asbestos roof

hgolightlyJune 12, 2006

My husband and I bought a grand, lovely home last summer. We were told by the Real Estate agent that the roof was slate and that the previous owners had a slate roof guy come every year to replace the loose slates after the winter. The inspector (who did not get on the ladder, but viewed by binoculars) said the roof was slate and in great condition.

Had a family friend who has done slate roofs for 40 years come by to take a look at the roof and he delivered the bad new--no, it's not slate--it's asbestos.

We are getting estimates, but has anyone ever had asbestos removed? We've been told 10's of thousands of dollars...


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If it is in good condition, there seems to be no reason to remove according to the bit I've read.

Here is a link that might be useful: Asbestos roof

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Yes, why would you want to remove it?

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I tend to agree, if it's ok, leave it. The only issues tend to arise are when you start messing with it.

I suppose you could consider legal recourse against the building inspector or real estate agent, but I doubt you have much of a leg to stand on...but if the agent made a point of telling you how they had slates replaced, it could be construed as misleading....

You could have it checked, maybe your friend is wrong, although it sounds as if he knows what he's talking about...

If it really is asbestos, that's probably why it's in great condition...slate is a very expensive roof to look after, although I do like the look of them - I just moved back to Canada from Sydney Australia after many years there, and there are lots of slate roofs on older houses. The look nice but are also vulnerable to hail damage...and hail can get big there.

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I would get a second opinion. If broken or damaged slates have been replaced almost every year, either someone had some very old stock, or it isnt really abestos, since you cannot buy them anymore.

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asbestos roof, i dunno but it might be a good roof for insulation. Certainly won't burn well.

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Won't burn but may explode somewhat....I remember years ago as I was getting ready for bed, I heard what I thought was a lot of firecrackers going off, but it turned out to be a garage a few doors down on fire - the fibro (asbestos fibrous cement) was shattering/exploding. It was spectacular, but no-one was hurt and only garage burned...

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