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nhsuzanneApril 12, 2010

Good Monday morning lady bugs,

How was your weekend?

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The weather was great. Sun was shining.

Looking forward to a great week.

Will post again after Wednesday weigh in

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Good Morning!

The weekend was great! Spent Saturday down at the beach taking a kayaking class. I learned all about wet exits and 2 person rescues in VERY COLD water. Thank goodness for wet suits! Signed up for a back to nature tour of the marshlands by kayak on April 24th and an intro to ocean kayaking class on May 8th. What fun!!

This is another busy week. Lots of patient care, payroll on Thursday. Friday DS and I are invited to a luncheon at a college that he has applied to. Pretty sure that acceptance letter is in the mail.... : ) !! Tonight I have a church function, Wednesday is coffee out with the girls.

See you Wednesday, Ivamae. Good luck at your weigh in!

Suzanne, how is Sweet Pea today?

Have a great Monday, all. Let's make the most of it!


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Hi all!

Still here, but buried in schoolwork--

Hope all is well with everyone!



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I'm in a meeting awaiting the arrival of my director and British colleagues. Thought I'd sneak in a hello.

Feeling better this week, but have so much personal stuff to catch up on....

Half of stepdaughter's wedding are finished; 60 to go. Don't know if I mentioned that I'm doing the envelopes in calligraphy.

Hope all is well with everyone.

[[[[[Hugs]]]] to anyone who could use one!

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Hi All!

Ivamae, good luck on that weigh in - I'm sure you will be just fine.

Suzanne, how is SP? I do remember her in my prayers.

Tikanis, you kayaking fool you :-) I'm glad you are ENJOYING. Good luck to DS on that acceptance letter.

Dee, hope all went well with the British colleagues. I did calligraphy for my sister's wedding invitations - a labor of love but nonetheless a labor.

Maddie, it's definitely worth it so keep up the good work. Your reward will be in patient care.

Well, I traveled to Delaware on Saturday afternoon and met 2 four yo bichons frise who are puppy mill rescues - they were used as breeders (moms). They were skittish but were soooo sweet. We are heading down Friday morning to bring them home and make them (Dee) JERSEY GIRLS. They were rescued in the Fall from an Amish puppy mill in Lancaster, PA. Their names now are Annie and Sandy which are cute but I know an Annie and Sandy really well and can't call them that. The fosters (who are fabulous) gave them those names so they're not life long. We are renaming them Misty and Star.

Love and hugs to all who need it. I will check in and definitely post pics of the girls (probably until you will scream at me to stop).

Will check in a day or two from now.


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Hello, Maddie! I have nothing but empathy for you with all that school work. When can you come up for air? Come back and tell us which classes you have this semester and how it is going.

Dee, I am glad that you are feeling better. That calligraphy project is a GIANT undertaking! What a sweetheart you are for doing it! I'll take that hug you are offering; never know when it might come in handy : )

Donna, CONGRATS!!! on your new Jersey Girls! One of my best friends just adopted 2 bichon frise pups and has been sending me mini videos (by phone!) of their antics. They are SO cute!

I got talked into taking a line dancing class tonight. (swapped my friend one evening at line dancing for one day of kayaking with me this summer!) This friend is adventurous and fun and we are sure to have a great time.

Today, paperwork at home this morning, 3 patient visits, then home to call nurses and physical therapists for updates on our patients. More to tell but it will have to wait...

Where are those darn MIAs??? Bj, don't make me go off in search for you again!!

Let's go knock out another GREAT day!!


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Hi all--taking a break here, before I lose what little bit of mind I have left.

Tikanis, I'm in anatomy and stats right now, and because I'm paying for this out of pocket, I can only afford to go part-time. Since I got that C-diff last summer, I am actually behind from where I *should* be. Two classes aren't bad, but I've practically memorized the A & P book! LOL! I have a lab exam on Thursday, and am currently reviewing 'dem bones'. We're into muscle tissue now, and it's so facinating! I want to be a case manager (or a deputy coronor, but figure the odds on *that*), so I figure the more that I can memorize, the better off I'll be. I will start clinicals this spring (I hope, nothing is certain right now), and I'm really looking forward to that. I currently (ahem) have a 4.0, but the end of the semester is approaching, and I have a paper and presentation due on the 12 cranial nerves, so that number is definitely subject to change! I read some of Gray's Anatomy, and man! did I feel dumb. Do doctors really know all of that stuff?! I had to look up definitions of the definitions. LOL!

