Home Depot has now installed 3 roofs on my house in 8 months

anewroofJune 28, 2006

After eight months of problems with Home Depot and more than $1,000.00 in damages to my house. Home depot has offered me $352.87 for all of my troubles. You can see pictures and read my journal at www.freewebs.com/myroof this is a free site so you will see the ad for 10 seconds or click skip ad to the right.

Thank you

Don Wenzel

Oxford, Michigan

Here is a link that might be useful: My Home Depot roof 2005 - 2006

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No offence... I cant read it without scrolling way to the right ... then back again , line after line. Sounds like it might be an interesting read but its too much trouble. I didnt look at your code style but you might want to make it wrap. You use WebTV ?

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Not sure what to tell you. I've contracted with Home Depot (not a roof) and was treated professionally.

There's too much info on the web page and it's hard to work through. My gut feeling is that you allowed it to continue too long. You should have stopped the first job and made a list of demands (the one list I did see wasn't very specific). I have no idea why you went for a 2nd and 3rd roof if you were so unhappy.

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Home Depot probably should have better oversight, but they can't really be responsible if the sub contractor doesn't show up for an appointment. The subcontractors generally make less money to do work for HD, but they also are able to make up for that in the quantity of jobs supplied to them. These guys are hardly forced to do HD work anyway; I do hope HD has removed them from their list of subcontractors.

I don't understand the need for 3 roofs and why didn't you ask for a new company to do the work? The original problem was the flashing? Why didn't they just pull the shingles, install the flashing and put down new shingles?

Truthfully my complaint would be more with the city you live in than HD. You aren't required to have permits or inspections when replacing a roof??? That to me gives ample opportunity for shoddy work, maybe it's time your city started requiring roof inspection?

I can't believe you are actually allowed to use chipboard for a roof up there. They don't use any tar or nails on the felt either??? I'm kinda dumbfounded at the standards for there as opposed to here in S. Florida.

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I'm not sure what you're wanting out of this either, Don - I agree you probably should have gone with someone else before #3 - I do agree it looks like a terrible job.....

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Don, I am not completely ignorant of matters pertaining to roofs.
I read through your entire web site. It was quite interesting.
Please retain an attorney immediately.

You have done nothing wrong, you must be made whole again. Hey - winter is only four months away!

Do not speak or communicate any further with HD.
If you receive any snail mail hand it to your attorney,
any phone calls polietly tell them to speak to your lawyer.
Do not converse with any representivative that stops by,
do not allow anyone to start any further 'repairs'!

Your home has received serious damage, there may be even more damage than you are aware of. You have bent over backwards and given HD the benefit of doubt and their 'project manager' has disrespected you and taken advantage of your patience. They are hoping you will just Go Away. It's not going to suddenly turn around and be fixed all 100% to specs and your contract. Don't be totally surprised if the 3rd roof has to come off - although I'm not saying it has to, who knows. You need an independant evaluation from an experienced roof specialist.

Please do not just get tired of the whole circus and decide "well, it's OK now." You have been neglected and abused, your home has been damaged, your resale value is now in doubt. Fight for what is yours and do not let them mistake mildness for weakness.
I care.

That said - I love HD. You just got in with a bad group, from the store manager to the 'project manager', to the sub-contractor(s).

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That first roof was 'amazing'!

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Sounds to me like the Home Depot in your area contracts with the 'wrong' kind of contractor. You should let the main office of Home Depot know about this store and your problem and see if they offer you any restitution before you contact a lawyer.

Good luck

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