oh no!! spilled the baby oil!!!!!!!!

Deb_from_PaJune 18, 2002

on my wallpaper. How can I get it out? Anybody have this problem? I tried full strength degreaser, and powder, neither worked. Tomorrow I am gonna try soaking it up a little with vinegar and then sprinkling baking soda on it and see if it will bubble out. I use this to clean out my sink drains and also on my clothes for a stain and normally it works on most everything if I catch it in time

Anybody got any other ideas?

Thanks a million

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If it were me, I'd try an oil based cleaner to get out an oil based stain. There are several out there made with orange and coconut oils... good luck

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Wallpaper, unless it is vinyl coated, tends to be asborbent. While applying talcum powder or cornstarch to absorb excess oil, you will more than likely be left with a permanent stain. Cleaning the surface of the wallpaper will only clean the surface and not remove the oil absorbed deep into the wallpaper. Avoid harsh cleaners that may make the wallpaper look worse than it already does.

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Removed fresh oil from clothes using sweet-n-low (the pink stuff not the blue stuff). But that would probably only work if the oil spill is still pretty fresh.

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Vinegar is often used to remove wallpaper. I'm guessing you may end up having to replace that sheet anyway. But I do wish you best of luck in removing the oil!

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I'm probably a bit late but I would try a spray-on spot dry cleaning product like K2R. It has a powder that absorbs the oil. Leave it on for a day and then gently brush it off. This stuff works great, too, on your dry-clean only clothes to prevent spots from setting before your get things to the cleaners. You know, like the salad dressing that splashed onto your blouse during lunch.

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Great idea Browntoes. Geez, I thought I had thought of everything Ha!
Thanks all

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