Kindle, Nook or IPad?

mary_lu_gwFebruary 13, 2013

I am thinking of buying DH an e-reader and not sure what to buy. I have no previous experience with e-readers. I do have a notebook computer with wireless Internet.

I should also mention that DH is not very computer literate. He tried out an inexpensive reader of a friends (a literati?) and really liked it.

Those of you who use an e-reader, what has been your experience and what would you recommend? I think ease of downloading the books would be something that would help DH be a more avid user.

Suggestions and recommendations would be great!

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I have a kindle and iPad and invariably reach for the iPad. My 86yr old mother inlay who is completely computer illiterate took about a day to figure out the touch interface and plays memory games with my daughter and navigate to see videos. There is a good kindle app for iPad in case he also likes to read a lot.

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My mom has a Nook (Color?) and likes it a lot. I've been very happy with the iBook interface n my iPad.

I am somewhat computer literate, but no techie by any means. A lot of stuff was easy to figure out, either outright, or by trial and error. Other stuff I've had to ask. Apple support has been pretty good for the most part; both in-store and on the phone. I've encountered a few duds, but luckily more good than bad tech support.

A nice thing; Apple (stores) offer free workshops for specific devices or for specific, features (eg. iCloud, iTunes, photos/camera....). You can take the same workshop as often as you'd like. I always learn something new, always, be it something I didn't know how to do,ma new tip or trick, or, a useful app to install.

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I have an iPad, several different Kindles and a Nook Color.

Hate the Nook Color. No benefits to it what-so-ever as compared w/ other devices.

iPad is the best general use device. Internet browsing, videos, etc. Very easy to use. However, I hate reading on it. It is too heavy (even the Mini is heavier than I like when reading); more awkward to flip pages w/ one hand, doesn't really give you the "book" feeling and cannot be used to read in bright sunlight.

For just reading, Kindle is the best hands down. And NOT the Kindle touch which I have and hate (there's a little delay when flipping pages, you can accidentally flip when you don't want to and it is harder to use one handed). The basic Kindle keyboard works wonderfully and is the only device I read on for any length of time. You can forget that it is an ereader, you can use it in sunlight and it is easy to read on.

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I have a Kindle Fire HD-the large version with an 8.9" screen, which was my Xmas present this year from my husband.

Love, love, love it! With the caveat that I don't have much of a frame of reference since I've not owned or used a Nook, iPad etc. the Kindle is a fantastic machine on which to consume not only books but videos, music and magazines. And, it is super easy to also surf the web. I use it as a computer lite and it works extremely well.

Actually I spent the first couple of weeks of Kindle ownership feverishly downloading and watching Breaking Bad. The display on the Fire HD is incredibly clear; you get the effect of watching a high end television right there wherever you are. Then I discovered the e-loan section of my library and have been feverishly downloading books in addition to buying online from Amazon.

Ah well, enough gushing. I couldn't be happier with the Kindle Fire HD, and good luck in your shopping.


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I have both a Kindle Fire and the newest IPad. I love both, but if I was to choose one over the other I would take the IPad hands down. You download the Kindle app to your IPad. Only the purchased kindle books work on the Ipad, I can't download my free books.

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We have one of each. I use the Kindle (basic, first model) for reading.

The iPad for most everything else.

I really am sorry we bought the Nook Color. It doesn't stay charged as long as the kindle. The Kindle reads more like a paperback.

I think using an iPad spoiled me. I've tried other tablets and don't care for them.


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I think it depends what you will use the device for. If you think your DH will venture into other avenues besides reading that may influence your decision. I have a laptop, we have a desk model and an iTouch. So I just got a Nook w/glow light as I was only interested in having a reader, did not feel the need for mail, internet etc. It has been fine for my purposes.

Whatever you get he will enjoy having a reader I am sure!


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I bought DH the original Nook when it came out -- maybe three years ago now? He LOVED the nook. He's a big reader and we were always hunting inexpensive reading material for him. The Nook solved all that (and the issue of what to do with a bunch of unneeded books).

Then he got an iPad last year. At first he kept using the Nook for reading, but quickly migrated over to the iPad 100%. Technically, I think the e-ink of the Nook-type readers is supposed to be better for your eyes than a backlit screen like the iPad. But DH much prefers the iPad. I should note that his iPad is wifi only, so it's not as though the ability to surf the web on the iPad during the day (which he's unable to do) swayed him away from the Nook.

