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beshApril 11, 2005

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is DS 21st birthday. Yikes!!

Love, Besh

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YIPPPEEE - I'm living until 94 LOL. Check out the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Longevity

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Bring roses to my funeral, Raeanne. I'm good until about 84! LOL! Hey, it's about 15 years longer than I expected.

Steel Magnolias was great yesterday; however, NYC was wall-to-wall people in midtown. What a gorgeous day!

Good MONDAY morning!

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DeeMarie - Those gorgeous NYC days brings everyone out, glad that Steel Magnolias was great - it looks like a lot of fun. I was told by a Palm Reader that I would live until my mid to late 80's and that sounds more realistic to me LOL.

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Okay ladies, if you've never ordered anything from Maddie's website, you would be thrilled with the merchandise. I purchased a dolphin pin for my friend and it is beautiful, packed well and shipped promptly - what more can I say (priced more than fairly).

Maddie - I don't even think you are aware that I placed an order (hehehe).

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Well, I for one, need the address to Maddie's website! I am in shopping mode and this seems like just the thing!

Happy Monday, all! Dragging a little bit after a very busy weekend. No great shakes but tired all the same.DeeMarie, did you take the day off?/ Inquiring minds need to know. I'm glad that you enjoyed Steel Magnolias.

I went with a friend to see Sahara. Wow! I f you like action packed movies, this is the one to see!

I am trying to pace myself as this week looks like a busy one. Let's start this week off right!


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Tikanis, I posted the link below for Maddie's site, but PLEASE don't mix this up with LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Maddies Jewelry

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I did not take Monday off, but I'm working from home this morning and may take the afternoon off to hang out with DH. Just could not get up this morning! ;-)

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Good Afternoon.

Just stopping by to say hello. Got caught up on the posts.
I did the age test and I got 86. I guess I am ok with that.
I took a peek at the maddie website, you have some cute items!!!! I will have to peruse it again.
Not doing too well diet wise. But still drinking water. Will not do well this weekend either diet wise. I have three girlfriends from high school coming for a visit. We have been friends since we were 15. So, it will be a wild weekend for me. I hope I survive it. Food, Drink and gossip. We will celebrate one of the friends birthday on Saturday and she wants to go to Fort Myers Beach for the day. My friends are wild and crazy! A LOT of fun. I am looking forward to it.

DH and I have to seriously buckle down on SSing. He just started insulin, as he is diabetic and used to control it by pills. Unfortunately it is all related to they way we eat and lack of exercise. This will be some incentive for me anyway to try and get him back on the pills and off the needle.

DeeMarie - Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies. I would love to see the play.

Well, bye for now, gotta get back to the old grindstone.

Bye - Magic Kitty

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Maddie, that jewlery is cute!

DeeMarie, I hate to say I told you so, but I KNEW that your wild weekend would catch up with you! It was worth it though, huh?

Hi Lynn! long time no "see". As a nurse, I can tell you that your DH's having to start on insulin is REALLY NOT a good thing! Diabetes is horrible when out of control and can cause so many related problems. It will take some effort, but he CAN turn this around if he catches it NOW!!

I am lazy here today. I have plenty to do but no ambition. My get up and go got up and went!

QOD: what's the new plan for French Lick?


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Hi goils!

Raeanne! I am soo sorry! Rog has been processing the orders for the past month or so, so I didn't see your order! (I would have sent some Derby goodies if I had seen it!) Thanks for the kind words! The site is Rog's baby, since he did all of the coding; I had design ideas, but that was all of my contribution! You know, you've made my day! ((((((((hugs!!!))))))) And I did watch Chuck and Cammie--and my goodness--the hats were....unusual, to say the least. The brownish one that looked like a combo of straw and feathers was mindboggling. LOL!!!

Ladies, thanks for the comments on our site--as I told Raeanne, it's been a labor of love, and I am very proud of Rog. We just added some of our sunglasses to it within the past couple of days--the purses are not up yet.

Well, mom is not doing good--one of the reasons I've not been here. It's finally hit her that dad's gone, and I am at a loss as to what to say. My words are sooo empty, and I feel like a robot saying what I know to be the truth.

I'd like to ask a favor, if anyone would be willing to do this for me. I think mom would like to get more mail, so would anyone mind sending her a card? If anyone would, please email through here, and I'll send the particulars--

Well, I had a chance to go to the Derby this year. I actually had the tix in my hot, grubby paws, but had to give them back. Long story here--bear with me--Rog and I made plans last year to go back to Canada this spring to fish. Our original dates conflicted with French Lick, so we were able to change them to a later date. THEN, his mom and dad decide that they want to go with us, and since his dad can only request vacation days at the end of the year for the next year, he mistakenly asked for the week of May 6 to May 14 off. So, we change reservations again to that week, and Rog sets his vacation up with his department at work, and everyone shifts to accomodate him. Now, that April is here, ol' mommie and daddie have backed out, and that leaves us stuck with a week we really didn't want, and since I will be in Canada on May 7, I'll have to miss not only the Derby, but seeing BJ and her lovely family as well. So... last week, we went to dinner with 30 other folks from the company that we used to work for (and where we met), and one lady says, "oh, BTW, I have these for you", and pulls out 2 box seats to the Derby. I almost died--just sick, actually. So..... my moral here?? The road to h3ll is paved with good intentions, and i am the head paver, apparently, and I will never again schedule anything for Derby week.

And keep my bud in TX in your thoughts--she's going through some really rough times now--her name is Ann

Hope all is well!

Love and hugs,


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Good Morning All,

I have been way under the weather since the weekend. Starting to feel slightly human this morning.

My hags with nags party was really fun but I think the late night might have set me up for whatever I have.........oh well. It was my first karaoke experience and I think I was a microphone hog! OH NO.

