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yankandtexApril 28, 2008

Let's get this ball rolling! Have a good week everyone.

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Hey, yeah, ball rolling, ball rolling.

It's RAINING here, but since I (well, maybe with SOME help!) just planted a whole yard of sod and flowers, it's okay.

I'm supposed to do a drive to my DD's college today to deliver a Love Sac bean bag-like chair I'm getting rid of. I'm dreading the drive. Maybe I'll wait until next Monday!

Starting a better eating plan today, being it's Monday ***AND*** getting too close to MAY to put it off any longer.

Well, "V" is sitting on my lap, making it IMPOSSIBLE to type. He's pounding the keys and swirling the mouse around!

Back later----maybe at his NAP TIME!

Raeanne~ Just want to say that I'm enjoying the heck out of the Adventure Book. AMAZING piece of work! I gotta hurry up and retire again so I can get out and see some things!

Have a great day!

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Donna/Raeanne/Suzanne, hope you saw my message yesterday. I'm currently holding Wednesday May 28 and Thursday May 29 in my calendar. Let me know if it's gonna work!

I'm just a bundle of nerves over the last 3 days. Just don't know why, but it comes with a dull headache and high blood pressure (despite all the meds I take). I think my body did not like the fact that I was taking ibuprofen around the clock for 6 days...supposed to do a number of hypertension; however, the pain was making me feel worse. sheesh.........old age! Raeanne, I need to hope in the bathtub when I get home this evening with the book you sent me on relaxing. DH has a 3-hour boating safety class tonight after dinner, so it will be a great opportunity for me-time!

We had a lovely day at Boscobel in NY State yesterday.

Gotta run and prepare for another meeting, and my phone is ringing off the one gives me 10 minutes for lunch around here!

Make today count!

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Wanted to let you know that we had the eggplant pizza for lunch & it was so good. We couldn't find the Canadian bacon so we had pepperoni but I know that next time I'll have Dave take me to another grocery store that has more of a selection. It may be more expensive there but I am convinced that the Canadian bacon is probably better for us than pepperoni. Anyway, it was good either way. Yum!

Hope everyone is off to a good start!

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It's hard to stay focussed when you can't function.

Seasonal insomnia has struck again! No more pills for now, instead a review of my surroundings. When did 2 dressers not become enough? When did I door shoe bag not become enough? Is it truly seasonal insomnia or just time to purge? All week it's been gradual. Awaking one hour earlier than the night before. This morning was 3 am. Forced to return to bed at 8 am after missing my mouth drinking my first coffee, I awoke feeling smothered. No matter how many times I clean my bedroom it quickly returns to piles and piles of life. How can anyone sleep in this state? I can't.
Feeling overwhelmed in my own home.
Projects unfinished, saying little. Just waiting for my return.
I grew up with 2 dressers. It was enough and should be enough now.
Today is my day for a second round in my room. Old t-shirts often worn but now relegated to the bottom. New items bought but not worn. Clothing from a decade ago - just a few but enough to take up space - unwilling to release themselves.
Under the bed another world of sweater bags. Totally forgotten this winter. How many sweaters can I wear? When do I wear them and why? Are they just decoration or just functional? Do I really like them enough to invite them into my daily activities? Time to let go. I need my sleep.

I've stalled big time in both wanting to focus on my WW goals and not having the energy. Thank heavens for forums and friends. No I have not abandoned my goal. This is an ongoing lifestyle. That is the difference between dieting and learning to live and maintain what I have so far.

No rah rah's today because I'm just too tired. I'm here gang! Purging that bedroom. So far I've filled my pull trolley to take to my favourite charity shop and I'm working on a new garbage bag for another day's journey.

Life can smother your dreams and goals in exactly the same way. You start to let go of one time thing and forget about it. A week later something else goes. A month later you feel like giving up - for heaven's sake post. Talk. I am posting and I am talking to myself and you. Sleep deprivation for what ever reason can sabotage possible achievements. Now is the time to reclaim that fallen habit. Take a moment to care for oneself - one moment. One day.

I know you've been here at some point. I've been here before - 30 pounds before. Do I quit? Sometimes. Have I returned? Yes. Do I believe in my goal - YES! But for this moment I savage my precious space so I can once again chill, focus and continue.

Onwards and upwards!

Make today count. If you don't feel like talking to anyone, if you are lurking stay with us. Stay true to yourself.

Hugs to all,

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HEY!!!!! Anybody want to move to MY coast? The "Sleepless In Seattle" house is for sale! ----And such a DEAL!!!!

McPeg! I just looked at your website and what an inspiration to plant something! I had to give away all my pots and containers this weekend in preparation to sell my house. My landscaper was happy to cart them away. It will cost me too much to move them to the island ($ per pound), so, for now, I'm happy to live my gardening through others.

I can relate to the decluttering process. I tossed any clothes that did not make me feel REALLY good or that were not extremely comfortable. I gave a lot away.

My daughter posed a question to me: "Do you own your stuff or does your stuff own you?" My stuff owned me.

Write down what you would save if your house was on FIRE and you could only take a carload of stuff with you! Take those things, cherish them, and make special places to keep them in their place. Re-evaluate EVERYTHING else. If you love it, then ACT like you love it and find a special place for it!

I'm finding that, in moving and sorting, I'm having to let go of a LOT of stuff. I'm moving to a MUCH smaller house and can't take all of this with me! Strangely, it's making me want to get rid of even more.

Now my dream is to spend a year living with a minimal amount--basically, STUFF I LOVE. We'll see how it goes!

DeeMarie~ Sorry to hear about the aches and pains! You do need a breather! That bath sounds like just the ticket!

Patti: Canadian bacon is about a million times better for you than pepperoni!!!!!!

I have 3 friends who are realtors. Soon I will list my house for sale. They all want to list it---YIPES!,

1. How did you choose a realtor to sell your house?
2. Should I choose realtor who is a friend of mine????
3. And how long would you list it with each realtor before changing realtors?

Here is a link that might be useful: Sleepless In Seattle house!

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Is your house like this one? 2.5 million? Gosh, I thought a fancy trailer home would be heaven on my property - all paid upfront and off the grid!
Honestly though, I could not take the city that close - I'd rather a small town.
Friends for realtors - I dunno. What do they each value the property at? What is their experience? How successful are they? Can your friendship survive if things go tits up? If I won the lotto though, I dunno - you may not have to advertise!

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BJ~How charming!! Is that a big pig next to your house? LOL I love it. My 21 yo DN is ga-ga over pigs. No wonder you say Canadian bacon is better. JK I don't have the answers to the QOD. When we listed our houses, we listed them with someone that Dave liked. I think that it ruined our friendship to be honest. She made some promises that she didn't keep but I wouldn't think that would happen in most cases. Just remember to keep business as business & friendship as friendship. I hope that is good advice.

Dee~I'm so sorry that you are hurting.

McPeg~I don't relate to the clutter b/c I am the one person here that would most likely read the book about clutter being an advantage. I keep meaning to post the title & never have it at the computer when I'm here. I do however, know about sleep deprrivation. My Dave not only snores, but last night I woke up & he was using my posterior as his pillow. It took me forever to get him awake & convince him that it wasn't his pillow & to move. By then I was fully awake. I ended up moving to another room. ROFL What is a girl to do? I loved your thought provoking.

I've got so much to do & had to send Dave in for supplies. It is awful to have projects in the works & due dates & not have what you need to finish the jobs.

Milkdud~I hope that your weigh-in goes well tonight.

