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nhsuzanneApril 14, 2008

Good morning all,

Great to see Besh, Maddie and Amy posting over the weekend!!

Amy, your blog is interesting. Is that you riding the seahorse? I would love to ride one myself! Even as a child, I had fantasy's about riding a seahorse (any horse really) but I was intrigued by a seahorse specimen my dad had from when he was over seas in the navy.

Got a lot done over the weekend including digging up the ice in front of the stalls. It was all the snow that fell from the roof this winter and literally turned into a mountain of ice. In places it was over 4' (yes feet) thick!

Saturday was a lovely day and we spent the whole day outside!

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NH Suzanne~Thanks for getting us started! Glad that you had a nice day on Saturday. I, too, had fantasies of riding a seahorse. Did you ever have those real tiny ones? I did at one time.

Besh, Maddie, & Amy~Great to see you posting. Maddie~I'll be glad for tax season to be over so perhaps you can check in a little more? Amy~Were you saying that you would check in more often too? I hope so. I would have called yesterday but couldn't remember the time change. Is it 8 hours? Besh~How did the eating go?

How about a QOD? Do you have any celebrity crushes?? LOL

QOD: Not me. I only have eyes for my Honey Bear. I guess that I might admire one or two but I think that realism has hit me in the past few years & my bubble has burst where celebrities are concerned. LOL Ask me after the jazz festival this weekend though & I might give a different answer! :)

I hope everyone has a good week. Ours is starting out so great. All but one ceiling fan is done & I'm waiting for Dave to wake up so I can do that one. It is 61 here & so much more pleasant than it has been. I'm getting things done so we can leave for Texas in a few weeks. Apartment looking cleaner, bedroom looking cleaner, once I take gifts or mail gifts out of here, things should really look up! :]

Check in! Patti Oh, BJ~Tell us how this weekend went. I'm interested if you are ready to take the show on the road so you can come to each of our houses & show us how to declutter now?? ;]

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Sorry--I forgot to mention that Dave fixed the Garlic Roasted Chicken & Potatoes last night & they are really good. Patti :)

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Yes, it is so good to hear from everyone - what a busy weeekend.

When I was young I thought seahorses where mythical like unicorns. I went swimming when I was probably 7 or 8 years old and saw one and couldn't get out of the ocean quick enough. I didn't want to tell anyone because they would think I was crazy LOL.

QOD - not really crushes, but I could look at Jon Bon Jovi all day long without blinking LOL. I never was attracted to George Clooney in his younger days, but I think he is extremely sexy now.

Amy - I haven't been following the Oprah thing with Eckhart Tolle. I did listen to his "Power of Now" and I have the new book, but haven't had time to get into it. I may splurge and buy the audio version, since I am in my car a lot. I love the blog page, the images are beautiful.

I did a lot of painting this weekend - I wish I could quit my day job and spend more time on my hobby...

I think I will buy a lottery ticket when I leave here today - you never know!

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Good MONDAY morning!

Well, it's been about 9-10 weeks counting portions and points and I am down a solid 13 pounds (weighed over the weekend a few times). I'm really thrilled because the fitness center instructor here at the office called me a "gym rat" last week. I stayed almost 90 minutes on 2 days!! Just got into it, and as different people came into the fitness center, I'd go over and ride a bike or walk on a threadmill next to them to talk casually or about a project. DH also got in step with me; we walked around the lake on both Saturday and Sunday...something he rarely does.

QOD cartoons -- I really loved Popeye and Betty Boop. Hated the violence of Popeye, but loved the music of both those cartoons! Weird, I know!

QOD today -- I could watch Colin Firth all day. My UK coworkers told me that he's a wreck, but I don't care. He's adorable!

Maddie, Amy, and John --- what a weekend! Hope to see more of you around here.

Anyone else watching John Adams on HBO? Fabulous story of our history. I read the letters between John and Abigail when I was a very young girl and was astounded by her intellect for that time.

Raeanne, I did vote for Michael Johns and was sad to see him leave AI so quickly.

Speaking of declutter---DH has promised me that we will seriously work on our basement and garage. We need to clear stuff out so that we can design a new driveway this spring or latest summer. I hope he cooperates because he does not like to throw things out "in case I need them". right!!! lol!

Need to run now...have back-to-back meetings starting at 1 and running to 4. Then it's off to the fitness center. YES!!!


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Dee the gym rat - I am watching John Adams and totally enjoying it. I was just about to read the book when HBO announced it was coming on. It is just so much more interesting on the screen. I think it is so cool to watch Jefferson, Washington, Franklin all hanging out. Yes, Abigal Adams was very intelligent. Paul Giamatti makes a wonderful Adams, but Jefferson is kinda hot ROFLMAO.

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Raeanne, so you need to rephrase your answer to the 'crush' QOD. You have a historical crush on Thomas Jefferson. Do you think he had groupies in his day? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dee~13# WTG!!! You ROCK!!!

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Hi Guys!

I have to take "V" to the Children's Hospital to see a speacialist in just a few minutes, so I'm just checking in to say hi. Back later with my decluttering story.

QOD: Richard Gere, Hugh Grant and James Garner. But if you really want to see my eyes roll back in my head, watch Space Cowboys with me. I guess I like the mature types to look at. I like to look at Kevin Cosner too, but he has to be the all-time worst actor in the world---it always sounds like he's reading his lines slowly right out of a script.

DEE! O-M-G!!!!! 13 pounds. WOW! WTG, sistah!

Last night, I went out and bought a week's worth of WW and Lean Cuisine lunches and dinners. I am so lame; this is the way I'll have to eat for a while. I figure I can do brekky on my own and won't mess up too badly!

On a sad note, Baby S left today. On a high note, I have been packing all morning and doing laundry like nobody's business. Babies are sweet but they really suck up the time! : - ) The state will probably start calling with placements tonight, but I want to get a few things done before I commit like THAT again!!! lol!

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Dee - at least my historical crush is Jefferson and not Franklin - he was a dirty dog - he obviously had at least 1 groupie. I forgot to congratulate you on your 13#s you are my hero.

BJ - I know letting Baby S out of your arms had to be heartbreaking. You sound like me when you are upset - I clean or garden until I collapse. I am also a Hugh Grant fan.

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Patti - I am trying the Garlic Roasted Chicken without potatoes for dinner tonight. Thanks for the review and tell Dave thanks for making it. I did add more garlic as there is never enough for me.

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Hi Ladies,

Was a pretty tame weekend here, had the guys over sat night, and hung around Sunday till bowling. 4 weeks left and we are in first place, woot on both!