Maddie, I will be happy to send cards to your mom. Send me the details. Wish we could do this for all lonely old people.

Raeanne, I like the links to how long you will live and how fast time flies! cute. The link to Maddies site doesn't work for me would you try it again? Thanks.

I have to drag myself to work now..............I wish I could go back to bed!

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NH Suzanne - I wonder if Maddie's site was pulled off or is being worked on? It is - if you want to try to type it in yourself. I didn't get a good nights sleep and would love to go back to bed too.

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Good morning!

Yep--the site is down, but only because our host's server is down due to a a SQL problem. We've emailed the host, and they're aware of the problem, and it should be up in the next few hours.

Check me out in the sunglasses pics--I wonder if this is how Cindy Crawford got started???? LOL!!!

Be back later--



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OK, everyone needs to check in.....let's know how you're doing. I had some toast with BP&J on it, and by the time I got to the office, I needed a TUMS.

We have a 9am meeting here where "announcements" will be made. Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OK DeeMarie, I'm checking in....and I am eating toast with peanut butter. My favorite. I hope you hear good "announcements" today.

Whew this has been a busy week. It was birthday week. DS #1 was on Monday, he turned 21 and DS #2 was Wednesday, he turned 14.

I've done very well this week on WW. I weigh in tomorrow so I'll keep you posted. Even if I didn't lose, I definitely feel better and have increased my activity. So far I am finding this pretty easy to do.

Maddie, I checked out your site a couple of days ago. It looks great and I was so pround when I saw our very own Maddie modeling sunglasses! Sorry about the mix up with your scheduling. Doesn't it s*ck when you try to please others and end up getting burnt in the end? I'm sure that you and Rog will have a great time.

Got to run. Have a great day everyone!

Love, Besh

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No redundancies in our department; but I hear there may be sad news for others. It always gives you pause when that happens to others.

I retain my grade, my title, and my salary. However, I'm reporting to someone who is quite younger than me and a step below my current director. I'm not concerned because I think my current director may be in trouble in the future...I hear she's looking for work outside the department. Anyway, my new reporting relationship is great because we are already friends and have the same values. She is great technically and will be able to challenge me with new and exciting projects. I'm looking forward to it!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Reporting in as well. I am coming down with something. I tried to fight it all day yesterday but today I am just too tired to do anything but give in! I am not eating ANYTHING as my stomach feels "icky".

DeeMarie, what line of work are you in? As a matter of fact....

QOD: what line of work is EVERYBODY in? ICU nurse here, on sabbatical, running 2 microbusinesses from home presently.

Tikanas (still wondering about French Lick)

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Hi Tikanis,

French Lick was put on hold. I don't believe any other plans have been made.

QOD: Middle School Librarian

Dee, glad to hear about your job! Keep up the great work.


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Good Morning All,

I am SO happy it's Friday. I have been suffering from allergies all week and just can't get on top of it. My head won't stop pounding.

QOD: I am a retired structural steel project manager. My last project was a 76 million dollar contract on the Big Dig, (not tunnels!!).
I now work in advertising at an equine monthly called Equine Journal.
I love the subject matter but being is sales has it's "moments".

Dee, glad you got good news at your job.

Tikanis, feel better soon.

QOD: What is everyone up to this weekend AND are your taxes done?

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QOD 1 - Receptionist/Secretary/Advertising Agent/Graphic Design/Therapist/Gardener/Office Manager/Trainer/Data Input and yes sometimes I do windows!!! at a local real estate office.

QOD 2 - Taxes have been done for a while, but going in the mail today - can't see giving the government money sooner than we have to. I am taking a ride to Syracuse on Sunday to visit my mother and sister for a couple of days. It will just be us girls and we are going to watch some chick flix and have a lot of laughs. I am bringing the movies Chocolat, Spanglish, My Life As a House and Under the Tuscan Sun. I am not taking the highway and going through a lot of small towns that I have never been to, so it will be a 4+ hour adventure for me.

I put a deposit on a kayak yesterday and am so excited. I am using my French Lick money to buy it. I will pay for it when I go to try it out, but I have sat in one on the ground and really liked the feel of it.

Suzanne - I was in Manchester Center yesterday. We had a nice lunch and did a little shopping. Of course, I thought of you. Beautiful day for a ride.

If I don't get a chance to check in until next week - have a great weekend.

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We should really get a date for French Lick next year so that everyone can get into their calendars and start saving $$$$ for massages!! LOL

QOD: I'm a business planning manager--I assist with resource allocation on clinical projects, handle overall budgets, tract milestones, produce metrics, bug the project managers about updating their projects in our systems, produce departmental progress reports, etc, etc, etc.... Oh, I also volunteer with our corporation's community outreach and diversity project teams. Love that work; it keeps me jazzed about getting up at 5:15am each weekday (well, those project teams and the fact that each day at work is a day closer to another vacation! haha)!

QOD2: Took today off to get some yard work completed with DH; we just got back from a birthday party. Saturday, we're off to Giants Stadium to attend a huge flea market there. Back home to do more work around the house....wanna clear out some old clothes and call the VietNam Vets to pick them up. Sunday is going to be a gorgeous day here, so we may take a walk around the lake, and get out our deck furniture and enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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DeeMarie - sounds like you have a very full weekend, AGAIN.

I forgot to list my volunteer services with the QOD - I also am active in our local Business Association, that includes planting flowers throughout the town, putting up and taking down Holiday decorations, choosing a local student for scholarship funds and soliciting. I also do data input and mailings for North Country Wild Care - a group that rehabilitates and rescues injured or orphanied wildlife.

I got up extra early today, so have a couple "free" hours before going to work.

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