Hi to everyone else. Patti :-]

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Just wanted to make sure that everyone knew my house is NOT the "Sleepless in Seattle" one! My house is on DRY land and is not in Seattle proper! ---And it's not in that price range either! :-)

I'll post a link to the home I'm selling when we get the website up in a couple of weeks. I hate to call it "my house" any more. It's kind of transformed in the past few months...

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BJ - there are so many things to take into consideration when hiring an agent. Let them tell you why they should list your house. Ask them how many homes in your price range they have listed and how many they have sold. Ask them to show you where they stand among other realtors in your market area in both listings and sales. They don't have to be #1 but you don't want them to be #400 out of #400 agents. Do they work full-time or part-time? It's a tough market right now and it is hard to put a timeline on a person. If it goes into the Multiple Listing Service that means any realtor in that system will have access to see your listing and have the ability to sell it. Your other friends would have a shot of at least selling it and earning a commission. If you want to sell it quickly tell them to give you an honest opinion on what your house should sell for and have them show you comps to back them up. Be leary of agents that give you too high a price - they may just want your listing and then try to beat you up on reducing the price afterwards. We have had homes on the market for well over a year because the owners refuse to put realistic prices on them. Have them explain how they will market your house - will they do at least a Broker's open house? What publications do they advertise in? Is their website user friendly - most of our customers are now from the internet. How often can you expect your house to be advertised in the local paper or local real estate guides? Personally speaking, many friends use Rich and we have never had a bad experience. You have to be able to separate your personal and business relationships. Actually most of our closest friends we met through Rich selling them a home. Good luck to you and let me know if I can be of any help.

McPeg - I have been sleeping well, but I have been feeling the need to purge lately. I have way too much clothing and would love to weed it out. I also want to clean out my kitchen cabinets. It is suppose to rain for a few days and that may motivate me to get busy.

Dee - either of those days are fine for me too. Thursday's are best, but I can make Wednesday work.

I have to get ready for a meeting. Enjoy your evening.

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Will be back later but....

Dee/Suzanne/Raeanne - either day will work for me but the Thursday would be better.


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Good evening!

McPeg, you have quite the way with words! You make a good point about making this a way of life, not just a diet. When I have too much to eat and don't lose quickly, I keep that in mind. The weight didn't come on quickly, but one pound at a time.

Speaking of which - I showed a one pound loss from last week. I'm alright with it because I know that I'm eating the right foods, just too much, and working out. Slowly, but surely, wins the race, right? LOL

Dee, sorry you're all achy and pain-y. Hope you're better soon.

BJ, good luck choosing a realtor. Can't wait to see the site with your home's pictures on it!

Patti, what projects are you finishing now? I've got to finish those darned cloth books for sure this week and take them to Aubrie on Saturday. If I don't finish them now, she'll be able to finish them herself very soon.

Raeanne, I rarely sleeep well, and I tend to do most of my purging, etc., late at night when I can't sleep.

Hi, Donna! I saw you peeking in. :)

We're having cooler temps today and tomorrow, and it's been wonderful. It's a brief respite, but we'll take what we can get around here because summer will be here soon enough, and it will be brutal as they always are around here.

Have a great evening, and McPeg, sweet dreams!

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Hi! If anyone is interested~Marci has posted what I've been doing at her site for me. Please take a peek!!

Thanks, Marci!

Raeanne~Such sound advice. I can tell that you know what you are doing & talking about.

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Wake up!!! If I'm even up, it's time!!! LOL

QOD: What made you smile today, so far?

Answer: putting out new mulch in our flower beds and spreading Scott's turf builder, and saving $155 over having it done by the lawn service! (It takes so little to make me happy!)

I'm on my way to work out and buy one more bag of mulch. Hope everyone is having a productive morning and nice weather!

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Milkdud~WTG on the weight loss. I've gotten quite a bit done this morning. I dropped by earlier & no one had posted yet so I had some things to get done. I'm trying to get some recipes done before we go to Fort Lauderdale for a weekend in June, they have to be ready to go with us, & some of the recipe books have to be ready to take too. Then I had several things to get printed. I've been cleaning & rearranging bedroom, living room, & the back room that is Dave's computer room/my storage room for crafts. This place is so small that I've taken over just about every inch.

QOD: I'm smiling b/c it is only 70 here right now. I am glad that it is a little cooler. I showed a 1/2 lb weight loss & although it isn't much, I'll take it over a gain. And, I'm surrounded by pictures of DGC, that always makes me smile. :-) Aubrey has the darkest eyes.

I'm hoping to see Marci in the next week.

Marci~What day is your last day of school?

NH Suzanne~Is it raining your way? I heard them talking about your direction this morning.

John~Have you gotten snowed under at work?

Donna~How is the trainer coming along?

Besh~How is the new job?

BJ~How is Baby "V" doing? He must be really good for you to be able to get so much done.

Hi to everyone else. I haven't forgotten you. Have a great day. Patti :]

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Hey, man, W/C (Wild_Chicken, West Coast, Wiley Chick, Whatever!) is UP and motivated.

I am cleaning my kitchen. It's really a mess. Every little teeny spill turns into a Stealth Stain. Mop, mop, mop with the

I'm going to lunch with an old friend today. I gotta get outta here once in a while and do something fun. This moving business is repetitive! Pack, sort, pack, sort...or is it sort, pack?

Has anyone heard from Besh or Maddie? Besh, I hope your work deal is better...

Maddie is probably deep in the throes of KY Derby fever...wish I was! Anybody pick a horse yet?

Well, my parents are coming next week, so I better get cleaning and packing. I won't be able to do anything whilst they're here for a week. And I have to find a good deal on a small TV for my Dad to watch. I don't have one downstairs, which is where he spends his time.

THANK YOU to everyone who answered my real estate questions. Good stuff. I'm terrified to list b/c once I sign, there's no turning back on the agent and I'm afraid there won't be enough marketing in this market!

Raeanne~ What's an average listing time to sign on with an agent?

Back later to read!

Here is a link that might be useful: KY Derby Contenders

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Good TUESDAY morning!

QOD: Well, I was up at 4am and very anxious to see what my blood pressure reading was (it was sky high again last night, and the hot bath last night did not help...think it made it worse!). It was not good, so I decided to go about my business here this morning, and check it after the doctor's hours started (in case I needed to run out there). In the meantime, I was scheduled for a chair massage here at work...just got back; she promised me that I would be pleased with a lower blood pressure reading after one of her massages. Darned if the lower reading isn't 15 points lower than this morning! I'm smiling over this situation...let's see how the day progresses.

Maddie, I'm missing you. Please send pics from New York and Las Vegas to Marci!

BJ, put your feet up and relax girlfriend.

Suzanne, hope you are have a good day. Let the Saratoga girls know if my proposed dates fit your schedule.

Hello to Besh, Donna, Marci, Raeanne, Patti, Dave, John, Amy, Gretchen, Jen, Milkdud, Magickitty....everyone I've missed.

Gotta get a cup of decaf tea and get some personal internet stuff finished during lunchtime.


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BJ, I'm here. Been doing alot of reading and not much posting. Work is going better. I had a nice meeting with my Manager this morning and she said some very nice things, and I was also able to get some things of my mind that had been problematic. So it was a good day. Thanks for looking out for me.

DS and I mulched over the weekend and DH and I planted some stuff and spread some grass seed and it has been raining ever since. I can't wait for the sun to come out because I think everything will be beautiful and really start to pop.

Patti, I saw all your crafts. You go girl, what talent!

Dee, I think you should order a chair massage 2x daily if it has that much of a positive affect. Take care of yourself. Are you going to be in Salem this summer?

