Maybe we need a dispute with nieghbors forums

brendan_of_bonsaiJune 2, 2006

So my Nieghbors have become unbareable, add me to the list, we live next to a 4 plex in midtown Anchorage,AK and they have so far: Harrased wildlife, let there dogs poo in the utility easment/ rightofway behind our house and not cleaned up after them, Let there cats out into our yard, thrown cigarette butts into our pond, grown a host of invasive weeds including a type of tree Prunus Padus that has take over half od the greenbelts in the city, Thrown garbage into the 5 foot strip between there building and our fence, thrown garbage over out fence or through it, Reached onto our property to limb our spruice tree (and not just the limbs growning onto there side of the fence, which would be okay, but the limbs growing out towards the street and towards our house aswell) and now they are threatening to report us for having a compost pile in the utility easment, just us, not anyone else, there are lots on the easment and four of them dump lawnclippings and leaves into the easment, we are the only ones who actually turn and water our compost pile, but I guess we will have to move it into our lot or get permission from the utility company, infact I think I'll see about that, if we can have a letter granting us permission and they complain then its egg on there face.

Now, my hands aren't completely clean, and one of the occupants there is a nice guy, so I wouldn't do anything to make his life worse on purpose, But I was digging in a spot out in the easment that was supposed to have no utilities in it (the only thing thats supposed to be running under ground is the cable (running through our yard for some reason) and a fibreoptic line, I cut a phone line leading to that 4 plex about two weeks ago) and promptyl called and had it repaired, it took them days to figure out what it was though, everyone thought it was an abandoned strip of power line for a while. then when they figured out that it was phoneline they still thought it was abandoned. anyways, we are paying for it, but the noseyest one over there, the one who stood around and defended her son when he was chasing native birds aorund back there, Came over today and told me she had pictures of my mother cutting the line with a shovel, my mother didn't cut the lines, I did, I didn't tell her though, figure if she makes any hullaballo about it I can come out and tell the truth to whoever shes complaining at and say shes just trying to be a pain and that we already told the powers that be what we had done, More egg for her face IMHO. Anyways I've come up with a nearly perfect solution, I'm going to go plant some HoneyLocust seeds back there, no only will they give us a bit of privacy but they will also provide a thorny barrier to keep them from walking there dogs back there.

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Fertilize them well and maybe they will grow quickly! Why can't people just get along? It seems to always be a butthole somewhere nearby. Good luck. Maybe they will move away.

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I think we have a "dispute with neighbors" forum; it's called Apartment Living. There are a lot of dispute posts going on over there! LOL!

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I have neighbors who seem to be running a makeshift auto shop out of the garage, the driveway, the street in front of their house and the curbside on my side of the street. My main objection is all of these heaps (and they are ugly, funky, pieced together from odd parts cars) seem to be lacking mufflers and they come and go at all hours, day and night. They rent, I hope they move. Yes, I confess, sometimes when they park some junker of a car on my side I have been know to have to water the lawn...

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Barnmom, I'm sure you have thought of this, but if you are in a residential area, it may be against your community's code to conduct an auto repair business there. Also, if they are dumping motor oil, antifreeze, or other chemicals into the ground, they are breaking the law also. I know you have to "live" with them, but the authorities probably ought to check them out. Maybe even the fire dept. should/could do an inspection.

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ever heard of call before you dig? not matter if anythign is supposed to be buried there or not, you are required by LAW to call. expect a hefty bill for the repairs.

as far as the easement is concerned, if it is on YOUR lot, you can do as you please. just understand that anything you place on the easement can legally be torn down by ANY utility needing access. no fences without permission, no trees, and no concrete. but you can put your pile there legally and all that can happen is the utility can move/remove it if they need access. if the easement is NOT on your property, then you are trespassing and should move your pile to your property just so you are in the right.

it ruly sounds to me as if you BOTH need to quit worrying about wwhat the other is doing. if they do something on your property, tell them not to do it again or you will call the cops. then follow thru. place a restraining order on them if necessary, but the best bet is to sit down facce to face and work out your differences.

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