Just thought I would ask??

jeuckApril 15, 2007

I live in the downtown of a mid-sized mid-west town.

The testosterone laden young men of our town have very loud stereo's in their cars.

Are their any electronic devices out there that would allow me to point at the particular car and either blow up, disable, change the channel or turn down their stereo equipment as they drive by?

When you stop laughing please consider inventing this as you could sell a lot of them in our town.


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Get their license plate number. Call the cops. Just about all you can legally do.

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Pooh Bear

Last week I looked up plans on the internet to jam cell phones.
We sat in a movie theator next to a couple of young girls
that didn't talk on the phone but they sat there and text
messaged the whole time. Guess they thought it was ok since
they weren't talking but the blue light of the screen was
too much to take. Should have gotten an usher. But sure
would be nice to just be able to jam the signal.
I found several plans thru google. Mite investigate them.
They are illegal. Use at your own risk.

Pooh Bear

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sounds like this would be good for MYTHBUSTERS!!!

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