Phillips HDTV problem

grnacrzApril 28, 2009

Today our Phillips HDTV just went off automatically. If you turn it back on the on/off light stays on for a few seconds and you hear a very faint beeping sound and then it goes off. It has been working fine up until today- no issues. It is about 3 years old and is not a flat screen- it does have a wide screen. Can anyone help or advise?

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doesn't look good, but

perhaps a model number would be helpful

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Model #30pw9110d/37 (Sorry) Could this be a fuse that we could replace ourselves?

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My three year old [bleeping] TV becomes fussy once or twice a year. Unplugging it from the wall power outlet overnight will correct the situation for months.

As I type above I remember symptoms similar to the OP when turned it on for the very first time when new. The salesman laughed and said that happens often and he replaced it.

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I am the OP and I tried unplugging overnight and it didn't correct the problem. Does anyone know how to take the back/bottom off so we can see if there is a fuse that can be replaced?

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