Things are good here, although, there is drama with a 16yo family member. She is out of control, and her mom has just thrown in the towel. I feel sorry for the girl, but she won't listen to anyone, and I'm afraid that she will end up hurting herself or someone else. (DUI) Since I have neen repeatedly told that since I don't have kids, I don't know what I'm talking about (no, but I was once a smart-@ssed 16yo girl, too), I am staying out of it. I've made sure that she knows she can come to me, but that's my extent. I just hope that she doesn't mess her life up this early (well, or *period*).

The weather here is gorgeous--it's 81 today w/ no humidity, so I'm on the front porch with my laptop, iced tea, and 3 sleeping-in-the-sun cats, who have taken over the furniture. :)

Suzanne--how's SP? I hope she's much better!

BJ--where are you? Come out!

Dee--I didn't know you did calligraphy--how cool! I've always wanted to learn, is it hard to do? Did you take a class, or are you self-taught?

Hope all is well!



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Hi, everyone! It's so nice to see so many posting here this week.

We're having a lovely springtime right now, sunny and mid-80's. The a/c came on this afternoon, and I did cringe a little, but it is what it is. I'm just thankful for all of it.

I'm finally well. It feels so good after almost a month of puniness. I even went to work out for the first time in ages. I didn't make the full circuit, but I got pretty close. I'm having to monitor my blood pressure for my dr. because it was pretty high when I went in for an update on my meds last Thursday, and it's running low, so I'm listening to my body and stopping when I run out of steam.

Maddie, good to see you posting! I feel for you having to do all that schoolwork. Congrats on the 4.0!

Tikanis, you do such interesting things! You make me feel like a slug. I enjoy reading about all your fun outdoor activities though.

Dee, I've done calligraphy before and it's exhausting work if you do it right. Your stepdaughter is very lucky to have you doing all that for her.

Donna, that's so neat that you're adopting the two mama dogs. They're coming into a very pretty and loving home, and they'll reward you amply with lots of kisses.

Suzanne, how's Sweet Pea? Are you finally catching up on your rest after nursing SP for so long? I love the pictures you posted last week, but never got in here to tell you so.

The sorority style show & luncheon is now history, and it was fun and nice. I was in charge of decorating the stage, the lobby, and all the tables. I'd never done anything like that before, and it was a little nerve-wracking. But all my sisters showed up and helped, and it ended up looking great! The best part is that it's now over! lol

Ivamae, good luck with your weighin tomorrow. You're doing so great. I'm finally getting back on the bandwagon, and it feels good. I can only wish to do as well as you!

Missing everyone else, so y'all start posting!

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I found this! LMAO! (And this is a true story, so help me!)


"Several years ago, some smarty-pants posted the following recipe:


4 tsp salt
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp thyme
tsp garlic powder
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp white pepper
½ C chopped onion
1 large roasting chicy

In a small bowl, thoroughly combine all the spices. Remove giblets from the chicy; clean the cavity well, and pat dry with paper towels. Rub the spice mixture into the chicy, both inside and out, making sure it is evenly distributed and rubbed deep down into the skin. Place in a resealable plastic bag, seal and refrigerate overnight. When ready to cook chicy, put in a crock-pot and do not add any liquid. As the cooking process goes on, it will produce its own juices. Cook on low 8 to 10 hours, and it will be falling off the bone tender.

Sounds simple, right?

I got a wild hair one Friday to fix it, and then cook it the next day. So, after work, I went to the grocery (no list, mind you, just reliance on my mighty memory! SNORT!) and proceeded to run amuck. I couldnÂt remember just what spice I had, and when I got a good look at the prices, I decided that I had all the ones that were required, and so I just bought a fresh chicy.

