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nhsuzanneApril 2, 2007

Good morning sunshines!

Let's keep this thread active this week! Last week was great.

What topic should we talk about to stir things up?

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Not too controversial but:

QOD - if you celebrate Easter what will you be eating/cooking?

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QOD: We don't celbarate Easter in the tradional way anymore since the kids are all grown up. We might go down to my inlaws but if the weather is nice I will be celbrating atop my trusty steed and maybe she will be packing a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine!

Unfortunately we saw the beginning of black flies yesterday out riding. Ugh.

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QOD: We are going to my DSIL's home. She asked me to bring a large Italian antipasti with me. We usually have ham and turkey there with fresh veggies, deviled eggs, and potato salad. Not my childhood memories (lasagna followed by full ham dinner!), but it's about the celebration, not food, right?

Marci, I bought some candy to have on hand this weekend when my sister and niece visited me. They are both sweet freaks. DH spent almost $100 at a fine choc shop here for his daughters "baskets" (ages 27 and 20!), so I did not want to raid that stuff. Bought those tiny candy-coated kisses that taste like M&M's. Huge hit! I wanted them to take them all home with them, but they are still sitting on my living room coffee table. Thank goodness I never sit in there for very long. It's a company kind of setting, so I hope to see those disappear over this week if my stepdaughters come to visit. lol!

Dh laid the tile down in our master bathroom yesterday. Hope he gets time to grout it before the weekend. I'm so anxious to finally have this room finished already!! He has most of the waincotting cut to fit, and then the toilet and sink can go in (after we get electrical inspection). head hurts! Let me leave this subject now. lol

Raeanne, I had a dream about you last night. I was standing on a dock with several people waiting to board a ship. We were waiting for "Raeanne" and everyone said "let's leave without her"! I kept insisting that you would never be late because "she's lives right over the Verrazano" LOL! I kept looking over at the island for your car. too funny

Anyone hear from Tikanas? Hoping she is OK.

Must get back to work.

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Dee - you have me rolling - I'm glad you wanted to wait for me LOL. I vaguely remember a dream I had of you many years ago and it involved a cruise ship (of course). I know I shared it with you, because we were making a huge mosaic (or something) on the cruise and you told me the cruise you had been on had a big mosaic on the wall. I'm probably screwing up the details as I don't really remember dreams well, but that is sort of how it went LOL.

Suzanne - nature, picnic and wine - what could be a better way to celebrate.

QOD - I don't have a clue. My kids will not be coming home, but my sister and her family may come. I would be happy throwing some steaks on the grill and drinking some good wine.

I emailed Tikanis' number to Patti - I don't know if she tried reaching her or not.

Enjoy your day.

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Good Evening!!!

Suzanne - that sounds like a great way to spend Easter.

Donna - My thoughts are with you, your father and family!!!! (((HUG)))

Patti - I am close to Ft. Myers, FL about 2 1/2 - 3 hrs
from Tampa give or take a few minutes depending on traffic!!! LOL!!! Where abouts are you........I am up for meeting together anytime you are!!!!!! (e-mail me on this site from my page).

DeeMarie - $100.00 on candy, man oh man those girls must have been spoiled growing up....LOL!!!! Here's to a speedy bathroon finish!!!!

All company have gone now and it is quiet. I liked it for the firswt day and's too quiet. I guess I got used to having more than myself and DH in the house. My cat Simon is really down. He was my Dad's buddie while he was here, they played every morning and evening. Simon likes to play throw and fetch. He will bring you one of his soft toys or ball, and you throw it, he gets it and brings it right back to you. He will do this up to about 8 to 10 times before he gets tired. So my dad did this with him everyday! And if he does not like the way you threw it, he will bring it back to someone else to throw. It is hysterical.

QOD: We have no plans as of yet for easter. I might just be grilling steaks out too!!

Take care!


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Good Tuesday morning all,

Rise and shine. It's dreary, raw, and drizzling here but I will keep reminding myself that April showers bring May flowers!

Lynn, you have empty house syndrome!! Give your furballs a big hug and enjoy the serenity!

I hope it's nice on Sunday so we can have a lovely picnic ride...........and not feed black flies!

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Good TUESDAY!!!!

Trying to get my performance and development plan finalized for 2007. I always stare at the screen looking for words other than "develop, manage, implement, liaise, innovate".......YUCK! I'm tired; the only thing worse is that mid-year and year-end review where I need to tell everyone how wonderful I am! lol!