Amy and Maddie, good to see you posting!

NHSuz, looks like a warm week ahead, that ice will melt on its on ya know ;)

BJ- Ive been told im funny in RL too, its that edgy sense of humor and all = ) We had a drill today to simulate a flood in the hospital that included some down wires to make an electrical hazard... I was passing out metal mop handles to all the staff that work real slow, hoping to jump start them!

Dee Grats on the 13 lbs!

QOD- Do I have to pick just one? Salma Hayek would be right up there, and Jessica Alba back when she did Dark Angel.

Im kinda concerned about this lady ive been talking to. We went on a date and then she got sick and ended up in the hospital. Shes home now but will still need a couple months to recoup. Since then we chatted on the phone, emails and I visited with her a few times. To ME thats not enough time or the right circumstances to get to know someone well enough to "fall for them" which she said she has for me. She sais its because being in the hospital and near death, has given her a new attitude and shes not so guarded with her heart. I like her enough to date her but not even close to falling for her... we havent spent a whole lot of time one on one or even in person, least not enough for me to tell. I am torn between seeing how it goes and how feelings develope or just backing off completely. We have a lot in common and she is a great person, but Im worried because she is so far ahead of me feelings wise. I guess its cause im a go with the flow type, and im worried shes going to get hurt badly if I end up not falling for her but continue to get to know her better.

Just looking for some thoughts, not answers :)

Anyhow, back to work for me, dust is the enemy!


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Oh John - you probably came off as her knight in shining armour (in her eyes). If you decide you want to continue seeing her, maybe you will just have to make it clear to her that you like to take things very slow. See how that witty charm of your's can get you into trouble. You better turn it down and keep it for your slow employees LOL.

Patti - the chicken was delish, DH agrees - but he is like Mikey, so I don't always go by him LOL. I made roasted broccoli with it and I sprinkled some parm cheese on that -it came out a bit crunchy (forgot I had it on convection roast) but it was very tasty. Thanks again.

Enjoy your evening.

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Happy Monday!

BJ, I know it was rough giving up S..good luck with V at the hospital. You are doing a truly wonderful thing.

Dee, congratulations on 13#! That is fabulous and you deserve to be proud you little gym rat :-)

Raeanne, I like Dee's thought about a historical crush on Jefferson and I agree, thank goodness it's not that old sleaze Franklin! I saw the movie 21 on Saturday and enjoyed it. I knew the team (not personally) from my years in the casino industry. I found myself counting cards with them - my sister said she never knew I could do that. I told her she would be surprised at what I can do. Yes, my trainer works me very hard and I am sore!! I meet with her again tomorrow night and am really starting to enjoy it - I still have to work on the foods I'm eating but garlic chicken does sound good and I'm with you, there's never enough garlic.

John, you are a nice guy and this girl sees that, you have been good to her through a rough time. I agree with Raeanne that if you want to keep seeing her make sure she knows you want to take your time.

Suzanne, 4 ft of ice - yikes! I have always loved seahorses and starfish, don't know why. Fantasizing about riding one would be cool.....are you still doing Ww online?

Maddie and Amy great to see you both - I will have to check out Amy's site.

Patti - how are you?? I hate cleaning ceiling fans. After this winter they are a mess and really need to be done too. I also hate washing windows but those need washing...I'm looking forward to warmer weather but not necessarily all of the chores that go with it. What date are you leaving for Texas?

QOD: I can't think of anyone I have a "crush" on but I am a huge Eric Clapton fan. I also like Bon Jovi, Hugh Grant and Harrison Ford.

Got to run and get ready for another fun filled day :-)
Take care and be good, talk later!


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Donna~I'm glad that you are having so much fun with your trainer. E-mail me when you have time. We leave for TX on 5/8. Hopefully, we will get to see Marci when she is here. :)

Raeanne~Glad that you liked the chicken. The broccoli sounds delish too. We've never done that.

John~You little charmer you. Be honest is my advice but don't run yet as you might pass up a real good chance for yourself & you don't want to do that at this point, do you? No answers, just thoughts...

BJ~A couple of tears for you & then some happiness for all of the work that you accomplished. We are doing curtains tomorrow & I've got to do something about the rugs. Then go through clothes & get rid of some.

Milkdud~Where are you????

McPeg~Are you under a snow bank???


Hi to everyone else too. Dave has a dental appt at 7:30 in the a.m. I would go but they won't let me back with him. He needs to have a spot checked. (I know that sounds strange. Cancer runs in his family & he has already dealt with it. This spot is getting larger so we want to check it just to be reassured that it is nothing.)

QOD for tomorrow: Ever had/been in a food fight?

QOD: I cannot remember positively. I have been to SO many summer camps that I cannot imagine NOT being in at least one. Dave says that I should remember something like that. LOL I told him it sounded like something I would probably start!! about you??? Patti ;]

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QOD: Robert DiNero :)

Have a nice day!


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Besh, Robert DeNiro? "YOU!!!! You, are verrrry good!" Guess you have to be here to hear my voice on that one. hehe

John, I agree with my girls. Just tell her that you need for her to understand that you want to see her but you are not where she is emotionally yet. Please don't give up on it now if you are still interested. When dating my DH, I was frightened about getting too attached to him....wanted to go very slow and I had to remind him often that I'd been single so long I wasn't sure I ever wanted to be half of a 'couple'. Good Luck!

QOD: Yes, at a pool party in my senior year of high school. My friend had older parents and much older siblings. They mistakenly thought they could leave her alone with her friends to have a graduation party. The next day, she had to have to inground pool drained because of all the chocolate cake and paper plates in it! blech! We were covered in cake and chips.

BJ, you are awesome!

Donna, so glad that you are still enthusiastic about your trainer. Isn't the feeling great after exercise? I wish I could remember the feeling when I'm debating about whether to get up and do it!

Gotta run and work on a paper.

Make today count!

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Good morning all,

John, I think you should say to this woman pretty much what you have said to us. It's honest and that's the most important thing. You are wise to be cautious.

Donna, I am still doing WW online. I have gained 6lbs for not paying attention and I am so mad at myself I could scream. I don't know what is the matter with me!!

Raeanne, a historical crush? Wow LOL

QOD: No food fights for this girl. The nearest I have ever come is the food fight in Animal was perfectly disgusting.

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John: I was thinking about if I was that girl, and feeling the way she feels, I think I'd rather have you tell me that there was a possibility of a relationship than not---even if I had to wait for you to catch up and take a chance you wouldn't. It's almost a guarantee she'll wait for you, so take a chance and explore the investment you have so far!

