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sniffdogApril 7, 2013

The area I live in (boonies) recently got 4G access. Until this chnage, we were forced to live with land lines for phone and satellite internet.

With the 4G service, I can now port my home phone number over to cellular and AT&T makes an access point that would connect the cellular phone system to my cordless phones in the house with unlimited long distance for 20 dollars a month.

I would love to move off my landline but I have to deal with the alarm system (which I might have a solution), my front gate, and the phone connection to my Dishnet receiver. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to handle the latter 2 issues.

1) Front entry gate: I have a gate that is 800 feet from my front door. There is call box at the gate entrance that allows visitors to call the house for access and I can open the gate via my home phone. The call box clamps on to the main phone line to function. To install the gate box, I had to run a phone wire from the house to the call box and then another line from the call box back to the house - to allow the call box signals to ride on the home phone system. if I get rid of my landline, I need something that can generate a phone signal like a telco that I can connect on the wires running to the call box. For the return line, I could connect that to a dedicated cordless phone base station. Is there any device out there that can mimic a telco central office line?

2) Dishnet receiver: I am not sure if this is even a problem since I am not sure exactly what all the uses of that line are. I know that when we purchase pay-per-view movies from Dish (almost never), the charges go through the phone. If that line has other operational uses, I would need a way to interface the Dish receiver to the cellular phone system. What would happen if I just eliiminated the landline connection to teh Dishnet box? Or of I need it, can I connect the Dish receiver via a cellular connection.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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