Brother PE 150 - Problem using brother PED Design

sharminaAugust 7, 2006

Please help! This is my first time in posting a question but need some help. My aunt has a brother PE150 and has recently purchased a brother PED Basic to transfer additional patterns to her machine. Having had paid for a custom design to digitised, she has sucessfully transferred the design onto the blank embroidery card. But when she loads this into her PE 150, an error message comes up saying "This card cannot work. Turn off power, and change to embroidery card." I have tested the card on my brother (ULT3000) and the design shows up no problem - its a small 1.5"x1.5" design, so the card is not faulty.

I've researched that blank brother cards can be used with the PE 150.

PLEASE help - she has now invested a lot in the sewing machine/PED Basic/custom design and we don't know what the problem is.

if its easier email me on

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Can you check the design and see what the hoop size is set for?

When the design was digitized, depending on the software used, there is a hoop size set up for the file. Even though the design itself is obviously small enough for the sewing field of the 150, it's possible that the digitizer set it up using a hoop size that is too large for the machine. Unfortunately, if that is the case, you'll have to have the design edited to change the hoop size, which I don't believe you can do with PED Basic. Email me if you need some help with this.

The only other possibility is that the card reader portion of the machine is not working. Is she able to use regular design cards on the machine?


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Did you aunt have the machine on or off when she inserted the card? The machine has to be off. You insert the card, and then turn the machine on. If I remember correctly, if you insert a card when the machine is on, it will buzz, scream, and hiss at you in the process.

She may have not transferred all of the design on to the card...depending upon the computer, it can be fast or take forever, depending upon the transfer rate and size of the design.

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I know that with my machine you are meant to (before putting any designs on the card) put the card into the machine and save one of the designs off of the machine onto the card. This formats the card. Then when you put more designs on the card you have to save them into a particular folder. Possibly it is something like that with your aunt's machine too.

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I have a Baby Lock BL60E and I can save a pattern on the PED Basic card, but then when I try to put the card in my machine with the power off, then turn power on, the machine just buzzes. Help

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I had this same problem, first my Brother PE 150 just buzzed, I saved a smaller pattern on my card and tried again. This time I got the message "This card cannot work. Turn off power, and change to embroidery card". I then saved the same pattern but change to the smallest hoop size, then saved to card. This time it worked.

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my embroidery brother card is telling me it can not be used. I have used it hundreds of times, now I cant use it. What can the problem be?

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Just this week my ped has quit reading the designs. Any reason why?

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I have not used my Brother PE-150 in a couple months. Today when I went to use it, when I have the PE Card inserted into the machine, the screen is blank. When I take the card out, the screen comes on and it will allow me to use the designs that are preloaded on the machine. Can anyone tell me if the driver inside of the PE 150 maybe bad?

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I have a Brother PE 150 , it was working yesterday but today it keeps telling me that either the top or bottom thread is cut. I have checked it several times and the same message comes up. Any ideas please?

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Have you done a search/cleaning in the bobbin area and cutter? And do a cleaning of the top tensions--draw unwaxed dental floss thru the thread path with the foot raised. Sounds like there is thread bit somewhere giving the error message. Hope that is the case!

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Could someone give me advice on how to tread my P150 I have been unable to do it myself although I've looked at the videos on YouTube read manual and still can't tread , if someone tells me the rite tension to use it wud be great, my son brought me it on eBay and it doesn't look as if its been used much. Thank you any help would be great. ? M

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Hi tectmum1...I have a PE 200 (snoopy machine) and I'm pretty sure they thread the same. Would you like me to scan the manual page & email it to you? Or better yet, if you don't have a manual, you can D/L free from Brother site in PDF form...then print off. The threading is actually very easy once you know the path, or follow the numbers. I would be happy to help me via my profile page.

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