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parkplazaApril 18, 2010

My tube TV died. We purchased a flat screen 32" at Costco along with a TV wall mount swivel bracket.

I am going to install an electrical outlet and cable outlet on the wall near the bracket to avoid the cables handing down to floor level outlets. I am a versed handyman so I can do this with no issues.

What I was wondering....how to you connect for example a DVD player to the TV. I guess you need to lay the DVD player on a dresser for example. What what about the data cables. There are so many cable types...HDMI, red, yellow, white, etc. What would make sense to run behind the wall? I am not into this stuff, so I have very little high tech background. I guess they have outlet plates with the connections for these cables? Do they sell "behind the wall" HDMI cables and the red, yellow, white? Should I run conduit behind the wall? Do I just need HDMI, or do I need all the colors too?

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First things first, not every flat panel TV needs to be wall mounted, most people put them way too high and they all come with a base that you must remove first.

If you have a desired location and know where you want your equipment then what you want to do is create a passage-way from the TV down to the equipment through the wall. Use the low-voltage old-work boxes and dress them up with hooded face plates. Then you can run whatever cables you may need/desire for the equipment you add.

Std. DVD, with upconversion or BluRay can carry everything via HDMI. You want all cables to be "in wall rated" which is for fire safety purposes most of all.

If you have other equipment that requires either RF, composite, S-Video, Component, RGB, or HDMI you have the feed-through in the wall cavity already in place.

The AC power however is separate and must have an outlet behind the TV fed via proper electrical installation techniques. Keep the Romex and signal cables as far apart as possible and avoid parallel runs beyond 2-3 feet.

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