BJ, I think Raeanne is probably the most qualified here to give you home selling tips and it sounds like she has already done that. DH would like to sell our house in a few years, and the thought of it makes me panic. I hope things go well for you. Thanks for sharing the Sleepless house. I loved that movie and boy do I love that house!

QOD: I think the meeting that I mentioned above!

I have a QOD: What is the highest you have paid for gas so far?

My answer: $3.45!!!!! and I am p*ssed!

Have a great evening! I am watching American Idol. I still don't know who I am rooting for. After last week, I really like Syesha, but I think the older David should win. The younger one is starting to get on my nerves.


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BJ - it is pretty standard right now to do 6 month listings in our neck of the woods. If that seems too long for you I would suggest a 3 month listing and if you are happy with everything extend it - hopefully it will sell before the 3 months are up. We used to always get 1 year listings.

Dee - You just may have to make sure you get a chair massage each day LOL.

QOD - I finished a painting today and that always makes me smile.

QOD2: I paid $3.89 - high octane - I noticed today it was $4.09 luckily I didn't need to fill up.

Besh - I like the older David, I'm not a Syesha fan.

Milkdud - I know a pound doesn't seem like a lot, but they have a way of adding up WTG.

McPeg - I also enjoy reading your posts, you are full of wisdom and I'm glad you like to share it with us.

I gotta run and go check out the KY Derby picks.

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YAY, Besh! I'm glad things are looking up.

$4.14 on the island,
$3.82 here in Greater Seattle.

The pump stops at $75.00 and won't go any higher, so I never really get to top off my tank any more and my credit card melts inside the machine most times.

Raeanne: I'm gonna go for the 3 month with another 3 month extension if I'm thrilled but I hope it sells FAST!.....THANKS!

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Well, there y'all are! All I had to do was call you out, then leave for many hours, and you all showed up! LOL

I ended up having the nicest day since we moved here (with the exception of when my kids/DGDs come!). A lovely lady I met last week at the fitness center called to invite me to lunch at a tearoom in the next town. The co-owners of the center also went with us. Not only was the place fun, a resurrected old train depot, the food was delicious - but not WW-friendly, but I had the most pleasant time getting to know those 3 women. We're all around the same age with lots in common and all transplanted to Crosby from other places recently. I finally got to "do lunch with friends" today, and that was definitely the biggest smiling thing for me!

QOD: What is the highest you have paid for gas so far? The highest price I've paid so far has been $3.59, and it hurt my feelings terribly. We have every big gas company refinery all around us, and we're paying as much if not more than people in far away places. Doesn't seem right. They have to transport the gas maybe 2 to 15 miles in most cases here.

BJ, when we listed our home last summer, it was only for 3 months at a time. I've never signed on for more than 3 months at a time. Try for that, if you can.

Patti, I saw your pictures on Marci's site. Very cool things you're doing!

Dee, the hot bath probably did spike your BP. I remember my ob/gyn telling me to give them up when I was pregnant because it raised my BP. I hadn't thought of that until I read your post today. Glad the massage helped.

Besh, I'm glad you had a good visit with your boss today. It's always helpful to clear the air, isn't it?

Time for bed. I worked out harder than usual this morning, so I'm a little sore tonight.

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Hi everyone! I've been MIA - action being the key word here. Lots of errands. Still maintaining on my end. At least I feel comfortable right now in my clothing and doing outdoor cleanup. So far, so good - no hip grinding this year. In a month I start planting summer garden beds downtown at businesses and hotels-all day digging, bending over, kneeling. I love it but last year I noticed some joints were not happy - hence the continuation of weight loss this winter. I can't wait to start but in the meantime....

This morning a nice fruit yogurt has my name on it and a piece of toast. We are having below spring temperatures - so I can take down my front window decor and paint up that wall. More stretching with this activity. Good stuff, eh?

QOD: New spring growth in my garden makes me smile, getting to clean the yard 3 weeks early and going to bed at night without dodging piles of clothes on the floor! GRIN!!!!

New lifestyle habit to report - less caffeine intake. Found a hot beverage that is 'growing on me' - chamomile/ginger and ginger/honey tea. My sleep sucks and I need to cut back on caffeine. Even decaffeinated is not absolute. One minor discovery found, another step forward!

QOD: We pay in litres for gas, it's up to $1.20 and not getting better. I am learning to drive but I love to walk and I bus.

QOD: Share a fond childhood memory.

Mine - While living on the prairie when I was very young, I loved spring. Across the street was open fields that would be filled with purple crocuses. The provincial flower of Manitoba. I loved walking in the field picking the flowers while the weather was warming up after the harsh winter.

Have a super day today everyone! Let's make today count - we only get one kick at the can!


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Good Wednesday all,

Trying to get caught up here.

Patti, I am not sure what those things are that you are making but they are cute and I LOVE the Lady Bug!!

Dee the 29th could work for me (fingers crossed)

Milkdud, it made my heart soar to hear what a fun day you had yesterday! I did not realize you were so isolated or that you were so new to where you live. Good for you girl!!

QOD: Gas is around $3.62 here. At 8 mpg under tow, I won't be going too far this year. It's awful!

QOD: What makes me smile? Yesterday, today, tomorrow Spring makes me smile big time. I love, love, love this time of year in spite of mud and black flies! Each day I smile knowing how fortunate I am to have my life of horses, donkeys, goats, chickens (who really are winsome creatures)and a loving husband that supports my passions!

Besh, good to hear from you. Glad your meeting made you smile! You must be loving this spring too in spite of the last three days of rain.

BJ, I never told you how awesome your name for my carousel is!! You are too clever. My mare Casey is KC for Karmic Charge! That's what my sister and I named her when I bought her. DH did not want us to call her that....who knows why. But she will always be my karmic charge.

McPeg, you have a wonderful childhood memory. I have to think about that and get back to you!

Raeanne, what was the painting of?

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I have not weighed myself the last two weeks, just concentrating on healthy eating, activity...I'm down 1.5 pounds! My journey is a very slow one but rewarding all the same.

Thanks for pulling me along with your friendship and posts. Participating in this forum is a huge factor in my success.

Let's have a fantastic day today and take pleasure in the simple things.


Doing the happy dance!

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Milkdud - I am so happy for you and your new found friends. You are settling in nicely.

McPeg - sometimes I think that many kids miss out on the simple pleasures of childhood now - your's was a sweet one.

QOD - Although I lived in what was considered the "city" we had woods and a pond. I loved every season on that pond. We would fish the pond so often that the poor fish had holes in their lips (do fish have lips?). On weekends in the winter we would skate from the moment we got up until it was time to go to bed - not even wanting to stop for lunch and dinner. Thank goodness for those big old radiators to warm up next too and put our mittens and socks on.

Suzanne - it was a Lake George scene of "Recluse Island". I was very pleased with my clouds and water. I don't think I mentioned but the resort has offered to let me and a couple other artists put on art shows for their guests throughout the summer. It sounded like a great idea at the time, but now it is feeling a bit overwhelming. I have my fingers crossed that the 29th works for you.

As I am sitting in my window typing there are some actual snowflakes falling from the sky YIKES.

BJ - I will send positive vibes for a quick smooth sale. I know you will have the house in top notch shape and everyone will fall in love with it.

Enjoy your day

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NOTICE TO ALL (with fingers and toes crossed) -- Looks like the Raeanne/Suzanne/Donna/Dee Saratoga meeting will take place on Thursday, May 29. Everyone is invited, so let us know, OK? Besh ;-)

QOD: Not sure what I pay for gas, as DH gets my car filled. FYI, it's illegal to pump your own gas here; thus the t-shirts "Jersey girls don't pump gas". I do know that we have some of the cheapest gas here. We have seen mile-long lines at stations on the Turnpike and Parkway over the last several weeks.

