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deemarie5500April 13, 2009

[[[[[[[[[[Hugs & Prayers for BJ and her dad]]]]]]]]]]

It's a new week; check in!!

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Hope everyone had a great holiday. I ate too much of the wrong foods and my belly was protesting last night. Today I'm back to salads, fruit, and yogurt. Feeling much beter. Why don't we ever learn? LOL!!!!

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BJ - ((((((HUGS)))))) thinking of you and sending positive vibes.

Dee - I am not surprised that you ate too much with that menu you had. yummers

Gotta run just wanted to wish BJ my best.

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I'm here - and feeling much the same as DeeMarie. I still have lots of leftovers to use up, but nothing sweet is left. I gave the leftover candy to DH to take to work and my DSis took the rest of the dessert home with her. At least I won't have to cook for a few days.

BJ - I will keep your Dad in my thoughts and prayers. Here's hoping that all goes well with his surgery and recovery.

My nieces were here for Easter and decided that we need to make a recipe booklet of all our favorite family recipes. So I have been busy digging through all my recipe boxes, files and cookbooks. I am amazed at how many of the recipes they requested were for desserts! But even if we don't ever make some of the recipes again, it was decided that they needed to be in the book for memories sake.

I bought Michael J. Fox's book, Always Looking Up and can't wait to read it. I really admire that man!

And I can't wait to see what Adam sings tomorrow in AI. I downloaded the Tears for Fear version of Mad Love and I have played that song so many times I can now sing along with them. I do have to say that I like Adams' version a lot though. His voice is haunting.


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BJ, I join the others in sending your dad get well wishes.

Dee, I also join you in getting back on the healthy eating wagon. I thought I was so ready for company and the weekend, and I overindulged, starting with the huge boiled shrimp, corn on the cob, sausage, macademian nut cookies, and a few glasses of wine both Friday and Saturday nights......last night was the first time I've had to take a Pepcid since starting WW in January. That should tell me something, ya' think? I felt so guilty I didn't go to WW today, so no big, happy announcements from me today!

Marci, I'm with you re: Adam Lambert. Have you heard Gary Jules' version of Mad World? (You can google and listen to it.) It's the version that Adam followed. The media said Gary Jules was thrilled at Adam's performance, which says a lot.

Have a good evening, everyone.

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Marci/Jan - I get goosebumps thinking of that song. I played it at work last week several times and I am going to iTunes later to buy it. I knew the song already but hardly recognized it with how Adam sang it. I will have to check out Gary Jules too.

Marci - I have a ton of leftovers too, but I am also looking forward to not cooking.

Jan - I was a bad bad girl Saturday. My DH and I went to a local restaurant for 1 glass of wine and 4 hours later YIKES. We met up with a friend that is a wine distributor and he had some wines with him to "taste". I would have been okay had I had dinner. I laid low yesterday morning LOL.

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BJ - hugs, prayers to you and yours. All will be just as it should be! I know that this going to be okay. XXXXOOOO

Okay, I didn't cook dinner yesterday nor did I have a dinner to go to! My intent was to ride my horse into the sunset but the day greeted me with really cold temps 18 to start and high gusty winds that made it feel like it was below zero! DH left early in the day to leave on a trip SO, I used my time wisely to become a couch potato and indulge in everything I possibly could including Ben and Jerry's! I NEVER do that! I am so disgusted with myself!

I will bend over for a group KICK IN THE BUTT It's no wonder I can't lose weight! LOL

Today, the wind persists but it's getting warmer. I want to ride like the wind but the wind is holding me back! How ironic is that?

Marci, I am happy to see you here a little more often. I miss your wisdom and particular point of view. Please stick around.

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Jan - I listened to Gary Jules' version and liked it. Then I found a full length studio version by Adam on YouTube. I have to say that I still like the live version Adam did on Tuesday the best. There is one part, after "Hello teacher, what's my lesson" and then his voice rises to his full power and I get goosebumbs! They should have him record that version of the song and without a doubt it would sell!! We need to contact TBTB (the powers that be) and give them our opinion! LOL

NHSuzanne - I bought some Samoa Girl Scout Cookie ice cream by Edys only because I knew I could share it with my family at Easter and still get a small taste for my own pleasure. My sister once visited the original Ben & Jerry's and took a tour. Someone asked why they didn't make single servings of Ben & Jerry's and they replied that the qt. size was a single serving! LOL They may have been joking, but I am sure many a customer has eaten a quart all in one sitting.