I'd like to change my answer to yesterday's QOD to Al Pacino.

No food fights here. Just the occasional baby sneezing all over me whilst I'm spooning food into the "hangar." Yeah, "Here comes the airplane!" met with an unexpected sneeze is a definite "air disaster!" And don't even get me started about how the floor looks after a dinnertime hour with 3 teens, 1 tween, and 3 under 10 years old. We might as well have had a food fight!

I will stop by later with my weekend clutter cleaning experience. It was semi-successful.

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Good morning! I've had computer problems and couldn't log in here to save my life. UGH!

Suzanne, thanks for the polenta-making link! I'm definitely going to try making my own when I run out of what I bought last Thursday. That stuff, while very good and so convenient, is $3.97 for a pound tube. I could make a tube for less than 50 cents and add every spice in the world to it. I've definitely saved the link for near-future reference.

John, I agree with everyone else about just being honest with this woman about how you're feeling right this minute about her. She's been in a vulnerable position and her perspective is skewed somewhat. If it's meant to be, time will take care of things for both of y'all.

Donna, it sounds like you're being whipped into great shape these days.

Dee, congrats on the weight loss! And,you're working out like crazy which can only benefit you further. That's just awesome.

BJ, I know it must be rough giving up one of your little ones, but you've made a difference with each one for however long you have them.

Patti, are y'all going to Dallas for someone's graduation? I can't remember what you told us.

I had to miss my WW meeting last night due to a bad sinus (?) headache. No way could I get behind the wheel and drive. I know that I haven't lost any though because my scale weighs the same as theirs. I've had more issues with portions, but at least I'm still eating the right foods.

QOD: My celebrity crush would have to be on Tom Selleck. There's just something about him!!!

QOD: No food fights that I can recall.

Besh and Amy, it was nice reading your posts. I wish y'all would post more often because you always have interesting things to say.

Off to get something done today. Yesterday was a total loss. Hope everyone has a good one!

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I love, love, love reading the answers to the QODs.

Let me explain: I told you that DS#1 was having my 1st DGD & DGC & it was true at the time. We had been cut off from Dave's DD for a few years & had never seen her 2 sons. However, about the same time DGD was born we resolved all issues & got back with DD & have gotten to know DGSs. Then when DGD turned 1, my ex-Dstepdaughter asked me to be DM & DGM. So, I gained another DD & DGS. Then at Christmas, my ex-DSS asked me to be DM (& DGM), if he ever gets married & has children. So, I've gained 2 DDs & a DS in less than two years. I know it is confusing.

So Milkdud~The answer to your ? is, yes, I am going to TX for a graduation to DD#1's graduation. (She is only 14 years younger than me.)

BJ~I've almost done what you've done. ;) I'm eager to hear about your weekend.

Besh~So glad you were able to stop in.

NH Suzanne~I was counting on you & BJ to have been in food fights! LOL

Hi to All! Patti Who is SO excited b/c it is in the 50s instead of the high 80s! :)

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Hi Ladies,

Thanks for the advice :) Ive had that conversation with her and she understands my feelings are not as strong as hers and she is willing to be paitent. Im just hoping now shes is back at home other things will keep her busy enough to keep her from smothering me. Shes had oddles of free time to lay around and think about things while ive been busy with life. I also think some of the things she does are fairly common differences between men and women. I'll talk to her on the phone an hour, then 10 mins later get a text message how she misses me already... I feel like such an unromatic jerk even mentioning it, but she needs her rest and it is not realistic that we will get to see each other more than a couple times a week. Im OK with that but only time will tell if she isnt.

QOD - when I worked in a sub shop we had a pretty big tomato fight. I lost because it was with the owners nephew, and they ended up transfering me to another store... and he started it! :)

Back to work for me!


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Tomato fight? John, I'm crying from laughing so hard from picturing you in a sub shop flinging tomatoes around!!! Gotta love this guy, ladies!!

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Hi everyone - sorry I've been MIA. Busy with my family and friends. My brother had his 45th b'day, been busy painting and somehow just got caught up in my house again. As for snow - it's seriously melting. We are finally enjoying spring weather - today and tomorrow it's going up to 68'.
I've dropped a pound and it's staying off. Dee you're doing a fantastic job. Glad to read the posts - I'm going back to catch up on my reading.

QOD: Gerrard Butler, Colin Firth (what do you mean he's a wreck?), Mark Harmon, Sean Connery...just to name a few.

QOD: I can't recall any food fight.

It's been a challenging last 5 days so this week I'm doing some damage control. Now that the snow is melting I'll soon be busy doing things outside, so I have to get moving on my house painting and get it out of the way. If I keep myself busy I'm better at behaving myself. I don't knock myself when I have challenges because I've learned just sticking with it and moving on I do get there in the end. Breaking that major weight goal (3 winters in the making) is extremely satisfying. Inches have moved over the last few weeks and I'm wearing fitted clothing again.

Let's all embrace the season and spring ahead with our goals. We deserve this!


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Good morning all,

John, I too can picture you in a sub shop with tomatoes all over you!! Too funny. This woman does sound more than a little clingy.

Marci, Check in, I miss you.

Milkdud, do make your own polenta. You can literally flavor it anyway you want, it tastes better and as you already know, it cheaper!!

Peg, it's spring here too finally and the snow is going fast! I will have ice piles on the shady parts of my property well into May but it's really nice this week!!

Patti, do you imagine me as a food fight person? That's funny but I am not even close. I have had fantasy's about smashing something into someone's mouth who wouldn't shut up before!! LOL

Dee, congrats on your loss!! Go girl, go!

I was thinking of the celebrity QOD and I think the guy who plays Sawyer on Lost is really hot!! I don't know his name though. And I did not even think of Sean Connery until Peg mentioned him.............yum..........he's a major hunk even in old age!!

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John - that does sound over the top, that she would email you after talking to you, especially since you have made your feelings known to her. Proceed with caution!

I love Sean Connery. Did you ever see the SNL skit on him playing Jeopardy? Since then that is the only image I have in my head when his name is mentioned LOL.

Patti - I think I need you to draw a family tree for me - I read it but can't follow all of it LOL. I just know that whoever is in your family is lucky to have you and Dave to love them.

QOD - yes I was in a major food fight. It was at a football celebration. I was just sitting there minding my own business when a piece of american cheese went flying over my head. The quarterback of the team didn't like that, especially since the guy was a rival team member and before I knew it there was a full fledge free for all food fight. I had a physcology major sitting on the other side of me and he kept asking me why I thought everyone was throwing food? I was probably 18 at the time and got out of there before a real fight broke out or before I punched the physch guy.

