Stabilizer to use for tee shirts?

downsouthAugust 4, 2011

My son has five shirts that he wants to put his company logo on. Three of them are tee shirts and two are 100% polyester shirts.

Since I've never done embroidery on a tee shirt, I need advice on what stabilizer to use. From what I've been reading, it seems the way to go is sticky stabilizer that is tear away and don't hoop the fabric. Is that what you ladies do?

I need to read more in the manual about how to align the shirt so I make sure the design is straight. How do you ladies mark your tee shirts for a small embroidery design?

I have a Pfaff 2170. Do you hoop your tee shirts or not?



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I have embroidered logos on several types of tees and prefer to use the stickie stabilizer. Personally, I like the wash away over the tear away, but depending on the weight of the material, both work well. If the material if a pique, or patterned and depending on the design, you may also need to add a lightweight stabilizer where you are stitching to keep the stitches from sinking into the material. Any way you go, the trick is to get the material tight but not to stretch it. Nancy's Notions, Embroider this, Embroidery Designs all have templates for "perfect" placement. I tend to just eyeball it and then cut out a patch to see if I like the placement. Depending on the size of the garment, you may have to fiddle with the templates. Hope this helps some. Good luck.

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You need to use a cutaway on anything that stretches, like tee shirts. I like polymesh.

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Great advice clt on the cutaway as you need to be so careful for ruining the design with tearaway. The polymesh is great, that is what I use on top some also. When doing children's T's, they complained of the scratchiness of the cutaway, which is why I went water soluable. But on some T's (very lightweight), the design "sunk" in too much, so I used a stabilizer on top also. Many of my rag T's are cutely decorated, as I use them for trials and experimentation, rather than ruining the final product. Great advice....I love this forum so far as you can learn so much!

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Thanks, ladies, for your advice. I haven't bought the stabilizer yet..been busy painting a wall to put up a huge design board in my garage aka sewing room.

I will be checking out the polymesh...didn't know about it! My son said he was going to get the sticky stabilizer but I don't know if he has yet or not.


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