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mtpocketsAugust 21, 2004

Have heard that the "stitch erase" works the same as a cheaper mustache trimmer but how do you go about "erasing" the stitched designs? Do you go from back of the design? Or from the front? Is it just repeated motion of the trimmer over the stitches that you need/want to eliminate? I hate to throw out any mistakes - would rather be able to selvage them & stitch over if possible.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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You go from the backside & cut the bobbin stitches & sort of scratch across the front to clear what you've cut. If you did not get it all, flip it over & work some more. You hold the trimmer bottomside upwards & work with it's teeth. There is a brush to clean it up & oil to lubicate the blades. I bought a Wahl that works on batteries or corded. There is nothing more aggervating than working on a project & the battery going dead. I paid about $20 for it at Target & bought a back up, stashed away, at Big Lots, same theory but it has a vacuum, for about the same price.

I have saved several projects by having it.

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Thanks so much for the info. I've been tempted to try my husband's mustache trimmer but, on second thought, better go out & buy one to use just for my embroidery mistakes.


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I would definitely go for the mustache trimmer. If you have a large section to take out, it is a definite time saver. If you have just a few stitches, unsew with the needle to pull the stitches out.

You will find that you get a lot of fuzz from shaving threads. I use tape, sticky side out around my hand like a lint brush, to get rid of the fuzz and some loose cut threads too.

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