lower channels not coming in

roxannaApril 19, 2011

I have a two-year-old Sharp 18" color tv. Three months ago, channels 2-15 stopped coming in at all, previously they did. Got new cable box & remote from cable company, who fiddled around wIth their signals (remotely) and still nothing comes in on those channels. My husband thinks it is a problem with the tv itself, but I am wondering why that would be. The upper channels all work fine (the ones in the basic service we are supposed to receive). The lower channels are all the local NBC, CBS, PBS, etc. feeds.

Any suggestions/help welcome!

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From your description, it would appear you select the channels on the set top box and leave your television on the same channel (or video input) to view the cable channels.

If that is the case, and the cable company can not solve it remotely, tell them to send a technician out - it is a problem on their side.

If that is not the case, do you know if they recently upgraded the system from analog to digital cable?

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thanks for the reply! I had thought it must be the cable company's problem, myself! Will set up for technician to come (hate to pay the fee, but want my channels!!!).

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