Samsung Gives The Run Around!

quiltgirlApril 1, 2013

I am so disappointed with Samsung Customer Service and Support! I will never buy another Samsung Product again. We have a 58" Samsung TV, barely two years old and we cannot get a picture on it with a roof antennae. Their customer service is a joke.
When we first purchased it, it was hooked up directly to DIRECT TV and worked fine. When we switched to an antennae a few weeks ago, we cannot get a picture. Our second TV works beautifully. (NOT a Samsung.) The TV technician spent several hours at our house and on the phone with Samsung trying to rectify the problem. After much ado about nothing, they said it was a software problem and sent out a new software update. We were told that if it did not work, they would extend our warranty and fix the TV.
When I called Samsung today and told them the software does not fix the problem and gave them the working ticket number, they had no notes or references of our first phone call. Oh My! They can give us a ticket number, but lost the notes? Now they said they cannot extend the warranty but I could pay $99.99 to talk to a technician who could walk me through the problem. Well HELLO! We did that already with their technician and now I should pay $100 to talk to them again?
The problem is this: An error message comes up saying that the HDMI test failed, but we are only connected to a co-ax port and not HDMI port.
Needless to say, Samsung does not stand behind it's product and their customer service does not have the ability to rectify the deficiencies of their product. While being polite on the phone, all you get is a run around.
We paid over $1650.00 for this television and for that amount of money, I expect a good product. I thought Samsung was an upstanding company, but I was wrong.

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This is too bad, but I would encourage you not to give up with them. Of course, you can't give up or you'll have no TV! Continue to be polite but firm, patient yet insistent that it needs to be fixed. Keep any paperwork and make notes of calls, visits to the house, etc.. If you have to go above the regular customer service people, you can do that. So sorry!

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I am beyond polite and patient. What I need is the phone number of the President of the Company. When you call you get people who just give you polite answers and so sorry sighs, but have no intention of solving the problem. They just tell you what the script directs them to say. The last woman insisted that there was nothing wrong with the tv and that the antenna is the wrong kind. Funny the other tvs work with the antenna, but not the Samsung.

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While I really have no idea what the technician did while there, there is really no reason for them to be on the phone going through scripted questions.

You did not mention the model number, but if the television has an internet connection, a firmware download is fairly simple from the onscreen menus or via a USB drive.

My recommendation, however, would be to completely unplug all other sources to the television except for the antenna coax input. Then do a complete "factory reset" which will restore the set to a new out of box setup and follow the onscreen prompts.

I'm attaching a link to the Samsung website on how to do this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Samsung factory reset.

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Yosemitebill, will that also work on a Plasma TV? I see the instructions say for LCD's. The model number is PN58B550T2FXZA.

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Here's a link to the Factory Reset for your TV.
Did the TV technician go through the Channel Control instructions on page 21 of the manual?

Here is a link that might be useful: Factory Reset

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Yes. He was on the phone with Samsung and he went thru everything they told him. They said it was a software problem and sent us an update which turned out to be the very same that was in the TV. He was back yesterday and still no picture. He says it is the tuner. That it probably never worked from the day of purchase, but since we hooked up to Direct TV we would not have known it. First person said they would extend warranty, second person yesterday has no notes of original phone call, although she had the ticket number, but no notes on the service call. Second person will not extend warranty but will gladly sell me time of the phone with a Tech. for $99.99. I will try the Factory Reset, but won't hold my breath. Thanks!

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The problem is you did not use this feature, and thus were not aware of the the defect. However since the warranty period has expired, you are out of luck.

To be fair, supposed it happend in the third year, or forth year, where does the manufacturer's liability end?

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Sounds like you need a new main board.

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