Gotta is nuts today!

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Good afternoon, ladies (and John, if you're peeking!)! It's 77 and sunny here. No sign of snow for us, Raeanne! LOL

I worked out, had pork and zucchini leftovers for lunch, and after posting here, I'm taking the newspaper out to the front porch to enjoy the breeze and watch the world go by!

Thanks for being interested in my lunch with new friends yesterday. I think Patti's the only one who has had to endure my whining about my new life down here. :) We moved here at the end of August, and while I'm only an hour away from my youngest son and his family, we see them just every few weeks, and the days in between have been very long and lonely. My husband works very long hours, some weekends, and when he's home, he spends most of his time in his study just vegging out. I've been at a loss as to how to get into things here. It's a very small, strung-out town, with no central focus. We're not incorporated, no governing body, etc., just a few businesses, 4 schools, a handful of churches, and this humongous residential area off the highway.

My first step toward meeting anyone didn't come until early February when I decided to join Weight Watchers to lose weight and to just be around other people. Then that spurred me on to check out workout places nearby because I wanted to do more about losing, and I lucked into joining one that is user-friendly and where I'm meeting nice women.

The first best thing I did for myself since living here was to rejoin this board! Your support and very presence is a daily boost for my morale. You don't know how much good you do just by posting about yourself, your day, your trials and tribulations. It has helped me feel connected to you on days when I've felt very alone.

Okay, enough of that! QOD: Share a fond childhood memory. When I was young, we'd travel to VA every summer to visit all our relatives. I was one of 4 cousins born during the same summer, so I always had built-in playmates there. I remember playing down in the cool coal cellar at my grandparents' home during the hottest part of the afternoon. We climbed trees and picked way-too-green apples and ate them on a dare. We'd get the "green apple trots", but it was worth it to do the dare! I need to mention that I was the only girl cousin in this group, so it was important to me to except those challenges and win! LOL

Dinner tonight is crockpot sweet and sour pork over brown rice. My house smells good right now.

I hope everyone is busy having a great day! Just want to say that I'm envious of those of you who will be getting together in Saratoga next month.

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Anyone need to borrow a Saratoga shirt? LOL

Milkdud~I'm extremely happy for you & the new friendships that you are forging. I don't see how they could help but like you though! They just had to meet you is all.

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on my things. I've never been able to even draw a straight line so when this new ability came up I was thrilled. I've got a long line of artists in my family including my DSister but...anyway, thanks.

NH Suzanne~T-shirts, skirts, shorts, a recipe book, & a purse. LOL I think that about covers it. ;-) I've done quite a bit more & that surprises me.

McPeg~Congrats on the weight loss. WTG GF! You'll be there in no time. Those creaky bones ain't fun, are they? LOL

BJ, BJ~Why did the ducks cross the road?

Dee~I never thought of a hot bath spiking blood pressure either but Milkdud makes sense. My OB/GYN told me to stay away from hot water/hot packs, etc. when I was carrying DS#2. I cannot get in a hot tub b/c my heart acts up. That might be what is going on? Glad that you had the massage.

QOD: When Dave went to town yesterday?, I think he said gas was $3.59 a gallon. Ugh! And, they said on the news last night that it could get as high as $18 a gallon. I've got to move closer to town. Or start buying fewer groceries.

Besh~They aren't even keeping the libraries over in Tampa open as long as they used to anymore. I heard on the news that they have had to cut their hours. And, they are cutting something like $42 billion from the school budget so many positions are getting the axe besides a proposed 2% pay cut & only a 7 1/2 hour work day. I'm concerned about education & also how we can pay to live, eat, etc. plus keep education going. It is a mystery to me.

Could we have two QODs please? I'm wondering what/if you take any kind of MultiVitamin?

QOD: I take a One A Day Women's Vitamin. I want the 50 plus for Women but Dave doesn't pick that one up if I don't go to the store with him when it is on the list so...I cannot complain b/c at least he does shop. What do you take & do you think that it helps?

It is over-the-hump for the east coasters anyway, I think, or just about. Have a good one. Patti :)

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Oops. I didn't answer McPeg's QOD.

QOD: I think that the Sunday mornings that we had church picnics after service were so much fun. We lived 15 miles from the lake & we always had so much fun. I have so many good childhood memories to choose from & then so many that I'd like to be able to forget. ;-] (All those calluses on my behinder!!) It is hard to choose just one. Tomorrow I'd probably say something about my Grandma. She was the most fabulous woman I've ever known!!

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I posted this internet research on another thread to try and help answer slow weight loss. As requested, here it is for all of us to just 'hang in there'!

15 Tips for Breaking through a Plateau (by Weight Watcher Leader Elizabeth):

1. JOURNAL, JOURNAL, JOURNAL -- This is one of the most powerful tools to help you stay on track or get back on track. Your journal can help you see where you are perhaps going over or under on your number of points for the day, or aren't getting in the Guidelines for Healthy Living requirements. Use your journal as a detective tool: Had a good week? Look over it at the end of the week and try and see what you think contributed to that success. Had a not so good week? Again, look over your journal to see what may have contributed to you playing a little looser with the program. Look at last week's journal for clues too, sometimes it takes a full week before the effects of a blown week show up.

2. EATING BY THE NUMBERS (Or are you getting in too many carbs? Protein? Not enough fat?) -- Look at your food choices, are you really getting a wide variety of foods in? Remember, your body needs nutrients from lots of different sources and if you're eating the same things all the time or too much of one type of food, you're probably not getting the proper nutrition your body needs. How is your protein to carb ratio? Look at the Eating by the Numbers chart on page 8 of your Week 1 booklet for suggested guidelines of how to most nutritiously spend your points during the day. These are suggested ranges for someone under 200 pounds, for over 200 take most of your extra points from complex carbohydrates and protein. There's a helpful Excel spreadsheet on Rea's homepage: that is called something like the Points Food Groups Journal that she's got set up for 28-35 points per day, but all you've got to do is input your points range and the suggested guidelines from the Eating by the Numbers chart for the various food groups. This can help too if you're one of those old WW selection plan people who just don't like the Points system. You can use this to follow the points, but use it for the selections of the various food groups so that you keep a healthy balance in your points. Take a look at your food choices as sometimes we have the attitude that as long as our points balance at the end of the day we're okay, but if we keep in mind the Guidelines for Healthy Living on pages 5-7 of the Week 1 booklet, we'll see that we still are asked to do a few steps to ensure we're spending our points in a way that keeps our bodies healthy.

3. WEIGH AND MEASURE PORTIONS -- Too many times our portions have gotten bigger without us realizing it, using measuring cups and spoons and weighing out our portions can give us a better idea if our portions have suddenly grown bigger than we're counting. Remember, portion size does matter.

4. READ LABELS CAREFULLY -- Are you counting your points right for the product that you're eating. I remind everyone of my jumbo dinner frank story where the serving size was half a frank! Who eats half a frank? I was counting 4 points when I should have been counting 8 points. If you're eating a bigger serving size than the one listed on the label you're probably eating more points than you calculated.

5. REMEMBER, ZERO MULTIPLIED IS NOT ALWAYS ZERO (okay, not when it comes to food points) -- If you're eating one serving of fat free sugar free gelatin for 10 calories, okay, that's zero points, but if you're now eating 4 servings plus 2 tbsp of fat free whipped topping, you've got yourself one point! Beware of those hidden extras where we multiply portions, and beware of BLT's: Bites, Licks, and Tastes that never seem to get counted on any journal. These add up.