So the poor nook sits, dusty, on a table in our bedroom. Its charging cord curled up forlornly alongside.

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I love to read and I read almost exclusively on my iPad. I use the Kindle app. My mother finds the iPad too heavy to hold, so she reads on an iPod Touch. Even though it's small, she loves that she can hold it in one hand and turn pages with that same hand. I bought her one of the first Nooks and she hates it. She says it's too heavy, doesn't stay charged and was always requiring updates, then freezing. She tried a friend's Kindle and prefers the little iPod Touch. Go figure.

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I can understand you mother, Fun2BHere. Four years ago I took a trip to the emergency room that would up as a week in the hospital and I can't tell you how happy I was that I had my ipod touch in my purse, so I had plenty to read. I would have been bored out of my mind.

I do prefer reading on the ipad, though. While I have the big ipad, I think that for a lot of folks the ipad mini is the perfect size--big enough to see easily and light enough to hold in one hand.

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I have a 2nd generation Kindle and an iPad. If I had to pick only one, I'd go with the iPad, because it can do so much more than my Kindle. Reading is a bit easier on the Kindle, since it's not backlit. It's also better in bright sunlight. With the Kindle app, I can access my books from either device. The only real downside to the iPad is that it doesn't support Flash.

DH has a Kindle Fire, and he loves it.

I have no experience with the Nook.

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Love my ipad, and have nothing else to compare it with. The availability of the internet would make if more flexible if she also enjoys getting on line. I don't see the point of having a device that is only good for one purpose when there is the option of having something mufti functional. She may decide it's good for her note taking as well as saving dates for birthdays, etc.

I'm 70, and when my 5 kids asked what I wanted for Christmas 2 years ago, I told them an ipad. I use it every day, and love to sit in bed, propping it up w/a pillow. Search around and you may find one 'used'~young people are upgrading all the time, so 'used' are in abundance, just an FYI.

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I love reading on my Kindle, and have upgraded to the new "paperwhite" version, which has a backlight with adjustable brightness. It is great for reading on the beach or poolside in bright sunshine on vacation. And I love the its light weight.

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We have a kindle Fire in our household, a Galaxy tab, and an ipad. I actually like the Kindle Fire (not HD). Although it isn't mine. The ipad and Galaxy are both real easy to use, but the size often makes them cumbersome. Our daughter owns the kindle and it is real easy to use, easy to download stuff onto and use - too easy at times. Thankfully there are parental controls. It is a little more limited in option settings etc than the ipad and has some advertising that I've not figured out yet how to remove. I'm not allowed to play with it according to my daughter.

It also has a really good battery life and doesn't require a special cord to charge. We just use the same as for our cell phones, so one less plug to have. I also prefer the keyboard on it vs. the ipad due to finding more characters easier.

I really dislike the ipad and not having flash and the special plug to charge it as well. Reason why I got my husband the Galaxy tab. Otherwise I do like my ipad2.

We recently traveled and my daughter had her Kindle and I the ipad. Her battery lasted longer, although newer than my ipad so that could have something to do with it. She just played games and watched movies for 7 hrs straight on the plane. My ipad can with constant use like that last about 5.5hrs. It also charges much slower through a USB than the Kindle, and you can't use it while it is charging through a USB as it won't charge then. You can use it when charging through a normal plug in though I didn't have a plug for where I was traveling so was counting on charging through the USB. Not sure if the Kindle charges well through the USB or not. Didn't need to try that.

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>My ipad can with constant use like that last about 5.5hrs

You must have lots of push notifications and such turned on. I normally get about 8 to 10 hours from my ipad with all those things turned off. Also, the ipad should really be charged with the wall wart. It draws a lot of power and charging via a computer will be sloooow in comparison.

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Same as terriks for reading. But, must note that the newest kindle doesn't have text to speech. My old kindle does. But the Paperwhite is awesome. Small and compact. My boys read in bed at night for 30 minutes with lights out.

Love my IPAD for computer stuff except for lack of adobe flash player. But there is an app called Photon if you are desperate.

