CE-200 software trouble

mem3178September 4, 2006

When I install the Futura software onto my computer by itself then I can open it just fine. When I then install the Autopunch software my Futura software will not open at all. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?


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i've had nothing but problems with my machine, i'm still trying to figure it all out. Try to reload software again. I had to reload to get auto punch to work, all though i still don't know how to work it as the instruction are very vague. can anyone help?

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There is an on-line instruction manual that is very helpful as well as actually sitting down and reading your machine manuals. Then practice page by painful page until you get everything down right.

My software is installed on my other computer with windows ME. That was a trial in itself until I let the computer do its thing and haven't had a problem with the software since. There is a trick to auto-punch, and you do have to have the machine on and connected to the computer,...after you install it and it asks for the registration number, fill that in, and it will cooperate. The second time you fire up auto punch it will request the disk, throw that in the cd drive and let to go to the install screen and then hit escape (esc) several times and you should be okay. The program will appear and then you can disconnect the machine from the computer.

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I am having the same problem. The futura program runs fine by itself. However, as soon as I install the auto punch, the futura program will not open. Has anyone figured out a "fix" for this problem?

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There was a windows update that has caused numerous problems. I Can't remeber the number but if you join the futura embroidery group they can help you there.

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A very nice sewing store owner passed on the answer to this problem. It is an update for windows xp which causes the problem. The update was fairly recent (not before June, 2006 for sure). First, you have to go to control panel, click on security center. Then left click on automatic updates located at the bottom of the pop-up screen. Select notify me but...or turn off automatic updates.Click OK. Now, to remove the problem update. Go to control panel. Left click on add/remove programs. Check the "show updates" box. Scroll down and look for "Security Update for Windows XP (KB917422). It WILL be there. left click on this update. Left click on remove. Continue following the prompts to remove the update. Reboot computer. Mine did that automatically. I reinstalled autoPunch. It didn't cause Futura software to "not open". I immediately went to Create on the Futura page. Auto punch is there. I pulled up a favorite clip art piece that I'd saved. I followed the steps right through to the sewing part. It set my little clip art piece up with 12 different colors for the design. I transmitted the design and it sewed up. I hope this will help you guys who are having the same problem I was having. Good luck.

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Thanks for the information. Guess I dodged that bullet, I just checked the updates on my computer and it's not there.

I keep automatic update on. When you get updates, you can also select the updates you want by not using express updates and choose the other option for updates you want. I keep getting updates for Microsoft Office which I do not have on my computer but had as a trial when I purchased the computer and deleted after the trial period...those updates don't get used.

I guess it also depends on the other Microsoft software you have installed.

One little trick you can do when using autopunch is once you have autopunch up, disconnect the sewing machine from the computer to give you a bit more memory if you are doing a large design or are still editing.

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I wanted to thank "Nellave" for the post on the Windows XP security update issue! After a week of pulling my hair out from the lack of response from Singer-USA, coupled with the inability to find any "real" information on the CE-100/Autopunch problem I was having, the information was a GODSEND! I just wanted to post an update to the information I found, for those as equally frustrated as I was.

I did some research on the XP security update "KB917422" that Nellave mentioned, and found that Microsoft acknowledged that certain programs requiring the use of the "CDCOPS.DLL" driver were affected. It appears that the security update was originally meant to provide protection for the datalink (USB) connection between the comnputer and, in this case, the CE-100/200. This way, no harmful code could be tranfered to/from each other.

Microsoft has issued a Hotfix for this issue, which will let users fix the problems with drivers affected by the original security update, without having to delete anything. I've enclosed the link below. If the link doesn't work, go to Microsoft.com, Knowledge Base (left menu), select "Windows XP" (Not with SP2), and type KB924867. Select the first knowlegebase article that appears and scroll down to select the "Windows XP" package download. (Make sure the article is talking about the problem I've described above, before downloading anything!)

Before downloading the fix, my suggestion would be to delete the basic Futura (and all add-on software) through the Control Panel "Add/Remove Programs" utility first. Then, go to the location (Drive "C" was the installation default for me) where the Futura folder is installed and drag it to your Recycle folder to delete it. If you have the ability to clean your registry, I would run the program and delete anything related to the Futura software, but it's not really that important. Restart the computer, download the Hotfix, follow the instructions for intalling it in the appropriate system location and restart the computer again. Install the basic Futura software package, restart the computer and check to make sure that the newly installed software is functional. Close the main application and install Autopunch or other add-on package(s). Make sure to restart after all installations are complete.

I found that, depending on how fast your system is, it may take a few seconds longer than normal for the Futura software to open, but it will, and your Autopunch or other add-ons should appear in the "Create" menu. Good luck and God Bless this forum!

Here is a link that might be useful: Microsoft Hotfix KB924867

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Experienced the same problem this afternoon. However, I am running Windows 2000. I ran the MS Hotfix with no success.

I fixed it by searching my harddrive for the file autoexec.nt and COPIED it to the c:\winnt\system32 folder. Worked like a charm!

Hope this helps.

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Hey- I was on the phone Friday(1/12/07)with Singer about this very problem. Load the software and then go to the singer support site and download the patch... THEN load the add-on software (i.e. autpunch etc) and each time leaving the disk in load the patch.. This will iron some things out on your computer..

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