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milkdud_2007April 26, 2010

Good morning, everyone! Maybe if I start us this week, I'll get back in and post more often.

It's sunny and only 53 F. so far. I'm feeling good and very hungry. I've been eating the WW soup lately, and it's helping so much with my eating plan. I'm also working out 6 days a week. My tight jeans were looser yesterday!

Wishing everyone here and our MIAs a great Monday!

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Hi there, Milkdud! I've missed you!

Overcast and about 60 F. here this morning. What is WW soup? I am hungry too this morning!

2 patient visits this morning, then back to the office for a couple of hours of paperwork, then off to the garden center for a flat of flowers to plant my hanging baskets. My Dodgers play at 4;00 pm and all is right with the world.... ; )

Back later,


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Let's get this week's party started.


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OK girls,

"But My girls wants to party all the time,
party all the time, party all the time
My girls wants to party all the time,
party all the time
My girls wants to party all the time,
party all the time, party all the time
My girls wants to party all the time
party all the time (hold) yeah

party party party party party


Gotta love Eddie Murphy! :)

Just checking in to say hi--and see where the furbaby's pics are. :)



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Hi everyone. I hope we all have a fantastic week. I'm not starting out too great as I have a nasty cold. hope it soon flies out the window.

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Another party girl checking in!

Ivamae- hope you chase that cold right out the window.

Yes, Donna - where are those photos?

Dee - did the Brits finally get to go home.

Milkdud - I may make myself a pot of cabbage soup tomorrow to help me get through the week. What a sweet feeling - loose jeans.

Tikanis - We have to wait a few more weeks for hanging baskets here :( Are you closer to owning a kayak?

Just wanted to check in - have a wonderful evening.

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Party girl checking in!

Can you tell me how to post a pic on this site??? I have no idea - I really want you to see my furbabies!!

Not much new in this end of the world - fortunately.

Check in later!


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What's all the racket? Did somebody say PARTY????

Ivamae, I hope that nasty cold is history soon.

Dee, what's new?

Raeanne, I have come no closer than day # one to buying a kayak! I keep changing my mind... AND I still have 11 lbs to go. My next class is an all day sea kayaking class on 5/8, and I'll be trying out yet ANOTHER boat. I really love that chair! You are very talented and creative.

Maddie, how is school this week?

Donna, how are the fur babies? Suzanne would be able to tell you how to post pics...

Oh, Suzaaaaaane.....


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Hi All,

I have been slammed at work so far this week and it's expected to continue! Sorry I am missing the party.

Jan needs to check in and let us know she is okay. What horror for all those people in the tornadoes.

Donna, I posted directions here on how to post a picture when you were remodeling. I don't remember the dates but if you go back to that time and read some threads you should find it. I tried but I just don't have the time right now.

Sweet Pea is processing more abscessing so she is kind of down. Nothing like before but I can see she is not herself. All this will pass.

Yesterday I lost a hen to a hawk. I noticed that the hens weren't out in the chicken park when I got home. DH had been home all day...he thought they might be hiding under the deck so I went out the back door, looked towards the deck and up flew a huge hawk from the other side of the deck. I knew that was not good news. I looked under the deck, no hens, then I saw the feathers and then her body, ripped open and half consumed. Poor girl was still warm. Still the rest of the flock was missing. I found them all (21) cowering under the rear axles of my horse trailer. They were so frightened they would not come out - even for scratch. It took us about 20 minutes to coax them out and into their covered run. This morning they did not want to leave their coop to go into the run. Who says chickens are dumb? This is the life on a farm but worse, right now, it's paradise interrupted!

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Good morning.

Sorry I've been gone so long. Last weekend we had some old friends come and visit and I was busy preparing for their visit, then Friday, my uncle passed away unexpectedly and all my time has been dedicated to that. Got home last night and am ready to get back on schedule.

Suzanne, thanks for your concern. Fortunately, we did not have the storms that the central and northern part of the state had. My uncle's funeral was in Greenwood, MS, so we drove through much of the damaged area. Even though some had been cleaned up, the amount of downed trees and all was unbelievable.

Tikanis, re: your beloved Dodgers. My father was very athletic, and actually played on a Dodgers "farm" team (I think that is what they called it) in Greenwood. While staying at my mom's and looking through old pictures, we came across one of him and his team - he was so young and so handsome. He could have gone pro but could not stand the thought of being away from mom and his precious babies (us!)

