How does one know if one has HDTV?

albert_135April 25, 2009

I've got a 2006 32in [bleep]. I've got more Dish than I could ever want.

I've two of each local channel that boasts of HDTV.

Channel 2 and channel 9001 look the same to me.

And why do I care if the CBS news is HDTV or not?

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You probably have the hd signal coming up but that does not matter unless you have an hdtv (television). To determine if you have a hdtv do an Internet search on the make and model of your tv to find out.

"Sean McDonagh Racing"

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I found the manual to my [bleeping] TV and there is no reference to HDTV so apparently casey_wa is correct and I do not have it.

Still begging the question, what might I watch where I might want any higher definition than I now have?

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Sports, nature shows, concerts, home improvement shows, travel shows, auto racing, movies.

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Sports, nature shows, and movies look much better in HDTV. Of course, with a 32" tv, unless you are sitting rather close you will rarely see much difference. Once you get up to 42" plus, an HDTV really starts to pay off.


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Thanks oskiebabu. I was curious if size might have something to do with it.

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