6. TOO MANY REFINED CARBS? -- Are you eating too many sources of simple and refined carbohydrates, the stuff that's heavily processed and no longer looks like its natural food source. Think of it as the difference between whole grain bread and processed white bread, brown rice vs. white rice, popcorn cakes vs. corn on the cob. Try to include more of the natural sources of carbohydrates in your diet stuff like beans, yams, potatoes, brown rice, and whole wheat anything rather than so many crackers, pretzels, and chips (even low fat chips). This is not to say you can't have any refined carbs, just try to limit the amount of them if you're having trouble

7. NOT ENOUGH FAT? -- Okay, this sounds counterintuitive, but according to the Eating by the Numbers chart and for good nutrition you should be actively adding in about 2-3 points of fat per day. This is stuff like vegetable oils, margarine, butter, regular or reduced fat (not fat free) salad dressing, avocados, regular or reduced fat (not fat free) mayonnaise, olives, and peanut or soy butter. I have personally met a number of people now who weren't losing and when I suggested they start actively adding in 2-3 points of fat per day they started losing again. Our bodies need enough fat in order to properly function. You think there's enough fat in my food already, right? Not when you're limiting your number of points in order to lose weight. We are often making much lower fat choices than we normally would have, and as a consequence our consumption of fat falls far below the recommended guidelines according to lots of nutrition experts of 30% of your total calories in fat per day. If you are limiting your fat intake to only the fat that's naturally in food and even then you're probably taking the skin off the chicken and drinking skim or 1% milk, then you might only be getting around 10% of your calories in fat per day, not enough for your body. So, the reason our bodies need enough fat in our diets each day as opposed to just feeding off of our body's fat stores is because fat contains an essential fatty acid: linoleic acid, that our body can't produce on its own. That fat is needed for proper metabolic and digestive function. Fat provides essential nutrients our bodies need, it transports fat soluble vitamins that our bodies need, it is needed for proper digestion and metabolic function, it helps us keep fuller longer, keeps our hair and skin nice, and is crucial for proper gallbladder function. If you're on a super low fat diet you can develop gallstones that are no fun and super painful.

8. DRINK HALF YOUR BODY WEIGHT IN WATER EACH DAY. -- According to Barbara Levine, R.D., Ph.D., the Director of the Nutrition Information Center at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center and reported in the June issue of Weight Watchers magazine, she says that overweight people need more water than the typical 8 cups a day rule. "Overweight people tend to need more water, because fat cells hold more water than other fat cells in the body. To determine the number of ounces of water you need per day, divide your weight by two. For example, a person who weighs 140 pounds should consume 70 ounces, or about 9 cups. Of course, this is an estimate. The best way to gauge whether you are getting enough water is to monitor the color of your urine. If you're drinking enough, it should be the color of pale straw. If it is a deeper yellow, you're not getting enough fluids" (page 16, June 1999). Lots of times we misinterpret thirst for hunger, try water first, wait 20 minutes, real hunger will not go away.

9. MAKE SURE YOU'RE GETTING FIVE SERVINGS OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES PER DAY. -- Eating the zero point veggies can often help us to fill up so that we're not eating the other higher points foods instead. If you're hungry, try non-starchy veggies first. Lots of members make the Garden Vegetable Soup recipe in the Week 1 booklet and eat a bowl of that before dinner to fill up a bit so that you can get full on the smaller portions you'll be serving yourself. Try a glass of V8 juice before a meal during the summer when soup sounds too hot. Variety is good here too, try a new fruit or veggie each month to expand your repertoire.

10. INCREASE THE FREQUENCY OR INTENSITY OF YOUR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. -- Are you exercising? If not, know that you'll be much more successful at losing the weight and keeping it off if you are also physically active. Find something that you enjoy doing and just do it! Start with a five minute walk out of your door, look at your watch after five minutes start heading back, just like that you've done 10 minutes! Next week start adding in a couple of extra minutes, try walking for 7 minutes out of your door, and 7 minutes back, you've now done 14 minutes. Keep adding until you're up to at least 10 minutes out and 10 minutes back. If you're already active, are you exercising at enough intensity? If you can easily carry on a conversation while exercising (you should be able to speak, but it should take a bit of effort) you're not challenging your body enough. Your body becomes really efficient at adjusting to the amount of physical activity you're doing, so you regularly have to adjust either the intensity of your workouts or the frequency in order to continue to reap the maximum benefit from physical activity. Try strength training in order to build lean muscle tissue. As we get older we lose lean muscle tissue which depresses your metabolism in addition severely restrictive diets where we eat too few calories can cause us to lose weight but lots of it is lean muscle which also depresses our metabolism. If we build muscle tissue this can help us to reverse that process and to make us trimmer and stronger.

11. MOVE THE FURNITURE AROUND. -- Do you always have your biggest meal at dinner? Try eating your biggest meal for lunch or even for breakfast, with smaller meals for the remaining meals. If you regularly eat most of your points at one meal your body converts the rest of the food into stored that if you balance your points out throughout the day better you can actually give your metabolism a boost by keeping it revving throughout the day instead of only one spike at dinner. Food actually helps to boost our metabolism, that's why it's important never to skip meals. There's a saying that you could help losing weight. to lose weight by eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. This gives us the majority of our points early in the day when our bodies can use them because we're active instead of right before bed if we eat them at dinner.

12. TRY VARYING YOUR NUMBER OF POINTS. -- Do you always eat at a certain number of points per day? Your body gets very efficient at predicting its intake and adjusts itself accordingly. Keep it guessing. Try mixing up the number of points you have...low one day, middle the next, back to low, then high end of your points. Special note: If you're very active never eat at the low end of your points, your body may think it's starving, always eat middle to high end of your points and take those extra exercise points if you need them...let your hunger be your guide.

13. TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS AND LOOK FOR OTHER NON-SCALE SIGNS OF PROGRESS. -- Often even when the scale isn't moving, we're still improving our health and our bodies which will show up in other ways other than the scale. Have your measurements gone down? How are your clothes fitting? Can you climb a flight of stairs without being winded? Has your cholesterol gone down? Can you walk now for 20 minutes when before you were huffing and puffing at 5 minutes? How do you feel?

14. ARE YOU ON AN ATTITUDE PLATEAU? -- Are you just tired of feeling like you're going to be doing this forever? Does that translate into that right now your desire to lose weight is equal to your desire for freedom from counting and having to think about points and healthy food choices? If so, then that mental attitude might be the culprit in that you're following a more relaxed adherence to the program but you think you're still doing it to the letter. Remind yourself of why you started this process, look at how far you've come. Is your goal still the same? Is it that you're scared of success, are okay with how you look right now, have you become complacent? Ask yourself these kind of questions honestly. If you're tired of the weight loss routine or have become complacent, try spicing up your food plan by trying more interesting meals and snacks, adding new foods, trying new recipes or new restaurants. Set new goals, setting a new goal can continue to challenge yourself.

15. CONSIDER MAINTENANCE. -- A plateau that lasts a long time can be the practice to show you that you can maintain your weight. Sustaining weight loss is a challenge in itself. Consider doing the maintenance process so as to take a break from weight loss. Taking a break from weight loss and focusing on keeping the weight off can be the best thing to do, especially if a vacation or stressful situation is what is keeping you from continuing on your weight loss journey. It's better to gain some ground, then hold it, then go back and gain more ground than to give up because then you lose all of the ground you've gained (lost!).