Got home, got comfortable, Rog was at work, and all was right with the world. UntilÂ..I got to looking for the spices, and realized to my horror that I was missing a great deal of what I needed. Hmmmm get dressed and go back to the store, or improvise? Improvise, it is! No cayenne? I got FrankÂs Hot Sauce. Thyme? DonÂt need no stinkin thyme! I got oregano! Garlic powder?? Please. I got the real thing. White pepper---ahhhhÂ. I do have that. UmmmÂ. No, I donÂt. I do have an empty can in the cabinet, but I donÂt think that counts.

So, I improvised, substituted and down-right lied. Got all the spice together, and then started to mess with my fresh chicy, that I paid more for than my stupid car. As I am pulling out the giblet bag, I noticed that it was hard and cold. Not good, as fresh anything should not be partially frozen. As it reposed on the counter, and I was contemplating on whether I should get the bourbon or tequila out (for me), the d@mned chicy tried to make a run for it and slid off the counter. Onto the dirt and grime, decimated frozen peas, and lots of cat hair that make up the daily mess of my kitchen floor. Freakin greatÂnow IÂm gonna hafta shave the d@mned thing before I can use the rub. I pick it up and throw it into the sink, spreading unimaginable gunk everywhere, wash and dry it, nail it to the counter, and start to apply the rub.

Lemme tell yaÂthis ainÂt as easy as it sounds. Nothing like massaging a cold, dead chicy, and getting the impression that it actually likes itÂewwwww! And I donÂt know what they mean by "Large Roasting Chicy". What the h3ll is that?? Mine was 6 pounds, and the rub didnÂt seem to cover it like I thought it should.

So, into the galleon sized Zip-Lock bag it goes. No, wait. The d@mned chicy is too big and when I try to shove it in the bag, the rub is getting shoved into the grooves of the sealing part, and itÂs not staying on the chicken. H3LL! LetÂs try this again, and dig outta the grooves as much rub as I can, and smear it on the chicy. DidnÂt work this time, either. (Note: Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Case in point.)

I cuss and I fuss, and I finally got the chicy in the bag (BARELY!!), and now, the Zip Lock wonÂt lock. Too much rub in the grooves, and nothing, short of dynamite, will clear it out. OK. IÂm tired, IÂve killed the kitchen, I have spice rub and cat hair all over my face and arms (where they stuck in the chicken juice). I donÂt care anymore. I will be in the local mental facility tomorrow anyway, so why do I care about tomorrowÂs dinner? The chicken won. The rub won. The d@mned Zip Lock (that wonÂt) bag won.

They had, until I remember my stapler. My handy dandy, will staple anything, always there for me, stapler. With a maniacal laugh and a smile that would put the Joker to shame, I dug it out of the drawer, and proceeded to staple that d@mned bag **shut**. I was a staplin fool, and I only stopped when I ran out of staples. IÂm sure the neighbors were wondering what was going on as I told the bagged chicy "IÂll get you, my pretty, and your d@mned rub, too!" along with the sounds of out of control stapling.

I did eventually get some cheap wine and take a bubblebath, after showering off the remnants of the chicy. Rog saw the poor creature stuffed in the fridge, and wisely chose not to say anything until the next day. The chicy was very good, however, but every time I see a galleon sized Zip lock bag, I get an irresistible urge to staple something."

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LMAO!! Just as funny as anything Erma Bombeck , Maddie, I think you have missed your calling!! I have tears in my eyes!!

Have a great day! This little gem certainly made mine!


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Heehee! :)

Tikanis, thank you--I swear this is a true story, stapler and all. I love to cook,but the cosmos seem to have it in for me when I do. I don't think I ever told the true story of the Thanksgiving turkey that wouldn't fit into my oven. :)

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Maddie, my WEDDING CAKE wouldn't fit in the oven! So, my friend Debbie and I strapped her three week old baby in a sling and wheeled that cake batter around to the neighbors on a little red wagon, looking for an oven big enough to bake the bottom layer in. One of my favorite memories....


