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donna_southnjApril 19, 2010

It's been a long time since I started a thread!

It's a nice, sunny day in NJ and I am off today. We picked up the "girls" in Delaware on Friday morning and they are so sweet. They are skittish but on the whole doing well. They love sitting in the bay window in the family room. We have named them Misty and Callie...they are bright and catch on quickly. They get groomed next Saturday and I will post pics then.

Suzanne, how is SP doing?

I see that several of you have lost weight and congratulations on that!

I'm starting AGAIN today. I have no choice now as my doc has put me on Lipitor and said I have to change my way of eating. I pigged out this weekend and begin, for real, now.

Hopefully with things settling down I will be around more. I have to catch up with everyone.

Enjoy your day!


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Hi all!

it's hard to type when i have a hairy, purring cat laying on my right hand. :)

lets all have a good week!



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Good Morning!!

Donna, congrats on your "girls"! I REALLY want a dog! Our neighbor will be breeding his chocolate lab this fall and I am planning to get a puppy then. Ok, so you have to start again... we have all been there and you can count on our support. Tell us your plan so that we can help..

Maddie, any cooking fiascos this weekend? Will you be in school over the summer or will you take a much needed break?

I believe I'll take your collective advice and enjoy my day & have a great week! : )


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Good Tuesday all,

Donna, congrats on your new babies! When I saw you started the thread I knew you had good news!

Sweet Pea is doing well. She is over the worst (fingers crossed) but it will be a long time (months) before she is sound enough to ride. Maybe all summer... Still she is bright and lovely and not in so much pain. She is such a good soul.

Tikanis, I used to have black Labradors. When I had to put my Jack down 20 years ago it broke my heart and I have not owned a dog since. People think it's weird that I have so many animals and no dog! They are one great breed of dog if they are well bred.

Okay, where is everyone now? I am missing you all. Check in please. Are we losing everyone to Facebook or something?

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Mornin' Glories!

Hurray for Sweet Pea! I am so happy to hear how she is improving! Suzanne, I grew up with Labs and I love them. I haven't had a dog in a long while either, and am really looking forward to it.

I am working in my office this morning. I'll see three patients later, then have some business related errands to run.

It's a beautiful sunny day here, about 65* out there now. Let's all just play hooky! : )


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Donna - How exciting for you and your new babies. They are lucky to have found you. I put an envelope in the mail to you yesterday, it may arrive a day late :(

Suzanne - I drove past some playful horses this morning and thought of SP. Glad to hear she is doing so much better.

Tikanis - Sure, pick my day off to play hooky LOL.

Not much happening here. I did start a BIG painting today - the canvas is 48"x36" - that is my largest to date. It barely fits in my car LOL. No plans for this weekend, but next weekend we go to NJ to celebrate my MIL's 90th. DD#1 is flying in from San Diego for it.

I hope all the MIA's are up to something fun.


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Hi all!

Donna, I must have missed your post about adopting your new furbabies, and I'm so sorry! What breed are they, and where did you get them from? I'd love to have a dog but with 3 cats and school, I'm afraid that I wouldn't have the time to properly take care of one. Someone in the neighborhood has a huge Golden, and (s)he is just gorgeous. I swear that I'm going to dognap it for an afternoon just so I can hug on it. Nothing like a dog hug! :)

Suzanne, I'm so very glad that SP is doing better!

Tikanis, no, I'm a glutton for punishment, and am taking an anatomy this summer. 4 nights a week for 2 hours for 8 weeks. With a prof with a rep for a mean streak. I must be insane. Must be. There's no other reason for it. We're deep into muscle tissue right now, and I'm having lots o' fun with A lines, and M lines, and, and, and.... :)

Things are good here, though. MIL is holding up better then I thought, or would have ever given credit too. She has her very bad days, and I avoid her at all costs then, but so far, so good. I've held my tongue until I think we're going steady (:)), and have developed a habit of (ahem) not "hearing" things, but other than that, things are well.

We're getting the garden ready for planting in a couple of weeks, and I'm looking forward to that as a finals stress break. We're growing the plants from seeds again, and this year seems to be better than last year; I wish DFIL was here to see how good his son does. I think he'd be proud.

Gotta go--have stats staring me in the face, and it's not pretty!