WHEN YOUR WEIGHT PLATEAUS - Bob Greene (Make the Connection)

A plateau occurs when your weight remains the same for a period of time. This can last weeks or even a couple of months. With nearly every successful weight-loss program, you can expect your weight to plateau--probably many times. Plateaus occur for a variety of reasons, and are quite normal.

One of the most common reasons for a plateau is a natural adjustment to weight loss. Your body needs to make many adjustments when you lose weight, and it will release the weight only when its ready. Realize that it is virtually impossible to lose more than three pounds of fat in a week. If you lose more than three pounds in a given week, you are losing either water weight or muscle/lean weightÂwhich, as you know, is not what we want.

Go to the local butcher counter and ask to see three pounds of fat. You will see that it takes up a lot of space, and your body must make physical adjustments for this loss. At this time, physiologists donÂt know all there is to know about these adjustments, but we can be sure that they serve a purpose. Plateaus caused by these natural adjustments normally last two or three weeks, but could go on for a month or two. So be patient and stay on your program!

Another cause of plateaus is water fluctuation. As I discussed earlier, water can be retained for a variety of reasons. This extra water weight can create the illusion that you are gaining weight or have reached a plateau  even when youÂre losing FAT. Plateaus caused by these water fluctuations typically last from three days to one week. Again, just realize that these are temporary fluctuations in your weight, and donÂt be alarmed.

Cheating on your program can also cause plateaus. LetÂs say youÂve been good about following the program, and youÂve had consistent weight loss. Now you have a bad eating and/or exercise week. This may or may not make you gain weight, but it could easily result in a prolonged plateau. This type of plateau can last as long as you are cheating on your program. My advice is to take this attitude: "Yes, I went of my program, but everyone slips up from time to time. IÂm going to get right back to work and pay the price for that week."

And keep in mind, a bad day or week might not show up right away on the scale. But you shouldnÂt think youÂve gotten away with something, because it will show up at some point. This is why itÂs important to get right back on the program as soon as you stray from it. DonÂt give it up.

A Positive Spin On Those Frustrating Weight Loss Plateaus ediet newsletter - April 13, 2000 by Cyndi Thomas, N.D.

We live in a society that wants instant gratification. We want our health and weight loss... and we want it now! True health and permanent weight loss takes time. I have so many clients that have the attitude, "Well, I've followed your advice for a month now, why don't I feel better yet?" I have to remind them, "You didn't get sick overnight and it will take time to see the desired results." Now, onto weight loss...Just as the body was formed and operates on a priority basis, so it heals on a priority basis. This means that the most important parts of the body get the healing attention before the less vital tissues. We can't force the body to place its healing priority on weight loss when in fact the liver is about to die, for example. The liver is more important to your body than the extra pounds. So all the energies of the body go to heal the liver and weight loss will stop. The body will not compromise what health and vitality it does have in one part of the body to bring about healing in another. In other words, the body will not "rob Peter to pay Paul." So you may be eating nutritionally and exercising and you start out losing some weight. But then all of a sudden, you become stuck at a certain weight -- the needle on the scale won't budge anymore. The body is rejoicing on the inside and saying things like, "You know, we have all this extra energy now because Mr. Doughnut here has decided to start eating right and exercising -- let's take some of our new available energy and start the healing process on his congested liver!" So the body will take all the available energy and channel it into the liver. As a result the weight loss stops. The body will NOT take away any energy needed for daily activities and maintenance. It will only take what is left over to start the healing process. It's my belief that the body does not completely heal one part before moving on to the next item on its priority list. Rather, it heals a part to the degree that it is no longer a priority. At that point the healing attention is shifted to the part of the body that is now in most need of repair. In the above example, once the liver has been cleansed somewhat, the body will refocus its attention on other areas... perhaps back to weight loss. During my weight loss period, I would hit plateaus where it seemed like I'd never lose another pound. I lost 10 pounds and then nothing for 3 weeks. During that time I woke up one morning and my arthritis was gone and my blood sugar had stabilized somewhat. If you keep on your diet and exercise program, you will eventually lose all the weight you want. A healthy body is not overweight. Remember, "Always strive for health and the weight loss will happen!"

Weight-Loss Plateau is a Good Sign
By Loni Calie Reed

The 1st week of a calorie-controlled weight loss diet is easy. The 2nd and 3rd weeks are not too hard either. But around the 4th or 5th week it seems that the scale will not budge. You have reached your first weight loss plateau. Plateaus, the times when your weight stubbornly stays put, are normal. Of course, plateaus are frustrating  so much so that many people abandon their weight loss efforts. But surprisingly, a plateau is a positive sign. It is a signal from your body that you have lost body fat, but unfortunately, not body weight. This last statement may sound contradictory. How can someone lose body fat and not lose body weight? Basically, the answer is that in place of the fat you lost, your body now holds water. Until the water is lost, the scale will not register your achievement. Scales cannot tell the difference between weight that is fat and weight that is water. Unfortunately, you cannot see inside yourself either. But you can learn what is going on and why. The human body, like the food we eat is composed of nutrients  protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. If you were a trim 150 pounds, your body would contain about 90 pounds of water, 30 pounds of fat and 30 pounds of all the other nutrients. As you can see, you (and everyone else) are mostly "all wet". Water is not just blood. Much of the bodyÂs water is part of the chemical configuration of cells, tissues and organs. For example, muscle hold considerable water within its structure. Generally, 1 pound of muscle tissue in the body is associated with 4 pounds of water. Even fat tissue is about 15% water. So for example, 7 pounds of body fat contains about 1 pound of water. When you are eating fewer calories than you are burning up, your body must get the energy it needs from somewhere. That somewhere is you. When you lose weight, you are in fact consuming your own fat and protein to get the energy (calories) that you need. In effect, you "eat" yourself. During the first few weeks of any weight loss program, your body tends to use up more body protein in the form of muscle and organ tissue than in later weeks of dieting. As time goes on, your body becomes more selective and relies mostly on fat stored for energy, and less on the protein tissues essential to body functioning. When body protein and fat tissues are used for energy, the water associated with these tissues generally hangs around for awhile. In other words, you remain "water logged." This is what accounts for the plateau periods. It is like the body is resting before it goes down to the next lower weight. To see the pounds disappear, you may want to assist your body to lose its excess water weight. You can do so safely by reducing your sodium intake. Try to keep from adding much salt in cooking, and do not put a salt shaker on the table. Cut down on condiments like pickles, mustard, catsup, and soy sauce. Instead of salty condiments, try applesauce, spiced peaches and other fruits to perk up meats and fish dishes. Use lemon, spices and herbs for flavor in cooking, but avoid monosodium glutamate. Avoid canned foods with salt. Buy fresh or frozen foods without added salt. For normal water loss, diuretics are not necessary, nor even advisable. Also saunas and steam baths provide only momentary dehydration, not lasting effects. Because one pint of fluid perspired away in a hot sauna equals 1 pound less of water, dramatic weight changes are possible in record time. However, as soon as you drink again, and you should drink, your water weight returns.
While water weight fluctuations are frustrating, they are temporary. The true test of dieting success is the pinch test, not the scaleÂs numbers game. ItÂs how much real fat you lose, not how much protein and water, that makes for a leaner and healthier you.

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I've been up for some time...insomnia rules! Not!
The poor birds are freezing their tail feathers this morning - freezing fog, -1C with a high of 11 (52F). Yippeeeeee, break out the ice cubes, light clothes and lawn chairs...on TV.

QOD: Do you like squishing mud between your toes?