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I did post yesteday but don't see it. I held my own, neither gaining or losing. I'm pleased as I thought I might have gained - cheated a bit.

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Good Thursday all,

I have been SO busy. I am alone in my office most of this week and all of next week. I have things hanging for the others on top of the two reports I must complete by next mid-week.

For all of you that asked about Sweet Pea - first of all thank you from my heart for thinking of her and sending good thoughts and prayers. She is doing very well still only a minor set back with an abscess moving through her left foot. It's keeping her lame (ish) but she is not overly uncomfortable which, all things considered, is great. We are still going in the right direction!

Now, since I am so swamped at work I need a stress reliever so I went back in the archives looking for fun things we have shared throughout the years we have all been here. We have all been through such amazing things, good and bad. I came across this post from none other than our amazing Maddie! You should be a stand-up comic Maddie with your kitchen props and all! Really. How many of you remember this post from 2004???

Where is everyone anyway??? I miss you all so check in.

Posted by Maddie_in_KY (My Page) on
Thu, Dec 23, 04 at 16:43

Well, I opened my big yap and told my mom that I would just loooooove made my fruit cake cookies for Friday's dinner. I haven't made these suckers in several years (and now I remember *why*), and dad really likes 'em, so what the heck. Right? Wrong!!

Since I'm out of work at the current, buying the ingredients was expensive enough, even catching somethings on sale. The cookies call for 3 cups of pecans, butter, dates, candied cherries/pineapple, etc...

So, I laid out the butter early this morning, soaked the nuts and raisens in bourbon last night--all ready to go--mix mix mix stir stir stir dump dump dump---ahhh...it's beginning to look a lot like cookies! Hmmm... why is the oven at 375 when i have it on 350??? Adjust. Readjust. Adjust again. Close enough. Put cookie dough on sheet, pop it in, Wait. Check. Wait a bit more. Check. Start to worry b/c the edges are getting brown, middles are still rawish. Hmmmm...ok, they look done. Cool. Try to slide on a spactula. Watch as cookie crumples into semi-cooked ball. Try again. Maybe cool longer? Stick them suckers out side in 12 degree temp. Wait 10 minutes and try again. Now cookies are stuck to no-stick sheet. Manage to get them off of sheet, and break them ALL during this process.

Repeat above steps (with modifications that did not work), until you have produced 17 cookies out of a 7 dozen recipe.


Take remaing bourbon and make a highball.

Anyone else having a cooking disaster today, or am I the only sufferin' fool???

And D@mnit, Raeanne--Rog hid the stapler on me, or I would have stapled those &^@^!! cookies together! LMAO!!!

Laughing now--


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O.M.G. Suzanne--that's hysterical! I had forgotten about those d@mned cookies (or I may have just blocked it from my mind, which is most likely it). I am LMAO at the memory of that...mess. They.were.horrible. A new low, for even me.

And I've not made them since them, either! Although, I do have 254 days til Christmas, maybe I'll get my nerve up--

Tikanis--the mental pic is just great! And it's times like that that make the best memories. I guess I could tell you about the time I got grape juice on the kitchen ceiling. heehee! The tuna on the ceiling was interesting, too.....

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TGIF!! Where is everyone today? What are your plans for the weekend?

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Am I glad I stopped by here today. I have tears running down my face from both stories. We have to encourage Maddie to cook so she can write about it. It was great reliving them.

Maddie - you really should do a blog! Start with the Turkey story LOL.

Tikanis - I love your wedding cake story - how sweet and what a vision.

Suzanne - thanks for the SP update.

I have been busy with meetings, painting, work and fun. Our DD#2 had a housewarming party last weekend so we went to NYC. We had a lot of fun. The girlfriends getaway is really taking off and keeping me busy, advertising it is a full time job. I started painting my chair. I did a sky inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night and I am either going to put a lake scene underneath it or a a couple recognizable town buildings underneath it. It was the only thing that really resonated with me, so I just jumped in the other day and started it - now I am at least committed LOL.

Enjoy your weekend!

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