With our company and eating out, then funeral and on the road, then sitting up Monday night with my brother and sharing several glasses of wine, I was relieved to maintain my weight this week. At the risk of sounding vain, I'll have to share one compliment. My cousin, who has not seen me since my sister's funeral almost two years ago, didn't recognize me with my weight loss. He said it made me look 15 years younger and thought I'd had some "work done!" Then later after the funeral, in front of a crowd of people, he said "I'm going to start eating what SHE's eating!" Have to admit, I loved it and just what I needed to keep going to shed these last pounds.

Suzanne, I'm sorry Sweet Pea is still having problems, but hope she stays on her road to recovery. Happy belated birthdays to all that I missed. Hope everyone's week is going well.

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I'm checking in.....

All is well; just trying to get caught up (HAHAHAHA) before I leave for NC tomorrow night.

[[[[[HUGS]]]]] to those in need.

Make today count!

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Hi! So much for my good intentions of posting more often this week. Here it is almost Friday, and I'm posting for only the 2nd time this week.

I've still been eating well and working out, and staying busy doing some volunteer work around town. Fun stuff, but it keeps me busy and that's a good thing!

Suzanne, still sending healing wishes for Sweet Pea!

Tikanis, did you get your flowers planted? I need to do that, but I never think about it when I'm around a nursery.

Hi, Dee! Have fun in NC!

Ivamae, hope your cold is easing up on you. I hate spring colds; they seem more miserable than the winter ones.

Jan, congrats on holding your own with all you've been through this last week. My sympathy on the loss of your uncle.

Dinner tonight at the golf club with some of our couple friends we met there last fall. We call ourselves the "Steak Night" bunch because that's the only time we see each other. ;)

I'll be heading over to Beaumont tomorrow afternoon to babysit my granddaughters for the weekend while their parents go for a fun weekend in New Braunfels. They'll be on the Guadalupe river tubing most of the time they're there and come home sunburned and tired, but happy. Meanwhile, the little girls and I will have our usual 'no grownups allowed' fun weekend!

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

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It's Friday, YAHOO!!

Run, run, run! Shoulda been out that door 30 minutes ago....

Jan, so sorry to hear about your Uncle. What a great story about your Dad! I LOVE your cousin's comments about your weight loss. Makes it all worth it, doesn't it? I have 11 more lbs to go.

Suzanne, I am so sorry to hear about the hen. Your poor girls! I am still rooting for Sweet Pea, she has been through so much...

Dee, are you all caught up?

Donna, we need pictures, please!

Milkdud, The flowers are purchased but haven't quite made it into pots... That's on this weekend's agenda (along with a million other things!)
Have fun with the girls!

Raeanee, what are you up to?

And WHERE is BJ????

: )


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Hi all!

I'm sitting here watching this guy on TV making a $1000 mint julip for the Derby tomorrow (it comes with a sterling silver straw from Tiffany's), and thinking about the great times I had with BJ when she flew in for the Derby. :) She is as beautiful and fabulous as I imagined, and I wish, I wish, I wish I could see her again. :) BJ, if you see this, remember when we were plotting to buy the mansion at the picnic??!

Tikanis--things are almost over this semester, finals are next week. In some ways, it's been a long semester, and it other ways, it seems to have flown by. I'm taking 2 classes over the summer, so I won't have much of a summer to look forward to, but I'd rather go on and get the classes out of he way, and plow on. I keep hearing horror stories about students dropping out of the nursing program (after aweek or so), and wonder if things are as bad as they make them out to be, orthat those students hearts just weren't in it. Would you do it again, if you knew then what you know now?

Hope all is well with everyone! Anyone hear from Amy?



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Rabbit rabbit!!! It's the first day of May already! So far it's a beautiful day here in Beaumont, but rain will be moving in this afternoon.

Lunch today with my 2 granddaughters will be at a fantastic Chinese restaurant close by. They have the best luncheon specials for $5.99, and it's a favorite place of the little girls.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

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Good afternoon!

We don't have rain yet, but it's on the way.

Worse, though, is that we are already exeperiencing the effects of the oil spill. There is a strong petroleum odor outside. So far they are saying it is not a risk to healthy individuals, but could cause headaches and nausea. My walking buddy couldn't walk last week because she had walking pneumonia and plueresy (sp?) I doubt if it would be a good idea for her to resume walking with this going on.

It's really alarming for the entire Coastal area, and could possibly eventually end up affecting the Eastern coast, as well, if they can't get a handle on the situation. It's particularly sad here, as our area is still slowly recovering from Katrina. The commercial fishermen and seafood companies have endured enough hardship to stay afloat (pardon the pun) and now this. My heart breaks for them. They said cancellations are already being made in resort areas like Destin, FL, people fearing that their May and June vacations will be ruined by oil in the water and on the beach. It's just a terrible shame.

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