Tiny black beetles on kitchen counter

Roberta_z5June 14, 2003

This is the first year I have seen these. They hardly move and I don't know if they are coming in through the screen or what. They don't seem to gravitate toward food, they just slowly crawl around and drive me nuts. How do I get rid of them?

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I bet they are cereal beetles. Well the first thing to do is get in your cupboards and do a cleanout of cereal, flour, crackers, noodles and macaroni. They came from one of these. Check your spices too. I would toss all of it other than the spices but you can check it well stick it in the freezer to kill any beetles on the outside. I am sure someone else knows of a safe spray. Vac and spray your cupboards and counters. I heard bay leaves keep them away so stick a couple of bay leaves in your flour and cupboards. I would freeze your new flour for awhile until you are sure the beetles are gone. I have had them too - they don't hurt anything but are unappetizing. Good luck and get cleaning. Kathy

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Reminds me of something really dumb that I did. Bought an electric pasta machine at a garage sale a couple of years ago. Never opened it up but I really meant to play with it sometime. Stored it in a den closet. Was seeing little black bugs at times on my table and around the computer. But live in a condo in FL and we do get bugs. Moved a year and a half ago to another condo, this time stored it in the pantry. Still finding little black bugs despite bay leaves, spraying,etc. At Christmas my daughter-in-law was here and I gave it to her. When she got it home opened it up and found there there were several packages of bread mix inside filled with little black bugs! Said it took her the better part of a day to clean it out(on the porch) as they were in the motor too. But she loves using it now. And I haven't seen those bugs in months.

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This is so strange but I have had those little black bugs appear in my kitchen all of a sudden too. Mine are gathering around the sink area; no where near food cabinets and no sooner have I cleaned up the batch than there is another batch. I can't imagine where they are coming from. My windows aren't open, there is no food nearby. It's a real mystery to me and I hope I figure it out soon.

Any ideas besides ceral bugs? They are driving me nuts.

NH Suzanne

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I do have the same problem in my kitchen with those tiny black insects (they don't fly). They have appear in my kitchen under the cabinet close to the sink.
Two days ago I empty the cupboards and I did a cleanout of cereal, flour, crackers, noodles and macaroni and everything that was in bags and boxes. I cleaned everything very well and the tiny black insects were still coming (I don't have any idea from where). So this morning I remember hearing that cayenne pepper was good for killing insects. So, I made a paste of cayenne pepper and water and brushed the cupboards corners and around the doors and on the counters and around the sink and so far so good. For about almost 2 hours I haven't seen one.
Let me know if anybody has a better idea. I am not sure if this will be the cure to this problem. Thelma

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been getting these a lot on and off last few years, only in kitchen and bathroom, where plugs are, I think they are coming up those as windows hardly ever open, and I only noticed that the other day, been keeping plugs in, and all clear so far

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I too have this issue. Anyone found a really good solution? We first discovered them in a food cupboard concentrated around a bag of wheat flour. We cleaned out all the cupboards and got rid of anything that wasn't new and put all flour in airtight containers. We also had a big problem with them in our rarely used pans in the adjacent cupboard and under the sink. I thought we got rid of them but now they're back. Mostly they are in the pans again, just a couple in the adjacent food cupboard so I don't think they're coming from there. I've seen them as far away as the silverware drawer and in the bathroom. They're gross and driving me nuts!! anyone have a permanent solution?

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we got them they all by the window and on worktopin the sink and they fly aswell

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Have had success gettng rid of these by removing alllll things from cupboards...toss any yoiu are willing to, clean the rest of the outside bottles, etc, with bleach water,,,,do this outside. vacuum all shelves and clean out vacuum/toss bag after...clean shelves with bleach water and then leave doors open for a full day and checkc the next day,,all cracks, crevices, etc. if any left, do the cleaning again, and leave the doors open for 24 hours at least. sounds like a lot of work, but if you don't do it right the first time, you will be doing it over and over. Any spices, etc, you saved should be placed in the freezer for at least 24 hours. hereafter, keep all items stored in plastic...remove things like soup mix, etc, from the box and toss box...boxes are good hiding places for bugs. Have fun...lol.

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Mine were gone for a while - but they are back...after cleaning I found a bug killer spray that is pet and people safe from Lowes or Home Depot. They are intrusive little bugs, but this time will spray every month to six weeks just to stay ahead of them. I live in south carolina so the climate is perfect for all the creepy crawlies....good luck

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this is the first year i have seen them. I noticed one munching on a dead fly on the floor. Now i see them everywhere. I made a mixture of kero syurp and clorox and put drops on paper. I put them around areas like in the corners on the bathroom floor and kitchen. Seems like they are starting to draw toward them. But to early to tell yet. I'll let you all know soon. If this doesn't work i thought about getting bug bombs and going around the base boards. They seem to be there alot.

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I've been fighting these in my kitchen for about two years now. We remodeled our whole house about 5 years ago, and the house was uninhabited for about 5 years before we bought it(2006). I'm thinking they came in on some dog bones in a box. They are in every cabinet I have. I cleaned out the one with the dog bones today and there was a colony inside the box! They were all over the bones. NASTY! I don't like bugs in my house and these are freaking me out. I've cleaned all my spices and put them in air tight jars. I've cleaned all the cabinets over and over. My next option is to bomb. I'm going to the hardware store tomorrow and I'm also going to our local discount store and buying every air tight plastic container they have. I cook ALOT! So I can't be having bugs...... Georgia here Barb, I feel ya!

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you are not alone. tiny black beetle looking things that seem dead, but when I mess with them they crawl a little. I have tried all different things, but they are coming from the kitchen window, they are by the sink but not IN the sink?!?! what a mysterious little thing! They are no where near the food. Weird. looked up every type I could find. they can't be a beetle.

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I have the same problem. They're everywhere! I'm my room my restroom the kitchen the living room I even found one in our cereal box which made me puke! They are extremely disgusting they crawl all over you! We didn't have this problem till 3 months ago it's really gross and I don't want to go into the pantry anymore to get food. Any solutions?

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A lot of the tiny bugs that get in the cereals & pantries are called weevils. Google that & see if that is ur bug. But the bug I'm looking for is also one of those tiny black beetles that live around the sink instead of the food. I believe the r coming in through a window where an a/c unit is & the window is not tightly sealed around it. They rarely gravitate to anywhere else except the counter top by the sink. If u know what they are, please help me out here. They r annoying!

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I agree with jones-lisa

What most of you are talking about are weevils. You bring the eggs into your house in sacks of flour, cereal, etc. If not stored properly, the eggs will hatch and start to migrate. Slowly, lol. I only had the problem once. Since then I keep my dried cereals, rice and pastas in air tight containers and my flour in the freezer. I must admit, I was as mystified as the rest of you until I realized what I was dealing with.

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I just started having these, they are mainly by the window and on the ceiling, they look like little beetles. They are NOT roaches and I notice they come at night after the lights go off. Last night was the first time we seen them, killed about ten then tonight after I went to bed I went back in the kitchen and there they were. Not near food. Ugh how do you get rid if them?

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They sound like weevils! Any one who shopped in a military commissary years ago probably remembers them. We never knew which shopping trip would bring us the weevils (that is if you ever got rid of them). Flour was a big culprit so was pasta, and cereals.
Thank goodness for Tupperware which helped contain the critters somewhat. Cooking kills them but kids can see the little legs/bodies and won't be fooled that it's pepper!

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