fly specks

maybee_gwJune 22, 2003

Our house is three years old and we have tan vinyl siding. The flies are the worst on the siding where we have a wrap around porch, but a problem all over. We have been taking soap, water and a brush and washing the house every few days. Any suggestions as to how to keep the flies away? We are at a loss. I don't hear anyone else complaining about this...and it is a lot of hard work to wash the house like that. We are getting older, and may not be able to keep it up too many more years. We love our new house, but this is presenting us with a big problem

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Have you tried hanging the baggies of water up??
This seems to work to keep them away. I don't know why it does, it just does.

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Yes..I tried the didn't phase them in the least. What I "did", however, was what the siding man told me to do in the first place. I mixed bleach with water and washed the side of the house with it...that pretty much did the trick. At least I can see that we can stand living here. It rained hard the other night..from the west and washed it all off and they were back the next morning with a vengeance, but I did the bleach thing again and they are gone again.

Now...about those baggies...I hung them from my porch you have to hang them high and in the sunlight? Is that maybe why that didn't work for me?

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