I think we lost our MagicKitty Lynn and I really do think I scared Dody off - sorry Dody.

I believe that Spring really has arrived here. It is still in the low 30's in the morning, but it has been in the 60's the last 2 days and forecasted to be in the 70's by the end of the week. YIPPPEEEE


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Donna - Jersey girl - of course you love Bon Jovi! How many times a week do you work out with the trainer? I never work myself as hard as she works me. I have been with her over 2 years and many times I am still sore.

Milkdud - How is adorable Aubrey doing? I didn't realize how much steak I eat, until you gave me that rub LOL. Have you used it on any other meats?

McPeg - sounds like you are in for a new wardrobe. I want to get back into nicely fitted clothes too.

I want to make it clear, I was in a food fight, but didn't participate - really.

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This is my place to come & giggle! ROFL

QOD: Any tattoos or piercings?

QOD: Just have my ears pierced.

Raeanne~You are so sweet. I just call them all family but knew that it was confusing since I only had 2 DSs for almost 9 years & suddenly have 3 DSs & 2 DDs. :) 1 DGD for a while & suddenly 3 DGS. ;) I love that Jeopardy skit about Sean Connery. And, he has always been nice to look at. (But, that skit took him down a "peg" or two, don't you think?" LOL Maybe I scared off our MagicKitty? I wanted to meet her when she came to Sebring & I don't think that she posted since then.

Milkdud~I'm glad that you finally got back on the computer. Are you supposed to find out about Aubrie this week? I found a recipe for Tilapia, I haven't tried it but it does sound wonderful, that I'd like to share if you are interested.

McPeg~I'm so glad that you posted. I was afraid that we had lost you too. Glad that you are getting some painting done. If we owned this, I think that is what I'd be doing.

NH Suzanne~So glad you are finally getting some Spring! Yes, you & BJ & Raeanne are the ones that I kinda look to for my "tomboyish" antics--Maddie, too, when she is around. Then it is fun to see exactly who gets into what. ;]

Marci~I miss you!

John~I'm so glad that the others have said what they did. I was thinking it. Yes, I am the type that would let you know that I missed you but Dave & I do that to each other & that may be the difference. He does it first usually so it kinda gives me permission to feel like I can do that too.

BJ~I went back & read your answer but didn't see "food", I just saw "spooning at the hangar". I definitely had to read it again. I thought now what is BJ doing! Ah...that's our BJ!

Donna~I'm so glad that you posted. Please come back.

Besh~Drop in & answer the QODs.

Gretchen~Do you have time to drop by to answer the QODs?

Dee~A few years ago, a friend turned 40, & there may or may not have been some confetti that said "40" left just about every place that you could imagine in his house. OK, so it was longer ago than I thought. The people that bought his house years later were probably still finding it. Oops. There were many people involved.

Hi to all! Have a great day whatever you may be doing! Patti :-)

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Hi Guys!

Well, I love when the thread is SO active!

QOD: 2 piercings in each ear and a medium-sized tattoo on my ankle. My tattoo is 3" tall and 2 inches across. It is my DH's name in scroll, topped with a wavy colored feather. I had my nipples pierced but had to take out the rings when I had surgery a few years ago. The surgeon didn't want an electric shock going through me and he said sometmies jewelry in surgery causes that! Anyway, no great loss. I pierced them on a dare/bet and had long ago spent the money! (It was a LOT of money or I wouldn't have probably done it.) TMI, anyone?

My de-cluttering of my garage went well. The lady arrived at 8:30am and we labeled a bunch of moving boxes with things like "sports" "office" "kitchen" "tools" "photos" and one box for each member of the family---and give away. We sealed the boxes when they got full and stacked them into a MOVE pile in my garage. We pulled the recycle container into the garage and also the trash container. As we went through the piles of stuff, we tossed it into whatever boxes it belonged in, making newly labeled boxes for whatever new categories came up. I really thought hard and gave away lots of stuff. I think I had about 15 various boxes and bags for charity pick up yesterday. I have 4 large hefty bags of trash as well as a FULL trash container. And I filled 2 recycle bins and 3 large clear plastic 30 gal bags. The bummer was that DH wasn't impressed with the amount we got done and ranted about it all night and has been ever since. He is really cycling on the whole thing and it's driving me bananas. Probably a full third or more of the cr@p is his and the rest is the kids' and mine. I'm not sorting his stuff, so he's gonna have to do his sorting work sometime and see how it is! I think I'm headed for the nunnery! Ha! It's a good thing he doesn't live here on the weekdays! Anyway, I'm plugging away at it and think I have about 20 more hours of sorting left. Never again! I am not buying anything else that doesn't have a PLACE!

Have a great day everyone!

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Today's QOD: My ears are piereced nothing else. No tatoos

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QOD: two pierced ears here. No tats

Had a wonderful walk this morning in anticipation of the real beginning of spring. Just got back from another 20-minute walk in the office. There is an all out effort to get the staff healthy and in competition with other companies for October's American Heart Association's walk. There were over 100 people out there on the grounds (26 acres). That's about 20-25% of the staff at this location. Not a bad turnout, but it was sunny.

In addition to my 2 walks, I'm going to do a 30-minute circuit class at 4:15pm. Ever the gym rat, eh? Could be worse, I suppose. I could be hanging out with Raeanne and Suzanne drinking wine.............hey, WAIT.........that sounds like fun.................

Have a great day!

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I need to ask a question FMOI. I know that some of you use a central vac but do any of you have a suggestion for a good hand-held vac? Thanks in advance! Patti :-]

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I like my Dirt Devil, Patti. It does the trick. And it's pretty light weight!

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Good afternoon! It's gorgeous here - 71 d. and sunny. I took a brief walk on the soccer field down the street from the market I shopped at this afternoon. Tomorrow I'm going to check out a fitness center called Butterfly Life that's actually here in Crosby! Has anyone ever heard anything about it? It's somewhat like Curves which we also have. (Remember that I live in a very tiny town with just about nothing but a Walmart and Applebee's.)

I've dropped the 3 lbs. I've had for the last 2 weeks. Lots of water and the use of veggies in everything I've cooked lately. I'll also give credit to eating a juicy seedless orange every afternoon, too. :)

QOD: My ears are pierced, only one hole in each earlobe. No tattoos.

Patti, I have a handheld Dirt Devil, too, and I like it.