Tonight we need to visit the accountant again. Apparently, he tried to electronically file our return and it was rejected. It seems that my youngest stepdaughter failed to tell us that she filed her own return. Legally, we are allowed to claim her, but last year she earned too much $$$. Now I'm thinking, why were we paying child support if she was making full-time wages while going to college? Whatever..............

Does anyone suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome? I've had some wrist pain and numbness/tingling in my left thumb and some fingers. I have a doctor's appointment next Friday, but it would be nice to know if I'll pass away before then of a coronary or stroke! duh!!!!

I'd better sign out, as I'm in a very weird mood right now. lol!

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Dee, do you feel better now? LOL

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Hello Suzanne! Actually I feel wonderful now! Thanks for allowing me the audience to v-e-n-t. LMAO!!!!!!!

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Dee - I don't have carpal tunnel, but it would make sense that it could cause numbness. Next time you do your review - you should let us write it, we won't be shy about bragging how wonderful you are. The girls sound like they have very fine taste in chocolate LOL.

Suzanne - I hope that's not a sign that it's going to be a bad black fly season. It hasn't been too bad by us the past couple years - maybe we are due.

Lynn - I feel that way sometimes when my sister and her family have visited. At least you have your furballs to comfort you.

Donna - I am keeping you and your dad in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care of yourself!

Enjoy your evening.

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OK, so I got into the #%)&%(&@ Easter candy last night, and today I feel awful. Like a sugar hangover. Would one of you kindly give me the boot in the butt, please? I'm almost ready to throw all candy in the trash and pour the liquid detergent over it! lol

We have a very rainy day today and might go down to freezing tonight with 'flurries". Good thing I did not put away the snow shovels and ice scrapers!

DH and I bought a great big strawberry planter on was half-price; reduced from $120, so I'm thrilled. Don't know if I mentioned it, but I saw Bobby Flay on the Food Network design an awesome outdoor kitchen for someone. He used the strawberry planter to grow herbs! I love fresh herbs and cannot wait to start planting in this container. A coworker told me about using PVC pipe, dotted with tiny holes to imbed into the soil for watering. I'm so excited I may buy overalls and wear a straw hat with bandana (NOT!!! haha)

OK, gotta go and teach myself a bit of programming to get a report fixed.

Make today count.

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Oh come on Dee, you'd look cute in overalls, straw hat and bandana! I can see you now. I use a strawberry pot for herbs too and the pvc pipe tip you got is an excellent one because it works and it's hard to keep those pots hydrated well. What herbs will you be planting?

Raeanne, our local news talked about the increased danger of EEE and West Nile because of the high mosquito population we will have this year. I can only imagine how horrible it will be with all the water around!! We actually had a mosquito in the house last Sunday night. Argggg

It's almost Peeps time and I am thinking of BJ! So BJ, come out and say hello soon. Tell us of Peeps you have known and loved!!

We are expecting 8"-10" through the night!! It's sleeting right now! I am really not looking forward to this but I guess it won't last long.

QOD: What is your favorite kind of candy.......fess up.

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QOD: All Sorts Licorice Candy

Suzanne, here I am complaining about "flurries" and you are getting 8"-10". YIKES!! Good luck with that, sister.

OK, unless you want this entire board taken over by the northeast gals, you'd better check in!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Allsorts!

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Another NE gal checkin' in.

Farmer Dee - My girlfriend was in Cancun during a John Deere convention she said there were about 600 guys wearing yellow and green checked shirts. I asked for photos but she didn't take any - I would've.

Suzanne - they are predicting 5-6" of slushy snow for us. It is pouring right now and was sleeting earlier.

QOD - my all time favorite are Lindt chocolate's. But I like pretty much all chocolate. I don't care for hard candies or jellied type candy.

Be good and stay out of the candy.

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Dee - Go for it. Overalls are the best!!!!

QOD: Chocolate covered raisins. Then Red Twizzlers.

Bad news today. DH had his wallet taken out of his work truck. He cannot prove it, but he thinks he knows who took it and we are just hoping the guy somehow gives himself away. It was a run around and still is until we get everything replaced. We are very concerned about identity theft.

Fiddle -dee-dee...tomorrows another day!!!!! LOL!!!

Have a great Evening!!!


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I am loving this "un"birthday thing. I just came from the PO with another package from Suzanne. It is a beautiful watch with a blue strap and blue crystals around the face. I can't wait to wear it out.

Suzanne - thank you so much. The best part of all of this is that when I pulled up to the PO, I said to myself, let there be something fun and exciting in there for me LOL. What perfect timing. You are the best.