QOD: YES - I love squishing mud between my toes, sipping a cold drink on a warm, tropical afternoon. If there's no water, hot, soft, dry earth works for me.

Don't forget to have breakfast today! I'm having hot porridge.


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Rabbit - Rabbit

QOD - Yes, I love squishing mud between my toes!

Sorry I can't stay and play, but I have a plane to catch!
"See" you all next week.

Patti - I have your number and I will call when I can.


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Marci~ Bon Voyage! Have a great time!

QOD: Nope. No mud for me. SAND. I love feeling SAND between my toes...dry and HOT sand.

Back latahhhhhhhhhh! I gotta pick up the house before the little ones wake up.

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Forgot to answer yesterday's QOD:
Childhood memory...probably riding my bike when break-up finally hit. My dad would let us take out the bikes as soon as everything was pretty much thawed and I would ride really, REALLY fast, pretending I was a CIA agent being chased, hauling down the gravel roads, dodging the mud puddles on my banana seat turquoise bike. I had some pretty bad wrecks doing that, but man-o-man, it was fun.

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Marci~Have a great flight! Looking forward to your call. I forgot that it was "Rabbit" "Rabbit" day until I saw your post. LOL

McPeg~We weren't allowed to play with mud when we were young & I still cannot quite get the hang of it. Now, I did allow my children to. But, I'm like BJ & prefer the sand between my toes.

Please let me know about the vitamins!!

I'm going to post a long post with some great info so I'm going to say hi to everyone now & will make it a different post. Have a good one. Patti 8-)

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This is from MSN & iVillage was a sponsor.

Don't be fooled...

The 20 saltiest foods in America

20. Saltiest Side Dish-Denny's Honey Smoked Ham*1700 mg sodium-85 calories

19. Saltiest Dessert-Atlanta Bread Company Raspberry Scone*1750 mg sodium-360 calories

18. Saltiest Soup-Baja Fresh Chicken Tortilla Soup*2760 mg sodium-320 calories

17. Saltiest Burger-Hardee's 2/3 lb. Monster Thickburger*2770 mg sodium-1420 calories-108 g fat

16. Saltiest "Healthy" Food-Chili's Guiltless Grill Chicken Platter*2780 mg sodium-590 calories-85 carbs

15. Saltiest Pasta-Fazoli's Rigatoni Rano*3180 mg sodium-1090 calories-54 g fat-101 g carbs

14. Saltiest Chinese Entree-PF Chang's Beef W/Broccoli*3752 mg sodium-1120 calories-65 g fat (fried rice has up to 2700 mg sodium by itself!)

13. Saltiest Breakfast-Arby's Sausage Gravy Biscuit*3754 mg sodium-961 calories

12. Saltiest Beef Entree-Bob Evans Steak Tips & Noodles*4131 mg sodium-822 calories-43 g fat

11. Saltiest Frozen Dinner-Swanson Hungry-Man XXL Roasted Carved Turkey*4480 mg sodium-1360 calories-70 g fat

10. Saltiest Bread-Dunkin' Donuts Salt Bagel*4520 mg sodium-320 calories-62 g carbs

9. Saltiest Sandwich-Quizno's Turkey Bacon Guacamole Large Sub With Cheese & Reduced Fat Ranch Dressing*4670 mg sodium-1120 calories-49 g fat-116 g carbs

8. Saltiest Pizza-Pizza Hut Meat Lover's Stuffed Crust Pizza (3 slices of the 14" large)*5070 mg sodium-1560 calories-87 g fat-114 g carbs

7. Saltiest Comfort Food-Denny's Meat Loaf Dinner (With Mashed Potatoes & Corn)-5080 mg sodium-1210 calories-69 g fat-97 g carbs

6. Saltiest Salad-Romano's Macaroni Grill Chicken Florentine*5460 mg sodium-840 calories-53 g fat

5. Saltiest Mexican Entree-Chili's Buffalo Chicken Fajitas*5690 mg sodium-1730 calories-107 g fat-143 g carbs

4. Saltiest Kids' Meal-Cosi Kids' Pepperoni Pizza-6405 mg sodium-1901 calories-93 g fat-190 g carbs

3. Saltiest Seafood Entree-Romano's Macaroni Grill Grilled Teriyaki Salmon*6590 mg sodium-1230 calories-74 g fat-79 g carbs

2. Saltiest Appetizer-Papa John's Cheesesticks With Buffalo Sauce*6700 mg sodium-2605 calories-113 g fat-296 g carbs

1. Saltiest Dish in America-Romano Grill's Macaroni Grill Chicken Portobello*7300 mg sodium-1020 calories-66 g fat

I hope that no one gets upset by my posting this. With several of us fighting high blood pressure, some raising kids & needing to watch the sodium, & all of us watching our weight & if we don't realize how much sodium we are taking in--this can cause us to retain when we are doing everything in our power to lose. That is why I decided that I should post it. Hope it has the same effect on you as it did on me. I still cannot believe it! P

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Hi Guys,

Patti: As well, almost all of the diet frozen dinners have a TON of salt in them. I love salty foods. I am trying to switch over to a salt substitiute, but find it SO difficult.

BTW, I don't take any vitamins. I just try to get everything I need by eating food. I just started taking CholestaPRO, a plant sterol complex which is supposed to help lower cholesterol. It's over-the-counter. I don't have high cholesterol, but I'm not getting any younger, so I'm taking this just for an error margin later---sort of a pro-active measure. And I take 2 thyroid meds every day.

Which reminds me...I better schedule a physical. Which reminds me...I better lose some weight before I see my doc. I'll schedule my appointment today and give myself exactly one month to lose as much as I can! Deadline looming...

McPeg: I'm going to print and read your "TIPS" post. Looks good! I can relate to insomnia. I used to have it---until I started taking care of foster babies! Now, as soon as my head hits anything soft, I'm OUT for hours!

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Good afternoon all,

BJ, I need something clever for a sign I want to post in my feed store to sell some of my precious eggs. My farm name is Overlooked. Any clever ideas?

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How about an arrow-shaped sign pointing down, just above the eggs, that says:

"Hey! Have you LOOKED OVER here? Precious eggs from OVERLOOKED FARM for sale!"

I'm still thinking...

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I hate to ask, but are these eggs for cooking or hatching????

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Good Morning!
Night #3 of trying to get completely off taking anything to sleep - memorized the face of my clock and gave up at 4am. We have a 4.5 hour drive today to my in-laws. My brother is also driving his truck down with us. He has purchased a pool table from my FIL and is pretty excited. Should be a good laugh this evening.

QOD: I too take Women's One A Day multivitamin when I think about it. More hooked on vitamin D because of my SAD, along with prozac and lipitor.

Marci - have a great time!

Patti - excellent post on salt. It's a demon alright...along with saturated fats.

Wildchicken I'd figured you'd have an answer about the egg dilema...

Milkdud - when we moved to Scotland it was Garden Web that helped my transition. We have friends all over this world, I even met a few when they were on holiday! Internet groups such as this are heaven sent.

I will not be back online until Monday night or Tuesday morning. My heart will be here though, and I'll be looking forward to catching up with everyone then.

C'mon everyone, let's make today count and have a fabulous weekend! If ya slip up, pull up your socks and let's get to it! Shall we?


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McPeg~Have a nice trip! You'll be missed.

Anyone else feeling TGIF??? I hate to say it b/c I am wishing the year away, I think. I can't believe that it is already May. Where has this year gone?

