free file for organzing embroidery designs

redpennyAugust 11, 2004

found this link thought I share

Here is a link that might be useful: organizing

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My directory structure is similar. Since I keep my designs on CD, I cut out the first directory because I know what the CD is for and keep each category as its own directory so I'm not subdirectoring to oblivion with sub directories ending up buried somewhere in a sub sub sub category.

All it takes is a little forethought and planning with a good knowledge of computer directory structure. Keep it simple and you will find what you want every time.

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That's good for you stitch but perhaps there are others not a savvy with their computer as you are!

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Me for one! I am far to lazy to organize my designs, I have floppies and CD's and some just about everywhere on my computer - I usually manage to find what I am looking for-eventually! (Not that a little organization wouldn't help me!).


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I was just taught from working in offices for over 30 years to keep things in a sensible file system or computer directory so other people can find files quickly when needed.

Then there is the other factor of hating to hunt down lost files that would not have been lost if they had been filed where they were suppose to and the wasted time looking for those files when one could be doing something more productive and enjoyable--like getting your work or sewing done.

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I'm with you Pat!! I have cd's and floppies in two rooms.
I kinda sorta have them organized in the computer.
I'm sure that if someone really organized looked at them tho they would disagree with me. LOL
Like you, I'll find what I'm looking for eventually.

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