Dee, you're so fortunate to work for a company that provides you with such awesome workout opportunities. I've never known anyone else who has this perk. You're doing so great with all your exercising!

BJ, I'm impressed with all your decluttering efforts. The hardest part of decluttering for me has always been my husband. He refuses to part with anything for fear he might need it someday. UGH!

Patti, by all means share the tilapia recipe! I just stocked up on red, orange, and gold peppers today, fresh herbs and spices, a bag of keylimes, and fresh tilapia. I also bought some new-to-me spices like Galam Masala, and Chinese 5-spice.

Raeanne, I'm loving that you're enjoying the rub! I also use it on pork chops, turkey burgers, and chicken breasts when I grill. I just bought some more of it today because I go through it fairly quickly. Let me know if you'd like some more. But, send me the exact name because they have several different ones, and I'm not even sure that I'm buying and using the same one I got for you. I've tried all of them now.

*Aubrie is doing well. The dr. at Texas Children's has ordered new tests to continue trying to figure out what's causing the fatty liver. These tests can be done where they live. Her pediatrician has changed up her diet to try to lower her cholesterol because she disagrees with the gastroenterologist at TX Children's who said it was no big deal. Luckily, she managed to keep her incision nice and safe until it healed pretty well. WHEW!

McPeg, I'm really happy for you that you're finally getting lovely spring weather. You've had enough snow.

Suzanne, I've decided that on Saturday, I'm going to get brave and just go ahead and make a small batch of polenta. I'm thinking about what kind of spices/seasonings to add to it. Any suggestions,y'all?

John, I've already made the decision to buy a Sub healthy sandwich tomorrow, but I'll tread very lightly around the tomato area thanks to you! LOL

I've got cranberry beans cooking in the slow cooker today. I saw them at Kroger and was curious as I've never heard of them. I'm just cooking them in vegetable broth so that I can get a pretty true taste. I can always add other seasonings once they're done. I'm also fixing WW/Core cornbread and cole slaw for dinner. Anybody want to join us?

Okay, I think I've made up for lost time with this one post. Thanks for hanging in to read to this point! Have a good one.

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Milkdud~I have a fatty liver too. Let me know if Aubrie is able to reverse it. I'll post the tilapia recipe. We'll join you but it will have to be for leftovers. LOL Dave fixed the crockpot lasagna tonight & not only did it smell fabulous but it was the best I'd ever had. He says that he put an extra jar of spaghetti sauce to it.

Thanks for the input on the handheld vac. Anymore suggestions are always welcome!

We have to bootscoot over to the east coast about 7 in the morning. I'm going to post the QOD now. I'll answer tomorrow.

QOD for Thursday: Name your favorite class in school--

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Happy Hump Day :-)

QODS: No food fights, ever. I have 2 holes pierced in each ear, no tats.

Milkdud, fingers crossed for Aubrey's bloodwork, glad things are looking up. I will continue to keep good thoughts. You will have to fill me in on cranberry beans, I've never heard of them before either. I love polenta.

Suzanne - glad you are seeing spring! Suzanne, I dropped off WW online but need to get back on track. It's so easy to go off isn't it? I know what you to catch those pounds now. What is your forecast for the weekend - are you planning a ride?

Raeanne, yes, I am a Jersey girl with my Bon Jovi! Of course he's easy on the eyes no matter where he was from. Dee, you other Jersey girl, do you agree?? I am working with my trainer once a week and going on my own 2 more times, would ideally like to push to 3. I am sore but it's a good sore if that makes sense. Raeanne, how often do you work out with your trainer? 2 years is a long time, I do admire you. I am starting a ladies golf clinic sometime in May, never played before but agreed to it, should be fun and good exercise. It meets on Thursday evenings.

Patti, I will email you, probably this weekend. Good choice for tomorrow's lunch!

BJ, I would love to de-clutter. It would be weird going through junk with a stranger but that might be best, they have no feelings connected to my junk. I am a sentimental packrat and keep everything - I really need to get over that and move on. My garage is scary and I have a big closet in the house that is downright frightening. Nipple piercing??? I feel the pain just thinking about it! Dare or not you are a brave woman.

Vacs - I did have a hand held Dirt Devil and loved it until I killed it - they aren't easy to kill but I'm good at murdering vacs. I also killed an upright Shark. Maybe there's a method to my madness???? Right now I have a hand held Cone and am borrowing my mother's vac until I get a new one. I don't think the Cone has the power or suction the Dirt Devil did.

Peg, glad you are finally seeing signs of spring.

Dee, your company is fabulous with what they offer employees in the way of wellness. Not many are like that. When you're ready to join Suzanne and Raeanne for wine give me a shout, I'll pick you up.

Hi and ((hugs)) to all - I know I missed someone!

Have a good night :-)


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Gotta read and catch up, but skimming the posts, I took in Patti's QOD. I hope no one is cutting and printing and saving the QODs---can I say it? C-L-U-T-T-E-R!!!!!


My favorite class was probably Mr. Jensen's English class in 7th and 8th grade. He always wrote very encouraging notes on our papers and also threw in a little drama by having us act out a couple of plays during the year.

My second favorite class was Mrs. Henry's 3/4 split class. I took both years (small town.) She always let me run the DITTO MACHINE for her. Gad, I loved the smell of the alcohol & ink seeping out of the drum as I turned the handle, making purple copy after purple copy. She also read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys to us and passed out coffee-flavored candy for us to suck on whilst she read (mainly to shut us up, I'm sure.) Waaaaiiit a minute...could this be where my love of coffee started---in a 3rd grade classroom? Patti---I think you just uncovered something fairly significant for me! Day-um! Coffee mystery solved...!

Back tamale! Hasta Luigi, my friends!

Here is a link that might be useful: What is a

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QOD: Without a doubt, Mr. Campo's Law I and Law II classes in my junior and senior year at high school. He brought out my interest in the law. Years later when I was finishing college at night (while working full time), I had a pysch professor who got together with my law professor and wrote me references to attend Seton Hall Law School and John Jay Law School in Manhattan. I cherished those letters but never used them. I was single, rather poor, and needed to concentrate on my full-time job. Wonder what would have happened had I entered the field. When I was young, I wanted to defend the oppressed; now I'm all grown up, p*ssed off, and would definitely be on the DA side putting them all away! LOL!!!

Oh yeah, Jersey girl here! LMAO!!!!!!!

Always loved Bon Jovi but after told by my dad's cousin that he's related to me, made me feel wierd...realizing John Bongiovi is my little distant cousin.