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Good morning, everyone!

BJ, sending good thought and prayers for your dear dad!

Jan, don't worry about missing a meeting. One isn't too bad, and you can weigh in next week feeling lighter and lovelier.

We ate out for Easter, so I haven't had to deal with leftovers, but everywhere I go, there's wonderful food being offered to me! I don't look forward to this week's TOPS weigh-in. I was up 2 lbs. last week, and this week won't be any prettier.

I was feeling good enough yesterday to be able to donate double-reds at the blood center. That's always a great feeling for me!

I was invited to join the committee for the "Divas" event this coming summer that the Chamber of Commerce started last year. I thought I was just going to the meeting to give my input about what needed improvement from last year, but I ended up being asked to join them. My chiropractor is the president of the C of C, and he invited me to speak at the meeting, and did sit beside me while I was giving my comments. I'm kind of excited about doing this because it's only the 2nd annual event, and it's already being moved to a large country club in the next town over. I think/hope it will be a positive experience for me.

My eating has been just awful lately, but I am hoping that soon my mojo will kick in and I'll be back to where I was last spring and summer. I'll join everyone for the group butt kick!

Tonight I'll be initiated as a full-fledge member of ESA, and I'm really looking forward to it. My friend is letting me use her husband's pin for the ceremony. He was one of a handful of males who joined, and he was jewel-pinned back in January on the same night as I was initiated, so it's an honor to be wearing his pin.

I've just finished delivering a lemon cake for a funeral meal, and it's time to get ready to go the community center luncheon, then on to the library to get a fresh supply of books. I just finihed the "Aunt Dimity" series by Nancy Atherton, so now I need to find new books and authors. We have a great little library, and I rarely walk out empty-handed.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Tuesday!

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(((Hugs and prayers BJ, Dad and family)))

Will be back, probably tomorrow night.

All is well just incredibly busy.

I miss you all!

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Good Wednesday all!

Where is everyone today?

Milkdud, you are one busy, busy lady! I love it. I wish I had more time and less work! LOL

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Hi, everyone. BJ, I hope your dad is better.

Eating has been good so far this week, and this am I was down to 142, making it a 10-pound loss for me since 2/2/09. It's slow, but it is happening.

We just got word on our daughter Jane's tests (the main reason for my temptations to stress eat; but I've been strong for the most part): she does not have Celiac's, her thyroid and adrenal glands are functioning OK, but her growth factors are very low. The ped. endocrinologist we saw wants to do a growth hormone stimulation test to see if she has the right amount of growth hormone or if she's deficient. This all makes me very nervous. We will do the test so we know what's going on with her, but I am just not comfortable with the idea of giving her growth hormone supplement injections. I have a lot of research to do... I don't want to deny her something she truly should be producing, but I also don't want to mess around unnecessarily with a delicate balance.

I also wonder if I was growth hormone deficient as a child (and I suppose, it would continue until now). I am almost 5 inches shorter than the medical charts project my height should be given my parents' heights, and I did have some of the other symptoms, like headaches and late onset puberty.
Then, if I'm height-deficient, and she's height-deficient compared to me, then really her height should be even higher than the charts say, because I should be taller... What a tangled web!

I just hope the poor dear will be able to take a driver's test one day without having to use her booster seat!


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Hello Ladies,

Big Hug to BJ!

Nice and sunny this week which has been great after the long winter.

My Fam doesnt do easter, so was just a regular Sunday for me, which was fine, had the guys over Sat night and we were up till 2-3 am playing some games. So I got up, did some laundry, then took a nap, rough day!

