Mouse in dishwasher

yborgalJune 9, 2006

First of all, it didn't happen to me.

A friend lives in an older home, crawlspace rather than concrete foundation, next door to an empty lot. Last year when the lot was cut, she got mice in her home. I thought she was going to lose her mind, but after catching 9 of them and blocking the entry point she thought her problems were over.

The lot was cut a few days ago and she was really worried about being invaded again.

Two days ago she found evidence, caught one in a trap and thought all was well. She thought she had been lucky and had only one intruder.

Just now she opened her dishwasher, which had been completely locked and shut, and found one in the silverware compartment. She slammed and locked the door and 5 minutes later opened it and looked inside. It was gone.

Question...How did it get into a locked dishwasher?

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Mice can squeeze into the smallest of spaces. I saw on tv recently how they can squeeze into weep holes of house foundations.

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I had one get into my former DW. It came in through the vent holes. I never even saw that there was a vent until I inspected the DW after the mose showed up.

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Sharon, where do you find the vent holes? I never knew those existed as part of a DW.

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I don't think there are any in my current DW (Bosch) but in the old one (GE) they were on the side, up high. Some DW have them in the door. They are always well concealed, to keep the water from flinging into them during the wash cycles.

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I know somebody who had a kitten climb into their dishwasher....unfortunately it didn't survive.

I think the vent holes are quite common but are, as mentioned, not easy to see.

You probably want to pull the dw out and take the back off - after disconnecting it of course...and see if there's a nest in there.

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My friend bought those sound devices you plug into the wall and they seem to have worked. No more mice.

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I don't know what to do about my mice problem. They are excavating/putting a new house up next to me and now I have little gray mice in my basement/garage, and I'm sure if they are there that they are up stair in the living area, I just haven't seen them or any signs of them upstairs yet. I put traps down but nothing, I must have 11 traps downstairs and yet not one catch. What else can I do to get rid of these mice?? Also, they put a port a john right on our property line of where they are building this new house, so now I'm afraid we'll get even more, or worse, rats. HELP, please email me direct at

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Get a cat.

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