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Wow! Thanks for all the input! From what everyone is saying, I think maybe the Kindle might be the way to go. DH does not do any on-line stuff, in fact he doesn't even turn on my computer. Says he is "old school". That is why I was so surprised when he expressed an interest in an e-reader.

As I think he will use it almost exclusively for reading, it appears the most yeas are for the Kindle. Now if it were for me, no question, I think I would go for the IPad because of being able to surf as well. But this is for him.

So...which one? Kindle Fire or Paperwhite?

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Paperwhite for sure. The Fire is more iPad like, in that it has a color screen that gets glare on it in the sun, and it's heavier than the Paperwhite. I also have the leather cover for mine - in pink, but you can get something more masculine. ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Leather Kindle cover

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I have a nook tablet and I really like it. I only use it for reading books - don't care for the browser or any of that stuff. DH uses his iPad for books and seems happy with it. I prefer the smaller lighter nook. He uses it for all kinds of other things too. When I got my nook I also tried the kindles and liked the nook better.

If I were buying something today I would probably get an IPad mini. I'm holding out for the next one which will hopefully have the retina display.

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I also have a nook and have had none of the problems that some have mentioned. Mine seems to hold a charge for quite a good while, but I do totally shut it down when not in use. I like to read but am not an avid reader. I do read some on the Nook, but also access the web, do email, use some of the apps such as lists/notes, etc. I also get a couple of magazine subscriptions through my nook (I have a nook color).

I also have an Ipad and a laptop. I tend to use the laptop more than the ipad, although I like the ipad just fine. I don't play games or watch tv/movies on any of these, so maybe that's why I don't use the Ipad as much. I like the size/portability of my nook.

Terri - I have a hot pink leather cover for my nook!


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Writersblock I was comparing playing games and watching movies ie same activity that was on the kindle for comparison. When I use the iPad it will last much longer And I can get more than 14hrs out of it as I mainly use the browser, email, etc. My daughter doesn't do those things and thus not a good comparison point in how long the battery will last.

I know you get better charging performance with the proper adapter, but I didn't have time to get one since it would require ordering one compatible with a different power supply and outlet, plus I felt it was a waste of money for very short term use. USB charging always take longer, but much worse with the iPad in comparison to our other devices. I do like my iPad, but I'm also an electrical engineer that don't like when certain limitations are there, when I know they don't necessarily need to be.

BTW to the OP the kindle Fire has a browser and email and can be used like the iPad there if he changes his mind.

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I have a Kindle, which I love. Just a regular Kindle. At the moment I have 10 "pages" of samples saved on it. I love that I can hear about a book somewhere, grab a free sample on my Kindle, and just have it saved there so when I'm ready to read a new book, I have a huge selection of choices. Of course, usually by the time I get to a book, I can't remember WHY I saved it (where did I hear about this book? from a friend, book review, what?) but then I can just click on the description to remind myself.

I also have an Ipad. DH does too, and that's where he does all his reading. I seem to have ADD brought on by perimenopause, so I'm afraid if I read books on my iPad, I'd be constantly stopping to go check my email, pop into this forum, check the weather, etc. So I don't read books on my iPad.

Also, I take my Kindle to the beach, in its leather cover, slipped into a gallon size ziplock bag (sounds weird, but I can read through the bag!). I think I'd be worried about doing the same with the iPad because it seems more delicate, and also more expensive to replace if something goes wrong.

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" Of course, usually by the time I get to a book, I can't remember WHY I saved it (where did I hear about this book? from a friend, book review, what?) but then I can just click on the description to remind myself."

I could have written that myself Sue!

I can't pass up freebie that sounds good. But, then by the time I get to it, can't remember why I downloaded it.

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i love my nook, but i also just use it for reading books... ipads are definitely more versatile. i don't own a kindle....

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My daughter got a plain old kindle fire for Christmas. I didn't want hd because I didn't want her face-timing others and the camera. I wanted it to be online stuff and reading. We love it. Easy to use. Fast. Downloads books, free and purchased immediately. Love to surf the web, check my e-mail, watch movies, play games. She hopes I get one for myself so I will leave hers alone. Also, can check out books from the library on it.

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Reading all the posts. Keep them coming. Didn't want anyone to think I was not following all the reviews, because I am. Hoping to go shopping this weekend, but not sure I will be able to. (It is a 60 mi drive to nearest shopping of any kind)

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