Need 'Window is Still Open' reminder buzzer/chime

jaxoApril 12, 2008

There is a window that gets open at night to allow air circulation, but the blind is closed for privacy. The next morning the open window is forgotten about and the person in that room leaves the house oblivious that the window is still open.

I'd like to get a sensor on the window and the exterior doors that will set off a buzzer when the exit door is opened while that window is still open to remind the person to go back and shut the window before they leave the house.

Does anyone have recommendations on something easy to install without needing to install a complete alarm system?

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I can't recommend anything but I have to believe that something like that exists. I have garage door sensors that flash a red LED when one of the doors is open but the mechanism that actuates the LED requires the sensing mechanism to tilt from vertical to horizontal (it's mounted on the inside of the garage door).

There are so many inexpensive cordless DIY alarm systems now that you might be able to use parts from a basic system to make something that works for you.


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i know how to do it for a wired system, just not for a wireless.

you take a basic wired system and hook a 12v light to the siren inplace of a speaker. you run a line to the window and put a window sensor there, and run another line to the door and put in a door sensor there. hook these up in parallel at the panel. if BOTH are open at the same time, the light comes on. either one opens and the other is closed, and no light. we actually did this at a few locations when i was installing alarms.

you can do the same thing with a DC wall wort and a relay and 2 sensors.

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