Well, I can hardly believe this, as it rarely happens. This morning I got up with a sore hip (from too much exercise) and took 3 ibuprofen. Seems on the way to work I realized that I never took my 4 meds for high blood pressure. Now--because I live closer to NYC from work---I need to wait for traffic to die down around here before I can go home and take my meds. Looks like I'll be working from home this afternoon because gas prices are through the roof.

Donna, you will definitely be included in the invite once the glaciers up north melt enough for us to drive to NY State! LOL

OK, let me get back to my resource allocation report.


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Didn't win the lotto last night.

QOD: Pierced ears. I hate any pain so that's it!
QOD: I don't have just one - drama, english writing and history.
Now, as for spring - remember my picture of the snowbank outside my front window? It's day has finally come:

Thank you for the update on Aubrey. She continues to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Alright - just saw a couple of teenagers roller blading in sweatsuits - they're enjoying spring!

So much to do now...more wall painting, seed planting and purging junk. My Mom's granny suite build is underway at my sister's. Hopefully in a month's time I'll be able to move her furniture over there, including the old couch she wants. We're getting new living room furniture as it is what we could afford 14 years ago. Lived on is an understatement. Time for quality pieces.

Got an old wash stand from my aunt's estate, this will be a spring project:

Gotta get moving. Off to get some more seedling dirt to do more planting and resume wall painting.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day today. Please join me in kicking butt today with our goals!

Whhhhhoooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo!


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Good Thursday all,

It's a beautiful day here and the snow is going. Peg, we have about as much as you do still but it's going fast!

Milkdud, glad that Aubrie is doing well. As for the polenta - well go for it! I posted a site that has many recipes and if you don't find what you want there do a google search for polenta recipes and you will find 100's! The polenta itself is plain tasting so what you add to it is key.

QOD: I enjoyed most of my classes but I really enjoyed Humanities and I loved my Chorus class. I hated math class.

Donna, I need a big kick in the butt for gaining weight! I don't know what is wrong with me!! I think the glaciers in Saratoga are pretty much gone and we should plan a day soon.

Dee, Raeanne? Let's make a plan what works?

Here is a link that might be useful: Polenta Recipes

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Well, BJ~you can thank Dave. It really was his idea on the QOD.

I was good in school & cannot honestly think of a favorite class. I had a favorite teacher but I'm thinking that she taught at least 1/2 the day if not longer. I think that we might have only left the room for an hour or two at that time. It was around 4th or 5th grade & her name was Mrs. Belton. She was dark-skinned & her DH worked with my Dad.

McPeg~It looks like your snow could be gone by the time it should start snowing again this winter. LOL

Dee, Raeanne, Donna, NH Suzanne~Do you think that the gas is more expensive than the bottle of wine for me to join ya? :>) Just thinking how nice the company & sitting around sharing a bottle of wine sounds!!

Milkdud~Come clean about the cranberry beans. Is that the shape or flavor or what? Were they in a regular store? They sound interesting.

John~Dave says you are a better man than him. He thinks that we harass you but I told him that we all think too much of you to ever harass you!

Jen~Did you get busy on us? Wheredidcha go?

MIAs come out of hiding...Hi to all. Gotta run & get some work done. Patti ;-]

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Dee - OJ wouldn't have stood a chance if you were the DA. Yes, let's plan something soon. The only glacier around here is at the end of my driveway LOL, but DH keeps chopping it away. I say let nature take it's course LOL.

Dee/Suzanne/Donna - My days are very flexible right up to June, so you guys pick a date that works and I will make it happen.

Donna- I want to learn to play golf too. Realistically I just don't have the time to play, but I really would like to learn. I took classes a few summers ago, but the instructor was horrible. He was a frustrated HS coach and was so mean. I stopped going after a few lessons.

QOD - I honestly didn't have too many teachers that made a big impression on me. I had a great Spanish teacher, Miss Lee. Like BJ - I used to liked to use the ditto machine or clean the erasers outside. I loved my kids 3rd Grade teacher, Mrs. Green. A real nature lover and she made learning so much fun that the kids didn't realize they were learning. I also love my kids HS art teacher who is still in touch with them to this day. She truly inspired my children and was a fantastic role model.

BJ - glad you got yourself a bit organized. DH will realize how much you did when he starts going through his own stuff. Unless he is like Rich and doesn't think he should get rid of any of his stuff.

Milkdud - I am glad Aubrie is doing well. I am also glad that the other Dr. is settling for leaving it alone. As much as I hate to see her go through unnecessary testing - I am glad that the Dr. is investigating a little deeper.

McPeg - I bet that washstand is going to be a beauty when you are finished with it.

Patti - I can't help you out with the handheld vac. We had a Dirt Devil many years ago and it seemed to do the job well.

It is another glorious day here and I am going to go out and play.

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Donna/Suzanne, what are your schedules like? I work weekdays, but have time I can take. Right now, I have Friday, May 9 on hold for a Saratoga outing with SS buds...just so that no one books meetings in there for me.

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Good afternoon, ladies (and John, but I didn't see you posting yet today - lol)!

It's been super-windy and warm here today - 75. It keeps looking like rain, but for this area, that's not a big deal because it's always so humid.

Suzanne, I bookmarked that polenta recipe site. Tomorrow is my stay-at-home day, so I'm going to peruse them then and try to settle on at least one recipe to try on Saturday. I now own about every spice there is, so I can make just about any kind.

Patti, the cranberry beans look very much like pinto beans. I soaked them overnight, but they were still a bit too firm after 10 hours in the slowcooker, so I decided to try to cook them down a little more today and have them for dinner tonight, along with the coleslaw and cornbread. I'll let you know tomorrow how they really tasted since I only bit into one yesterday to see if it was done yet. I had no thawed-out meats except for Canadian bacon (WW/Core acceptable), so I threw together a meal using the bacon, canned whole kernel corn, a can of black beans, a can of diced tomatoes, taco seasoning mix, a cup of quick-cook barley, and a can of beef broth. Believe it or not, hubby really liked it!!! He had a big smile on his face after the first bite and said that this "recipe" was a keeper!

Today's the day I go for my trial visit at Butterfly Life. I hope I like it, can use most of the equipment, and can afford it. It will be good for me to work out around other people, I can meet some new people (I hope!), and it's only 3-1/2 miles from my house. With gas now at $3.34 a gallon, that's a big consideration!

I also found another meeting place today and weighed in. I've lost that pesky couple of pounds that wouldn't leave, and I was actually down 3 pounds from a couple of days ago.

Hope everyone's having a good day. Dee, hope you were able to keep your cool until you could get home to take your BP meds!