Other than that work has been busy, as this weight loss contest intterupts work time with excersise and nutritional classes. My dept has done little to support me, and my boss will not let me move my break times so Ive been having to come in early or work weekends, or use vacation time.
Her partner for 20 yrs left her, and shes moving out of her home to help move on, so shes been super critical and picky the last month, im pretty tired of it, wish the economy was better!

The contest has been fun but 2 more weeks left and im thankful for that. They changed the rules 2 weeks ago. Before if you missed 2 classes you were disqualified. Two members on the other 2 teams missed 2, but they didnt want to kick out 4 people, because all of thier reasons were legit, so allowed them to do a make up class. Of course all 5 of my team members made all the classes. We also dont have any young people, meaning im the youngest at 38. Both other teams have 19, and 20 year olds and losing weight at that age is much easier. Of course the guy ahead of me is 21, and one of the ones who missed 2 classes.. 2 more weeks..

Alright back to work for me, take care all, check on in, if i can you can do it too!


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Hello Everyone. My third check-in here -- lost 1.2 pounds at WW Tuesday. So I'm down 10 lbs. Rebecca, I'm at the same point as you. My first day at WW was Feb 2. Yes, slow, but very sure! I'm in this for the long haul, no matter how long it takes.

Rebecca, I'm hoping for a good outcome for your daughter's tests. I am very short (5'), and my parents were 5'6 and 6'1". My daughter is 5'10", and now my granddaughter is also going to be short. Dr says no taller than 5'. She does mention to me that kids make fun of her because she is so short, but she is a dynamite gymnast.

Good news -- as I mentioned before, DH had prostate cancer a year or so ago, but had a complete prostatectomy, and now his PSA is back up. And due to some new symptoms, our family doctor thought there was a possibility it may have migrated to his bones or blood. Blood test came back normal, so not sure what they will do next.

Got news this am that our 4 year old grandson is in the hospital. When born, he had Hirschsprung's disease, and had 5 inches of his colon removed and his rectum rebuilt. Has done remarkably well, although potty training is not going well. Yesterday he complained of a tummy ache, and they discovered he was "backed up" and needed intervention. Doing well this morning, but still in the hospital.

Easter was lovely. Went to my BIL and SIL's. She was a doll and made several dishes that fit well into my diet. Even had a legal dessert. How sweet is that!

Gorgeous weather here in northern Wi. 70 degrees today. Clear blue skies and a slight breeze. Now is that doesn't call for a long walk, I don't know what does!!

Have any of you seen that lady Susan Boyle on "Britain's Got Talent". What a voice, and what a story!

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Good morning!

joyce, congratulations on your weight loss - you are doing great, especially with all that is going on in your life. I hope everyone in your family is well and/or on the way to recovery.

It's beautiful here, too. I must go to the grocery store - have put it off too long this week. I temporarily fell off the WW wagon, but am back on and plan to get in a good walk this afternoon, so when Monday's weigh in comes around, it's not too bad.

I saw a segment on Susan Boyle the other night (Charlie Gibson/nightly news) - she was fantastic, wasn't she, as was her story. What a gift she has! I love feel-good stories like that, especially during these times.

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For those of you who can't get enough of Susan Boyle, I just came across this of her singing "Cry Me A River" - I cannot wait to see what happens next with her! Such a remarkable story and talent. Just click it on to hear (no visuals, but wonderful audio.)

Here is a link that might be useful: susan boyle

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Good Friday afternoon!

We're in for a long weekend of storms and tons of rain! We're under a tornado warning until 10 this evening. This is a busy weekend, so I'll be dodging rain for 3 days. Our community's garage sale is tomorrow. Also, my churchwomen's meeting and brunch is tomorrow, and I'm the cook and hostess. I hauled all my papergoods and juices to church this morning, so tomorrow, I'll only have to take the foodstuff. Then I'll come home and help my neighbor with the garage sale.

Joyce, congrats on the good news about your hubby. Keeping your grandson in my thoughts and prayers for his healing.

Jan, don't get discouraged. You know that you can do the weight-loss thing!

Hi, John! That's great about your weight loss contest at work. Talk about motivation, huh?

Eklektos, keeping your daughter in my thoughts and prayers. It's always scary when something's not right with our kids.

