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starsgoalsAugust 16, 2004

Does anyone have a web address for on-line purchasing of Marathon embroidery threads within the USA. Also, what is your opinion of their threads?

Does anyone have any info on on-line purchasing of pre-wound bobbins for a Janome Memory Craft 5700? I ordered a supply a couple of years back but "shame on me" for not bookmarking the vendor.



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I get my pre wound bobbins off Ebay.
Here is a link to some for your machine.

Here is a link that might be useful: pre wound bobbins

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I routinely use Marathon's poly threads and love them. and i buy prewound bobbins in black and white by the gross online.

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Thank you for responding Jenni and Diana. Diana, do you have a web address for Marathon?


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I use marathon thread (both rayon and poly) exclusively. Their web site is They have more than one location, so you might want to look and see which is closest to you. I order from Chicago and usually get my thread within a couple days.


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Thanks, Laura. Is there much difference in the sheen of Marathon's poly versus rayon embroidery threads? Do you know how the vibrancy of Marathon's threads compares with Robison-Anton? I am certainly impressed with their advertised prices.


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I've never used Robison-Anton, so I can't compare them, but I really don't see a difference in the colors and sheen of marathon's rayon and poly. Because of this, I'm slowly but surely switching to all poly. They look just the same to me, and the poly can even be bleached without fading.

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RA threads and marathons compare well, and marathon is so much cheaper. and laura's comment about the bleaching is why i switched to poly. i did bleach tests with cotton, poly and rayon thread on table linens and kids stuff and the poly fared the best.

and ask for a thread chart from marathon when you buy, it wil make future buying easier.

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thanks for the info about the marathon threads...does anyone know of a place to get a color comparison many designs have a different thread brand would be wonderful to be able to relate to other brands.....thanks for any info....I have been trying to find something like this...Judy in Louisiana...

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