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Dee~I posted that recipe. Check it out. Even our neighbor that we shared with said it was the best lasagna that she had ever eaten. We couldn't find WW noodles though.

Raeanne~It sounds like you had some fun planned. I honestly should have tried to have walked the past 2 or 3 days while it was cooler.

Dave says we'll leave around 10 tomorrow morning. I'll try to get a QOD posted before then & check back in on Sunday. The plan is to be back about midafternoon Sunday. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend. I got sunburned yesterday sitting outside while Dave washed clothes. LOL I'm such a wimp!

I had an awful golf coach too. My ex! He did not have any patience. One of these days, I need to try to learn again with someone that can be a little kinder. :) In the meantime, DS#1 is really getting into it. And, DS#2 likes it too. Dave keeps saying that he wants to practice before we move there & they cream him!! I think he's been saying that for 4 or 5 years. ROFL If he's not careful, he'll catch up with me & my saying that I'm going to try again. Seeja~

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Back to update Patti on the cranberry beans and my visit to Butterfly Life for any interested peeps.

The broth was yummy, but the beans never did soften up after soaking them overnight, 10 hours in the crockpot, and 2 hours simmering on the stove top ths afternoon. I even used the potato masher on them when I got home, and I still couldn't soften/smash them. Next time, I'll try some other beans.

I really liked the Butterfly Life place and signed up. I got to try out all the equipment and could easily use it even with one fake knee and one with no cartilage! There were a couple of them that may not work at a heavier weight, but that will be okay. I could even do high-step walking on the mini-trampoline/cardio blasters. I can't jog, so walking in place works for me. I got to meet one of my neighbors while I was there, and that's an added bonus. Two sisters own and operat this franchise, and one or the other of them will alway be there. I think I'm going to like it, and I have to do this because I signed the contract! LOL

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I wanted to get on here right away. Does anyone have a way to get in touch with Maddie & Jen to make sure that they are all right? Their area looks pretty rough on tv.

How about a QOD? If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Let me give the QOD some thought & I'll post before we leave. That will give me an opportunity to check back & see what I can find out about our gals. Hoping everyone is all right. (They did just say that it shook everything up but didn't cause any injuries.) Patti

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After careful consideration, I think I would like to be a duck. My thinking on that is that I can fly where I'd like to go. I can walk for site-seeing or take a swim when I get there. LOL

What are your ideas? Where is everyone today?

Patti :-]

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Milkdud~Thanks for the info. Glad that you liked the Butterfly place & that you are getting to meet people now. It sounds like you are really starting to settle in.

Can I follow-up the QOD with I want to be one of those good-looking ducks with the "cute" ducklings & not one of those Muskovee ducks??? ROFL

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All right. Bye. Have a great weekend. I'll check back on Sunday.

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QOD: A raccoon. Nocturnal, can live on almost any sort of food, hard to get rid of, and semi cute to some people. Wait--maybe I'm already a raccoon...!

Patti~ I think the Illinois-ans and Kentuckians are fine. They might even check in here to give us some first-hand info on the quake! The news reports are mild. Thanks for all the QODs. The answers are always interesting to read.

Back later.

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Good Morning Everyone!

Everything is fine. No major damage. I actually live in the county that they are saying the epicenter was. I will say it scared the #*@*@&^@&* out of me. DH & I jumped out of bed and each grabbed a kid and ran for the basement. I know that sounds stupid, but I thought it was a tornado. Anyway, it took a couple hours for my heart to slow down, but everything is fine. I am thanking God for keeping us safe!

Well, since I work at an insurance company, I better run. It's going to be a long day.

Have a good one.


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Good Friday!!!

Jen, glad you are okay and thanks for checking in. My DH is in Ohio and felt it too. It woke him up as well.

Raeanne/Dee/Donna - May 9th works for me.

QOD: I would not mind being any kind of animal. I think being a bird would be the neatest - birds are so smart and so adaptable and I love that they can just fly away from things that aren't good! I have to say that I would love to be a horse (of course) and I would love to be a cat..........of course I would have to have an owner like me!

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Speaking of animals............who wouldn't want to be this sweet and cute looking?

Notice he's beginning his annual shedding........and he's very happy that spring is here!

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Dear Suzanne,

I would NOT want to be that animal! (Did you expect a different answer from me?) LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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OMG! He is SO handsome! What a great shot, NHSuzanne! If I ever DO turn into a raccoon, I'm coming to live on your property! I keep forgetting to tell you that I am going to try and make the garlic-y-ist polenta ever---with my college-aged kid when she comes home. She's learning to cook. I tried to teach her when she was a teen, but she refused. Now she is learning with her friends in college. Whatever---lol!

Dee~ I want to congratulate you on being a GYM RAT. I wish I was one. I can't wait till summer. That's when I can go OUTDOORS, where I thrive and can get the kind of exercise I enjoy: rock climbing, kayaking, and walking to my MP3 player 80's music.

JEN!!!!!!!! So glad you're okay---and our babies too! THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO CHECK IN. I knew how scary earthquakes are. No warning and no telling how long they'll last...hate it. We're waiting for the BIG one to hit here. We know it will come.

Well, it's little "V"'s first birthday today! I'm a little sad because his mom was making a little bit of an effort to see him---she's seen him twice since I've had him (placed end of Feb.) No one has called to set up a visit. Last time she saw him was week before last. :-( He doesn't notice now, but he will when he's older. Anyway, the cake consuming will be fun and a KODAK moment! I got him his own little cake, so it should be a riot to watch him eat!

Well, the window washer is here, so I better get something done in the house---he can see in the windows when he's washing, so it's an incentive to clean! In 2 weeks, he's coming to do the INSIDES, so I HAVE TO have everything in order by then!

Raeanne-Check in, wench. Nuf sed.

McPeg~ When you finish that wash stand project, email me. I have a BEAUTIFUL china white and blue wash basin and pitcher you can have if you don't already have one for it. (I'm using it for staging right now.) Let me know if you have one or not. I love that kind of stuff, but my decor has changed and now I'm into the India, Middle Eastern colors in the bedroom and plain cream and white for my community areas of the house. (I know---B-O-R-I-N-G---but SOMETHING in my life has to be CALM---lol!)

Milkdud: Thanks so much for the updates on Aubrie. I keep wondering how she's doing. I hope that little punkin head gets better SOON! Butterfly Life sound wonderful. I especially like the fact that GALS own it. I used to (A LONG time ago) be an aquatic fitness instructor at Living Well Lady - those were the days I was VERY fit. It was a great place to work. I still have my "STAFF" jacket. Whenever I wear it, people my age come up and say, "Oh I remember Living Well Lady!" It's so funny!