Lynn - Dee is a real Jersey girl and you will not catch her in a pair of overalls LOL. I am sorry to hear about your DH and the wallet - that really can ruin your day.

Has anyone here ever used the Movie Maker on Windows XP? I made up a cute one yesterday and today I went to play it and half the photos were missing. I don't want to invest more time in it and have it happen again.

We only got 3 inches of snow last night, but it definitely doesn't look or feel like Spring.

Enjoy your day.

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Greetings all from snowy NH. We got about 10" of the heavy white stuff but it sure is beautiful. Of course I wasn't exclaiming that at 5am as I was out shoveling!! Still it's lovely and it won't last long.

Raeanne! You must be psycic! I hope you love the bling. Marcie is sporting a "peridot" version of that watch. I love mine! Enjoy, enjoy my friend.

QOD: I love chocolate covered nuts and love pecan turtles. I am also fond of Almond Joy bars. None of which I have had in a very long time! I can always dream.
Lynn, sorry to hear there is a thief among you! That's terrible.

I have not worked on Movie Maker so I can't be of any help!

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[[[[Lynn & Hubby]]]] I had my purse stolen in 1992 so I can relate to replacing stuff, but thank goodness ID theft was not in vogue at the time. Very scary tho.

WOW, that sounds like a great surprise Raeanne. Wear it in good health always.

Suzanne, I was wondering when you were going to stop with your 'favorite' candy treats. lol! Actually, I do enjoy dark dark choc with coconut (Mounds), but not often because I refuse to have them in the house or office.

I've got the company nurse on her way here. My arm is still pins-and-needles, and the more I read, the more I'm convinced it may be a pinched nerve from the back of my left shoulder. We'll see....gonna spend time with her doing some exercises and adjusting my chair.

We had flurries this morning but no accumulation of snow. We should be getting white stuff on Saturday and Easter Sunday according to the NYC weather reports. I told DH this morning, "forget about the Easter bonnet....I need long underware". lol!

Lynn, Raeanne knows me well....overalls are not "me", but they sure look comfy.

Marci, hope all is well with your family. Please check in.

Make today count!

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Hi goils!

From a cold Southern here--man--it's 28 degrees as I type, and I think it's all my fault--I changed out my winter clothes for spring on Sunday, and then it got cold late Monday--scheech! I had to drag back out my shoes, and some heavier twinsets--

Fav candy--as much as I do love Godiva, I still think my fav is a plain ol' Hersey bar. But there's a lot to be said for a Nestle's Crunch. :) For Easter, I always get one of the Cadbury eggs. Just one, but man, I look forward to it every year. :)

We're going to MILs on Sunday--sigh. I must say that's she's improved, and I'm not dreading it, but I'm tired, and would realy like to stay home after church.

GUESS WHAT??? I got a new car!!!! Finally--after 5 years of driving the POS that didn't have AC or heat. We're doing the Dave Ramsey thing, and we saved up enough cash to outright buy a '99 Camry XLE. It's soooo great--it's an older car (obviously), but it's been so taken care of, and it only has 80k miles on it. Not bad for a 9yo car. It's perfect, both inside and out, and it drives like a dream. My mechanic said it was in excellent working condition, and so I am a very very very happy camper. I've waited a long time for this--:):)

Yeah--where is Beege? Still hiding w/ John? :)And Amy?



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Good Friday morning all!!

Maddie, congrats on the new car!! Toyota is a great car and 80,000 miles is nothing - you could get over 250,000 or more on a Toyota. I had a Toyota truck that I sold for $1,500 with 290,000 miles on it! No rust either. Good investment but I sure do wish the good old US would make a car like that. I drive a little Corolla and get 41 MPG! What color???

QOD: Besides Easter what else are you doing this weekend?

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Good Morning,

No school today because of Good Friday. I slept until 7:30! Very late for me. When I woke up though, I was so confused it took me a minute to figure out what was going on!

Maddie, congratulations on the car. I am so happy for you. I know that it is something you have wanted and how great is it to not have a car payment!!!!!!

QOD: Candy, anything chocolate. I have to agree with Maddie on just a good old fashioned Hershey Bar, or Hershey kisses. I love to just let them melt in my mouth. OK, I am going to stop talking now. LOL

Dee, how are your arms? That is great that you have access to a nurse to come check on you like that.

We also had a nice little storm here this week. The snow stuck, but didn't last. It is gone now, but still only about 35 degrees and I know that it will last because it is Lacrosse season and the games are all outside! Suzanne I can't believe that you got so much snow. Is it still on the ground?

