TV shutting off

helplesstvApril 17, 2007

Pee Wee,

I have a 27" Magnavox TV with the following parameters:

Model #:RP2783 C603

Chasis Model #: 27A513-00AA

Serial #: 3081673

My problem started a few weeks ago when some thin lines appeared on the top part of the screen, from the top to approx. one inch down.

I would sometimes hear a high pitch sound coming from the back of the TV. Over the last few days, the TV would go black with some swirly lines, it would stay like that for a few minutes and then go back to normal (still with the thin lines at the top).

Then yesterday I turned on the TV and it would almost attempt to turn on and then turn itself off again. I could sense a burning smell coming from the back of the TV. That's the way it has been since.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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