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Dee, his name is Rock and I am going to bring him with me to Saratoga for you to meet!!! He's a sweet boy - look a little closer - you'll see!

BJ, you can come live on my property anytime! Let me know how your polenta turns out! I love Garlic!!!

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The wench has arrived.

Jen - I am so glad that you are safe. That must've been quite a fright. Not a great way to be woken up. Thanks for letting us know.

Patti - you sounded a bit hyper this morning. You were asking where everyone was and it wasn't even 9AM LOL. You are a bundle of energy these days!

Suzanne/Dee/Donna - May 9th works for me. I penciled it in and hope to ink it soon.

Suzanne - wonderful shot as always.

Enjoy this great day.

QOD - I don't care what type of animal I am as long as I live on Suzanne's farm hahahaha.

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Good afternoon, almost evening! It was a little cool and windy here today, with rain early this morning. Everything is glistening and green. So pretty.

I had my first official workout today. I managed to do all the machines twice and lightly jogged in place after every 2 machines. I have to admit that I had to pop some tylenol and take a nap late this afternoon because I did feel the burn and was achy and tired. But, it was fun, and I'll definitely return tomorrow for a light workout.

Hubby has a sleep study tonight way over in Houston, so I'll be on my own here tonight. I haven't spent many nights here alone, and it's been since Thanksgiving so I'm a little nervous. These lovely woods start feeling very dark and lonely when it's just Lucky pup and me.

QOD: I think I'd like to return as Sweetpea because that little one leads a beautiful life on Suzanne's farm!

Jen, so glad to see you posting and that y'all were safe even though you were frightened.

BJ, reading about your windows getting washed made me look hard at mine, and I know that I'll be getting around to them sometime very soon. I hadn't realized how rain-spotted they'd gotten until I really looked.

McPeg, that washstand has such good bare bones. Can't wait to see the finished product! I'm happy for you to be getting new furniture!

This weekend, we're getting a new propane tank for our grill, and I'm thawing out chicken and steaks to rub down and grill for next week's meals. There's just nothing better than grilled meat - and I love the smell of it cooking on the grill.

Hope everyone has a restful weekend!

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Donna, You should expect a package on Monday afternoon for your b-day!

Today, the landscaper delivered 7 flats of 4 inch pots of petunias to set in my yard tomorrow and now there is snow in the forecast. Gotta love winter in April...ARG!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily, sod is not going in until next week. Bark is next week too, but weather doesn't matter for that!

Well, off to celebrate "V"s b-day!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Happy Saturday!

Dee, Raeanne and Suzanne: Let me check with my co-workers on Tuesday about May 9 - if no one else has planned off then I'm in! I don't think anyone else is scheduled off and I'm excited!! I will know for sure Tuesday.

QOD: A dog living the life of my Lacey or any of the other dogs me/my family has had over the years. Suzanne, I love that picture...I wish you could bring him to Saratoga.

Jen, glad you checked in. I thought of you and Maddie too when I saw the news yesterday morning.

BJ, enjoy V's birthday.

Hi to all!!

Got to run - will be back later. Enjoy your day - it's a sunny one so far in South Jersey.

Looking forward to May 9th!!!!!!


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Good Saturday afternoon! It's a warm (79 d.) and sunny day here.

Hi, Donna! You and I are the only ones checking in today, huh? Hope your weekend is a good one!

I worked out again today. Since it's so gorgeous here, I was the only one in there besides one of the owners, so when I made my second rotation on the equipment, I didn't have to change any of the settings. That was nice! I did increase the weights by just one notch since I found out that I could do a little more with the leg things and not hurt my knees.

Hope everyone's having a fun and busy day!

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Hey! Don't discount WEST COAST check-in time YET!

I'm here---35 degrees today and it POURED SNOW last night. I covered my flats of flowers with plastic and they survived. The hunky gardening guys are planting them today. I'm too busy cleaning and packing, so I will just enjoy looking out the window, enjoying the view.....OF THE FLOWERS, of course! Sheesh!

Swim meet this morning at 6:30 (ouch) this morning. "V" woke up with a fever, clogged nose, and cranky. After teh meet, I gave him Tylenol, "Ocean" nose drops, and a bowl of orange juice mixed with rice cereal. He's resting right now. Poor little punkinhead... He had a godd b-day but we found he HATES cake---no Kodak moments there!

Well, I have to clean out the office. DH is coming home 2nite and he wants a clean office to work in tomorrow! THAT'S AN ORDER! ---- LOL!

Milkdud: I am sending virtual GOLD STARS your way for working out on a weekend! You are my HERO! :-)

I'm going to be exhausted later, so I might just sit around and catch up on TiVo....and my water-drinking arm.

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BJ, it's great and just amazing to me that you can find time in your busy life to post, so I'll never count you out again! :)

So sorry that baby V is snuffly on his birthday. Bless his heart. (I wish I hated cake.)

Hope you find some "me" time this evening.

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Raeanne~ROFL I didn't even realize how early it was. Dave wanted to leave @ 10 & I wanted to "see" everyone b4 we left. We still got off late. :)

BJ~Sorry that baby V isn't feeling well. Does he like breads at all? Sweets? Now, what do the "flowers" look like? ROFLMBO ;]

Milkdud~You rock, GF. WTG on the exercise. I certainly need to join you. It is too hot here but we have an exercise room available & the "snow birds" are all leaving for home. (I'll miss 'em this year!)

Jen~Glad that you survived. They have a way of making you feel off-kilter, don't they?

NH Suzanne~Another great pic! That Rock is a handsome fella. I imagine Bella & the girls swoon over him. :]

Donna~Sounds like you are staying busy.

Dee~Did you hear about Ritchie Sambora? I don't know if I spelled his name right or not.

We had the most lovely weekend. The weather was so perfect. The eating was off. What can you eat at a festival that isn't fried, I ask you? They did have a Greek salad but with my liver I was afraid of eating lettuce that had been in the hot sun for so long & I was afraid that it would have feta cheese on it too. ~(

Hi to the rest of the gang. PL :-]

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Okay, it's 12:47am here on the west coast, so...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Donna!!!!!!!!

I'm up feeding a VERY tiny 7 pound bundle I just received from the hospital. He still has his hospital bracelet on his ankle! I'll have him until Wednesday when he goes to a sibling's foster family, so I don't expect to be getting much sleep until then...

I'll check in later.

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