Marci, I'm like you about needing just a taste of something to quench that longing. I had lunch with a friend last Saturday, and we kept seeing yummy looking sandwiches being delivered to tables with Cheetos on the side, so we ordered one small bag to share while we ate our salads. It satisifed me, and I didn't go out and buy a big bag later!

My chiropractor visits are still going well. I'm learning how to use the big exercise ball now. I did fall off today and put a little weight on my new knee to get back up - not fun! But, I found my own way to get on and off the ball that satisifed the dr. and I was able to do the tummy exercises. I feel so much better after 3 weeks of adjustments, and I know that my workouts at Curves are more effective now that I'm getting certain areas realigned.

Got a busy day ahead of me with pricing things for the garage sale, fixing ham & cheese fritta muffins, blueberry muffin tops and banana nut muffin tops, and fruit salad for the brunch tomorrow morning. Whew! Good thing this is just a yearly thing for me. LOL

Wishing everyone a great TGIF and weekend!

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Oh me too Milkdud and Marci! I'm craving pizza, so I'm gonna have a slice today!!! Hope I can limit myself to just one, but I'm going to try. :)

Wish me luck!

Milkdud, that big ball is hard, isn't it?! I like it for crunches though, find I'm more willing to do more of them because it's easier on my back/neck and I can actually feel it targeting my stomach.

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hectic week here...lots going on, but I can't go into everything just yet.

John, it is sooooooo great to see you post. Stay with us, brother.

I ate well this week and just blew it with lunch at an Indian restaurant. I stayed with the veggie menu; so good; so spicy; so fattening. Can you see my hips growing? LOL!! It's a good thing I only do it once every few months. Tempting tho, as I work in an area with lots of Indian places.

Gotta run. Have a great weekend!

Donna, we may head out to AC on Sunday for the Corvette show!


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Happy Sunday, everyone! The sun is finally shining here in SE Texas after 2 full days of RAIN! Our streets were flooded yesterday with all the rain accumulation. Today, they're still puddly, and the creeks are overflowing, but the sun is shining and it's windy, so we'll be high and dry fairly soon.

Just checking in to see how everyone is. Dee, I'm sure that you're eating healthy once again, right?

Silversword, speaking of the big blue ball, I have to make myself get on it this afternoon because my dr. can always tell if I've been working out on it or not, and I go see him first thing tomorrow morning! LOL

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Milkdud and Joyce, thanks for your good input regarding our little girl. Joyce, I'm glad your granddaughter has found a niche in gymnastics. That really helps, I think--for a small child or a child who is "different" from her peers in any way to find something she is good at. We tried gymnastics for Jane. There's only one gym close by, and I was really distressed by how the instructors treated her. We started her in a group class (I couldn't afford individual lessons), and the instructors consistently put her into smaller groups with 3 and 4 year old children, even though she was solidly 7 years old. They just divided them based on size and never tested her beyond the abilities of the preschoolers. I tried talking with them about it, to which they replied that group classes were just laid back, for building confidence, and not really for building their skill levels. The only response I got was to find a way to fork over the big bucks for private lessons. So, we pulled her out because it was just frustrating and demoralizing for her. I wish we had more options!

I've been tempted to stress eat for the last few days. I haven't given in, but it seems it's getting harder every day. I'm also experiencing some pretty dramatic cycle changes, which adds to my stress. I'm only 40, but the signs are beginning to look like menopause starting. (Actually, some of the signs started several years ago, but I should say are now becoming impossible to ignore.) I imagine that will mean an even slower metabolism. I think I'm just going to have to give up eating altogether! I just don't think it's good for me.

Milkdud--congrats on the rain. I hope it's a good thing for you there. I'm really not sure--we are having a rainier spring than last year and are thrilled with it. Our drought for the last 2 years has been so bad that area lakes are almost impossible to use for recreational purposes in the summer and last year there were all kinds of conservation efforts going on. If it continues, there will probably be mandatory water rationing this summer, which we'd all love to avoid. Yet elsewhere, people are flooded out and it's a tragedy. Feast or famine, it seems.


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