Brother Innov-is 4000D question

connie3820August 28, 2006

I just opened the box last night on my new machine. So if I'm asking a stupid question, please excuse me. My last machine was 24 years old so this is an entirely new ball game to me. I am trying to do a monogram. I can size the letters so that the outside 2 letters are smaller than the middle letter. What I cannot figure out how to do is center those outside letters to the middle of the center letter. In other words.....if you draw a line on a paper, all 3 bottoms of the letters are on that line and I only want the middle one touching the line. I feel certain there is an easy fix to this and I'm just not seeing it or finding it in the manual. Can anyone help me?????

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Connie, I don't have an Innovis, but I have a PC8500 (another Brother sewing/embroidery machine). On mine I can select each object (in your case, letters in a monogram) and move them around the screen with the arrow keys. Can you do this on the Innovis? The 8500 has really good on-screen help, so I'd guess the Innovis has the same or better. Another route would be editing/digitizing software on your computer. Did you get PE Design with your machine? I think the latest version has a monogramming function. You should be able to do it in the software and copy it to the machine.

Did you look for it in the manual? If all else fails, call your dealer - they should be able to explain it to you. You also should get some classes for the machine. Don't wait too long on the classes - I found out about a year after I got my 8500 that you have to take the class within 6 or 9 months!


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Thanks. I did get PE Design 7 which just came out. I've had a heck of a time getting it installed on my main computer. I still cannot open the instruction book on that computer and even Brother can't tell me why. So I ended up loading it on the laptop today and that works just great.....or I think it does. It will open up at least. As I was expecting company tonight, I got it installed and shut it down. Now it will be a few days (until company leaves) before I can try it. But I did find out from the dealer that the designs that come already in the machine won't get very large. I'll have to use PE Design for that.

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I have the Brother 4000D. Could some one please help me. I just need a little help. Sewing machine stores do not have the time to step by step and help. I can not transfer the free designs to the machine. I down load them into my PC-- vista and there they sit. they don't show up when I click on them, I have no idea what Im doing wrong. I can take a CD and get the design and have no problem. I didn't think I had to get softwear to down load the designs do I?, I also have a pc 8500 with the pe desig--(NO)-- brother does not have a up grade to use it on the vista. I could only use it on the xp. It is worthless now.

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There is a patch for PED basic on the Brother website. I'm sorry your dealer isn't helping you, that's part of their job when they sell us a multiple thousand dollar machine!
The images of the designs will not show up and you cannot open them on the computer, unless you use software. Just transfer the files to a memory stick, then read them from the machine, if they're in.pes they will show up. HTH, Todd

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