Raeanne, very cool about the watch. Suzanne how thoughtful. I love to come home and find packages waiting for me. I remember one day the UPS driver came to the door and I must have looked excited until I saw that the package was for DH. I didn't say a word but my expression must have said it all because the driver said "They can't all be for you". LOL

Lynn, I am sorry to hear about DH wallet. I also had my bag stolen (a long time ago), but the aggravation and anxiety that goes along with it is terrible. I hope things are ok.

QOD: Any thoughts on this weeks American Idol? I love bringing this up, ;-) All I have to say is I was sorry to see another talented singer go and a mediocre one stay. I also need to retract a comment I made before about all of this attention "at the expense of a 17 year old boy". I think that he and his family have embraced it to the point of being obnoxious. Someone needs to guide this boy (and his family) back into reality. He is going to be a joke for a very long time.

I got a million errands to do today so I am signing off. Have a great one. If I don't get back on here before Sunday, Happy Easter to all of you that celebrate.

Love, Besh

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"Good" FRIDAY! (get it?....haha)

Congrats, Maddie. I'm so glad that the POS is out of the picture. My DB has a Toyota Tercel that he bought in 1990 which has less than 100,000. If he did not let the body go on it, he could drive it for another 17 years. Those cars are great. Good luck! Maybe I'll send down the red bow and some pennies to throw on the floor in the tradition of the old Italians around here!

QOD: Tonight we are taking DMIL out for pizza. Tomorrow night we are meeting friends for dinner at a Bensi's. They are about to close on a home they built in SC and will be moving south soon. We'll visit them down there, but it's sad to lose a couple that we have so much fun around. We always turn heads in a restaurant because our DHs will deliberately say something that makes us giggle (loudly). Once she gets going, I follow...once I giggle, she starts. It's a riot! Easter Sunday it's off to DSIL for dinner.

Marci & Jen---you two have been quiet this week. Please check in.


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DeeMarie - I am here now. I had NO internet access for 2 1/2 days! I can't believe how hard that was for me! LOL

NHSuzanne - I wore my peridot watch on Wednesday. I just love it!

Lynn - Ever since my DD had her purse stolen, I carry very little in my purse in the way of ID. I only carry one credit card, my DL and my insurance cards. All else stays home unless I know I am going to need it that day. I was so worried about DD's SSN being on her student ID, but PSU had just changed their ID cards and stopped using SSN, so she was lucky in that sense. Hope your DH is able to get everything straightened out.

Maddie - Congrats on the car! We are going to be helping DD find a newer car when she gets home this summer. I would like to find a used Toyota for her.

Besh - I was disappointed to see Gina go. I think the show needs a rocker to liven things up a bit each week. And I was crying right along with her when her name was called. As for Sanjaya not even being in the bottom 3, I don't believe that this is all the work of VFTW. I think there are way too many teenie boppers voting way past their bedtime and helping to keep him in the running.

QOD - Not much else besides Easter. I am having it at my house, so that is all I am concentrating on.

QOD - I love chocolate. But I am trying so hard not to eat it. I am slowing losing my desire for it. Right now I am hooked on Raffaello Almond Coconut candy. They come 3 to a package and they are so good.

I am off to finish laundry and start the deviled eggs.


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Maddie - I had a 96(?) Camry and loved it. I always got such compliments on it and it was so reliable. Enjoy it.

Besh - our UPS man apologizes when he comes to the office and doesn't have a package for me LOL.

QOD - I don't know what we are doing, it depends on whether we have company or not. We were invited to a friends house for brunch, but the drive is a long one, we may end up having a client over for dinner and/or my sister and her family may show up. Everything is up in the air and my house is in need of some cleaning.

QOD - I also liked Gina, but I find tongue rings very distracting, so I don't miss that part LOL. That is all I will say this week LOL. I love Simon saying that Sanjaya was "incredible". Ok that really is all I am saying now.

Marci - I bet you got a lot accomplished with no internet. Sometimes I find it a real time waster.

Jen - I have been thinking about you, probably running around like crazy in prep for Easter.

Enjoy your day.

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QOD: I did enjoy Gina, but that tongue thing hid the fact that she had a sweet voice. DH kept saying "what is she singing?". Jordin is still my favorite to win it all. I do not like Chris at all....he's a one-note samba IMO.

OK, so some of you may ask? What does American Idol have to do with Diet Clubs? Well, I'm not sure, but I ate a bunch of yogurt-covered pretzels during this week's show. So I guess it means that we should not watch it near food? LOL

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Happy Easter!

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