Satellite Remote Drains Batteries

ttoddApril 6, 2008

What might cause my Satellite remote (which I also operate the TV off of) drain my batteries? W/in 1-2 months we have to consistently replace the batteries. This doesn't happen to the regular TV remote if I use that for the TV & the Satellite remote for satellite stuff. This is the 3rd remote from the satellite company in 3 yrs. I just got a new one from them in Feb. & already will nd. to replace the batteries in a few days. Last night I had to point the remote away from the TV (& dish) to get it to do anything.

The downstairs TV & remote are perfectly fine & have not ever needed replaced.

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When you've gotten a new remote from the satellite company in the past, did it work OK then ?

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Yes but they only last (this latest included) for 2 to 3 months and then the drain begins. We've had the same TV, satellite company & the same model remote (also the same model remote as the downstairs remote but downstairs never has a problem) for the past 8 yrs.

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ask the cable company if anyone else has the same problem.

Swap the upstairs & downstairs remotes to see if they work longer.

If you store the remotes in a tray or box, ect.. sometimes the buttons get pushed and drain the batteries.

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I got one from Dish that did that. About the third call I finally reached someone that said they had a bad batch and sent me a new one. It has lasted for 17 months now.

BTW, a Dish trick - call back and ask again, then call back and ask a third time whenever you don't get satisfaction. The calls are really a pain but eventually someone will help.

Sometimes with Dish you can slip in by calling and stating you have a billing problem. The billing people may forward you to someone knowledgeable. And, if your remote is faulty you are really being charged too much and you really do have a billing problem. Don't you?

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Pooh Bear

I had this same problem when I had satelite TV.
The answer I was given was to stop using those cheap batteries.
My wife buys those battery packs of 16 for a dollar (or something).

My suggestion is to use rechargable batteries.
Just keep an extra set handy for when you need them.

Pooh Bear

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Thanks - the remotes are not interchangeable since we got the DVR set up w/ Dish. Before that we were able to use either remote for either TV & whichever one was used upstairs drained.

DH just now told me that w/ the 2nd replacement, Dish told him that they've had that problem w/ this model. He can keep calling from now on.

Thanks for all your help!

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I've noted here before; the Dish DVR with two TVs is the single most delightful invention ever sold for viewing -- BUT -- everything else about Dish, everything else even remotely associated with Dish is an abomination like something out of the book of Job.

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