make a test run and they come out perfect, when I go to put the design on a wearable object, I have a 50/50 chance of success. The denim just bunches up but, the t-shirts usually get jammed down into the dog hole and have to be cut out.

My bobbin is set correct.
I am using bobbin thread for the bobbin.
My top thread is set correct.
If I use a second piece of fabric instead of the pellon
I get better results. i.e. the thicker, the better the results are.
If I am embroidering on a pair of blue jeans and use a second piece of blue jean material as backing, the design is perfect, everytime.

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I would take the fabric and design into the shop where you bought your machine and ask them to show where you could be going wrong. This must be so frustrating for you. I don't know the Pellon fusible. Have you tried putting a basting stitch around the embroidery? Embird will allow you to do that if your machine doesn't. That might hold the fabric better.

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If you returned the Brother for the same reason you are now having problems with the Singer, you are doing something wrong regardless of the machine manufacturer.

Thoroughly read the instruction manual and view the will learn much. Manufacturers do not write these manuals for their health. Backtrack and start following the manual on the sewing side of the machine and go through everything page by page and then start the embroidery.

Apparently you are fairly new to sewing or you would automatically know what to do to remedy the situation. No one would use a 60 weight thread for embroidery, the real hint you are new to sewing and would know you can't rely on preset tensions for the 100 or 200 and use different needles sizes and types for different fabrics.

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you are absolutely correct.
I have only been sewing for about two months total.
This would probably be the reason that I don't have a clue as to what I'm doing and asking questions.
Yes, I have read the manual, yes, I have double checked everything, and yes, I do make mistakes. I started this as a hobby/stress reducer and would like to learn to do it correctly.

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Start practicing the manual page by painful page. You learn your machine and how to sew at the same time. You will start on the sewing side and them graduate to the embroidery side. I do this with every new machine I buy even after 40+ years of pays off later when you want to do something and just know because you studied and practiced.

Loan out a few books from the library and start reading as there is a lot of technical stuff to learn. It sounds like mud at first, second and third time, it makes sense.

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Hi everyone,
My question is, when you download free alphabets, how do yoy get them to work as fonts for the futura?

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You have to buy the font module in order to do that or import each letter and arrange it that way.

You could always use Embird and then import to the futura.

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Hello, I need just a little help please. My singer ce 100 came in 3 days ago and I love it but here is my problems. When it came in I went by the insturctions and loaded the futura software on the computer, then I loaded the autopunch, everything works great except the auto punch doesn't ever load.
When I shut the computer down at night and turn it back on in the morning then hit the futura icon, the autopunch wants the acsess code, type it in and next screen is please wait, 2 hours and nothing. Is it common to have to reload All the software when you turn the computer back on or am I missing something. It does a beautiful job embroidering, when it is set up. What do I do with the auto punch? I know it is supposed to work.
I am using a fast computer with microsoft ME
By the way I am an oldie at sewing and have had my simplicity embroidery machine ,well used for around 4 years. Help!!!

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Pinkroses, did you download the patches from the Singer site? It's been a while since I've used my CE200 and just remembered that it did the same thing to me on my old computer running windows me, so you run the install again, up to a certain point and then hit the Esc key and that should solve the problems. Your machine also has to be attached to the computer and on...once you get autopunch working, you can turn your machine off.

Some people had to install the software 2 and 3 times. The fact that you got the software installed and going the first time on ME is wonderful so you are an oldie at computing too. It also pays to keep your system really clean and free of documents, pictures, downloaded designs, etc. (store those on cds or disks) when running autopunch because it is a memory hog. Autopunch does work quite well with a scanner.

I got mad at the CE-200 when it messed up all the buttonholes I did on a blouse I was doing. I'm using my Kenmore 19365 to do clothes sewing and love that buttonhole attachment. It finally occured to me to use the horizontal lines on the throat plate to line up the horizontal the appropriate distance, and off I go.

On the sewing side, the beep drives me crazy and the fact that you don't have numbers to adjust length and width outside of any presets.

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I have a problem with my CE-100 software, I hope someone can help me. I can't get my computer to open it without reinstalling the disk each time. I hadn't used my embroidery machine for about 2 weeks. It was working fine then. It is about to drive me nuts. I've never had the problem before.
Please help

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My software did the same thing to me. I just slid the cd in the drive so it would recognize the licensing and then hit escape and was on my way after that.

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Thanks. I tried that but no luck. I emailed Singer Futura Co. and apparently Windows did an update last week to XP and they are researching to find out and will let their customers know. Will keep you all informed.

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I just purchased the CE 100 also and downloaded font from the internet only to learn that these letters are saved as individual designs and you cannot combine them to make a monogram or name. I contacted Singer and they said they do not know of a way that designs can be combined. But others have said there is a software that will work???

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You have to get the font module or get Embird with their font module and then load back to futura once you get the design finalized.

There are programs such as monogram a search and you should find plenty.

When you open the futura program, the machine has to be connected to your computer or the program will not fire up or ask for licensing or try to reinstall. Once the machine is connected in the original port you put it in (can't switch devices and ports or you get device conflicts) and the program is up, you can turn the machine off and disconnect the machine from the machine end of the USB cord (save yourself some electric). Otherwise you have to use the disconnect using the XP safely remove hardware feature.

Also check the version of software you have...if you got or there is an xp update at the Singer site to bring you up to you have to download and install.

I installed all the software on my new computer for Futura this afternoon and didn't have one hitch. As long as you registered your software on line, you won't have any problems either.

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Another ce 100 owner here. I am so frustrated with this machine. I received it for Christmas last year and this was only the second time I have tried to embroider something. I was stitching a practice design when the machine stopped, red light started flashing and I could not get the hoop to move anywhere. No where in the manual or online help is there any troubleshooting tips. I had a good stablizer, used solvy, and good thread. The design was coming out just fine when all this happened. I am scared to try it again. Any Tips?

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How do you embroider on a sweatshirt after you have hooped the fabric? How do you place on machine..I have Singer CE200..Thank you

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Does anybody have the software that came with the CE-100 embroidery machine or even a copy of it? please let me know. Thanks so much. I can't use my embroudery machine without it. I bought mine used.

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This message is for missjaxx. I am interested on the software that you have. Please let me know how much they are and what you have for the CE-100. I don't have any software at all but I have the embroidery machine. I bought it used. Thanks so much.

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Looking for Singer futura CE-100 drivers/software.

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Great info here. I have been searching online trying to find the auto punch to purchase. I have called several embroidery centers and no one seems to have it. Can help me to purchase it? I did see one or two on ebay for $249.00 plus tax. However, I think that is a bit much for a machine that is no longer being manufactured any more. Thanks for any help.

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Please help I purchased a CE-100 used it did not come with the disk. Can someone help me get the intallation disk?

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I am just wondering if any of you know where I can get a bobbin cover for my CE-100

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