PS--Beege, I wish you were coming for the Derby!!!

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Happy Birthday Donna! Wishing you a wonderful year full of joy and happiness. You got your birthday present a little early this year! Hope things are going well with your new four-legged family! XXX...OOO

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Happy Birthday, Donna! Can't wait to see the pics of your new babies. In the meantime, have fun on your special day!

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Donna - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my UNBIRTHDAY friend! I am so glad you have your new babies to share it with. Treat yourself good! I am going to make my way down to the shore someday - that is a warning LOL. xoxoxo

Maddie - I like to think of you as eccentric not insane LOL. Glad MIL is handling things better than anticipated.

I am planning a small vegetable garden this summer. I haven't done that in years and am excited about it.

For those interested in Food, Inc. - There will a documentary on PBS tonight, I think at 8. I have my DVR set and after watching it I may make my garden a bit bigger. It was unclear to me if it is movie that is out or a documentary on the movie or something else. I didn't have time to look into it. But it should be good.

Gotta run, have a great day.

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I wish I could share my tomato plants with you all!! I have 85 Heirloom plants with most of them looking for homes! I tried ten different varieties this year. Praying that we don't get late blight again this year. After watching Food Inc, more than garden size will change in your life. Powerful.

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***************HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNA!!***************

I hope that you have a WONDERFUL day!



PS Dee Marie, could you please lead us in song?

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I had a package in the mail from Raeanne - adorable cocktail napkins with some cute "broads" on it saying "when it comes to dieting, remember one simple rule....if you can't lose it, decorate it." She also sent me a beautiful card and some tokens for your pocket which everyone should have..a heart for love, a peace sign for hope, an acorn for long and healthy life, an angel to watch over you and the world because in the future it's in your hands. The little sack is in my bag right now! Thank you my wonderful friend! I hope you do make it to the Jersey shore - I'm waiting for you!

Maddie, I adopted 2 female Bichon Frise from a rescue. The girls are 4 years old and are puppy mill moms rescued from an Amish mill 6 months ago in Lancaster, PA. Their foster family was wonderful and, while they have far to go in their socialization skills, brought them incredibly far. They are sweet, good and housebroken. All they need is TLC and patience. We're searching for a good trainer who can help us help them without traumatizing them. I love this breed - I had my Lacey, who I lost last July, for 15 1/2 years. They are being groomed on Saturday and I will post pics after that.

I am definitely going to have to watch Food, Inc. I would love to have a garden or even an herb garden but the critters around here would eat everything. Right now we are battling moles.

Getting my act together to head to my mom's house for dinner.

Thank you all again - have a wonderful evening.


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Hi All!

Donna I am so sorry I missed your party. Happy Belated Birthday and congratulations on your new babies. They are very lucky to have you!

BJ, Happy Birthday to you! I am sure you will make it wonderful.


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Happy Birthday BJ, I hope it's a great one and that you are doing something fun, fun, fun! Check in!


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Hi all!

Donna, Happy belated birthday, and congrats on your new babies!! I'm looking forward to seeing their pics! :)

Happy birthday Beege, my wonderful sister! I miss you, my friend, and with Derby coming even closer, I wish that I could see you again--smootchies!

And I second Suzanne's TGIF!



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Happy birthday my friend!!

The girls get groomed tomorrow, will post pics after that. They are way too cute :-)

Besh - good to see you!!


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Happy birthday to Donna and BJ!!! Wishing you a great year ahead, filled with healthy thoughts and weight losses galore!

I've been MIA this week because I've been concentrating on healthy eating and lots of working out. I've got my mojo back, and it feels so good! This morning, I made Dr. Oz's turbo-charged weight-loss soup. I must have burned a few calories just chopping all the veggies it required! lol

((((Hugs to everyone!))))

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MIA here....long days at the office with stranded Brits. nuff said

A thousand apologies to Donna & BJ for missing the birthday celebrations. My wish is that one day we can ALL celebrate together IN PERSON!!!

Happy Belated Birthday to you(s).....
Happy Belated Birthday to you(s).....
Happy Belated Biiiirrrthhhhdaaaaa dearest Donna & BeeeeJaaaaa
Happy Belated Birthday to you(s)!!!!!!!!!

As ever
North Jersey Dee

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