All you MIAs pull up a chair & check in for a couple of minutes, all right. And the regulars too. It seems like it has been pretty quiet around here. ;-] Let's hear what you've got planned for the weekend. Patti 8-p

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Hi Guys,

Weekend plans:
Friday: Erands! Lots of them!
Friday night: I'm performing an old act at a fund-raiser. I'm billed as a "Special Guest" at the very end of the program. Should be fun and nerve-wracking. I haven't done an act in close to 21 years. A lot of the people there have never seen me as an entertainer, so I'm trying to prepare for ANY feedback. I've had a major stress headache for 2 days and I think it's because of the anticipation.
Saturday: Cleaning garage and then b-day party for DH.
Sunday: DH is hauling EVERYTHING in the garage that's not sorted to the dump. Freaky. I'll probably ahve a melt down in a major way.

I'll be glad when this weekend is over...

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I meant 'errands.' And I'll probably HAVE a meltdown on Sunday. ----Typing too fast. Gotta run!

Happy FRIDAY! I'm looking toward MONDAY!!!!!!

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compliments of Marci:

MagicKitty! Lynn-Stop in for a visit-We Miss you!

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Happy Birthday Magic Kitty! Where have you been? We miss you.
I hope you have a lovely birthday and that you will come here and share what's been going on with you.

BJ, the eggs are for cooking - not hatching! Don't trouble your mind with this - you are WAY too busy. What is the act you are performing?

Have a great trip McPeg.

Patti, that's for the egg thoughts.............

QOD: Weekend plan?

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TGIF, TGIF, TGIF, TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QOD: Geritol Complete each night before I go to bed

QOD: Errands and some of the organizing (office and family room) I did not get to when my back was out the last 2 weekends. Would like to take an hour of two on Sunday to go through my side of the closet and give clothes away. Need to evaluate what I have for the warmer weather and what I can shop for! ;0)

OOOPS, before I forget something important:


Stop by and say hello!


Got an all-hands meeting that I'm supposed to go to, but may just stand in the back for a while (and blame it on my back). OHHHHH BOY, that's at least 5 "hail Mary's" in penance for me!


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Happy Birthday, Lynn, Magic Kitty! I do hope that you are able to stop by today & say hi. We miss you.

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Happy Birthday, Magic Kitty! WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Stop in and tell us what's kept you away!

Hope you and Alan celebrate your birthday in a VERY special way!

Cheers! -BJ

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Good Friday morning!

I've already worked out and had breakfast. It looks like rain is heading our way. We've been teased with droplets all week, but nothing happened. Today it's dark and muggy, so we have a good chance!

Happy birthday, Magic Kitty! Hope to see you posting again when you can.

I'm going over to my youngest Dson's house tomorrow for the weekend. We'll all go to Alexis's soccer game at 1, then Dson and DDIL are going to a birthday bash, and I get those girls all to myself! I'll be back Sunday afternoon. This time, I'm planning ahead and taking snack foods and ingredients I'll need to have in order to stay on WW. Not going to get caught without this time!!!

I love the feel of mud squishing through my toes. I was allowed to play in it when I was little, I let my sons play in it, and I'd encourage my DGDs to do it also. Nothing else quite like it!

I've FINALLY finished those little cloth books for Aubrie!!! I am such a procrastinator sometimes. I know she'll be happy to see them. She loves books and having people read to her. When she stubbed her toe the other night while I was talking to my son on the phone, she tried to shove her new "Bambi" book through the phone to have me read it to her! Can't wait to do that in person.

Marci, I know you're going to have a wonderful trip. We'll miss you, but so happy you're getting to do this.

McPeg, enjoy your time with your in-laws!

BJ, do tell us what kind of act you're doing tonight. I'm betting it's something very interesting!

Dee, I noticed that you take a Geritol Complete at bedtime. Is that a multi-vitamin? Does it not bother your sleep to take it then? I think that I've actually read somewhere that it was most effective to take a vitamin then, but I worry about getting too much "energy" or whatever by taking it then.

Got to get busy picking up around here and packing my food and things for tomorrow. I'm going to work out first, then leave from there to go to Beaumont.

Have a great weekend!

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Happy B-day MK!

Just checking in as work has been out of control. Im away all next week in Lowell MA for a hazard waste class, ho hum!

So have to do 2 weeks worth of work this one!

I called it off with the clingy lady I was datting... she got worse not better and I had enough, I feel so much better, whew!

Have a great week and keep them chins up ;)


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I started thinking that I didn't answer my own QOD of what was planned for the weekend. LOL

Today~We just got back from a "memorial" for one of our neighbors that passed away last week. He was 61 & was on his way home & something? happened & his truck went off the road & he is gone. Now, what do you get of this?? This place is charging his family a month's rent b/c he didn't give 30 days notice!! Can you believe the audacity?
I worked on some of the things that I have to have ready to take to Fort Lauderdale in June.

Saturday~It is National Scrapbooking Day. ROFL I watched QVC some today, tomorrow, & Sunday, if time allows. About the only tv I watch is on Saturday mornings. We have to get a new "Grampa's" shirt made for Dave.

Sunday~We have lunch plans with friends who are going back up North soon. Then we have to get clothes washed before our trip.

Whew! I'm tired. Sounds like everyone is going to be busy.

Milkdud~Give those DGDs a hug for me!

John~Glad you got the chance to drop by.

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Good Saturday morning! It's almost 74 degrees and sunny here. The temperature is only supposed to reach 85 by time for the soccer game at one o'clock! I'm taking bottled water and sunscreen!

Patti, I'll give the girls big hugs from you, then from me! I haven't seen them for 5 weeks, and I've really missed them.

John, you did the kindest thing for both of y'all. Sounds like she was more into you than you were into her. If it's meant to be, you'll eventually work thngs out. If not, well..............

I've got my foodstuff packed and ready to go for the weekend. I think I've covered everything so that I can stay on plan. Lunch today will be a challenge, but I have points banked for it, plus I'm going to go work out at 9 (CST), so that helps.

Hope everyone has a restful weekend! I know that BJ won't heed these wise words, but you just can't stop the Energizer bunny! LOL

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Hi everyone! Hope that you are having a joyful weekend.

I started my day out with a migraine. I'm grateful that it went away on its own & didn't last the entire day. I think it started last night. The tee place had closed so we have to resort to a Plan B. ;)

QVC only had SB on yesterday. Huh...

BJ~Did you take time to watch the Derby? I didn't see Maddie but I did look for her. I almost forgot all about it. I was yelling for Colonel John in honor of Our John & my DB, my DF, & DGF, etc. but I think the one that won was from FL? Is that right?

Milkdud~I can't wait to see my DGD too. It has been 5 months! DSis is the fill-in DGM for me though so she is being treated right. :)

Let's look for lower numbers, (weight, that is.) LOL Have a good weekend. Patti :-]

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Hi Guys,

I didn't watch the Derby. I was cleaning my garage. Bummer about the filly on the Derby track. Really makes you stop and think about the sport sometimes. And I've been into it all my life, but things change and people get older, I guess.

Well, this weekend has been one of my worst...eating and otherwise. DH doesn't think I've been getting near enough done and I ate every BAD thing in the house. Every time he b!tched, I ate! I feel like YUCK-O. DH went back to the rock this afternoon and I'm starting fresh tomorrow. MOVES---ya gotta love 'em.

NOW...I just have to choose a food plan and an exercise plan.

My parents are coming on Tuesday, so it'll be a week visiting their friends and shopping. A little hectic, but I love seeing all Mom and Dad's old gang and the shopping doesn't bug me.

Well, I have to pack up the artwork!

See you guys tomorrow! FRESH MONDAY START, EVERYONE!

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