Problem with Kitchen floor

jannieJune 18, 2007

About a year ago I had a beautiful Marmoleum click floor laid put in my kitchen. It's blue and white checkerboard. I've been keeping it clean but one tile loooked dirty. I took a close look and it has a big gouge out of it. The only way it can be repaired is if I can get it replaced. And I can't do that. I have no left over tiles. The store no longer carries the color. So I'm stuck. What can I cover the tile with? It's near but not exactly in front of the refrigerator. A throw rug would look odd. Anybody have a suggestion? It looks awful, though the tiles around it look brand new. I need SOMETHING tO hide this one broken tile. Oh it's 12 inches by 12 inches.

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Well, I'd get some Polyfilla (or any kind of const. cement), fill in the 'hole' and let dry well over a few days. Then I'd sand it as smooth as possible, making sure it's level with surrounding stuff, paint it to match (even acrylic craft paints would do) and then use a good non-yellowing sealer or varnish over it... a few coats each left to dry o-nite, and there you go! It may not be perfect, but then who else is going to be looking that hard at that little piece of one tile but you?

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Have you checked with the manufacter to see if you could get a tile from them? Even if the store doesn't carry it anymore the maker of the tiles might still have some.

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This product is made by a very reputable manufacturer; Forbo. Have you tried getting in touch with them to see what they might suggest? Maybe visit their website and see if you can get a phone number for customer service. Customer service may put you in touch with their claims division who might be able to guide you throught some type of repair or other suggestion.

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