foul odor is in everything I own!

ladylaneJune 6, 2002

I recently moved out of a basement suite that suffered from moisture problems as well as mice! Everything i own, from furniture to my mattress to paperwork smells horrible. the clothes i have washed and seem to smell better but i don't know what to do with all my belongings. everything is still in boxes now, which i know isn't good but i'm just not sure what to do. there is a company close by that does ozone treatment but it is expensive and i guess i am skeptical. any suggestions? I am desperate!

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Sunshine is a good thing to get rid of odors. You can also stuff drawers of dressers with crumpled newsprint and charcoal, the kind you bbq with. Also good cooking vanilla on cottonballs will help get rid of a lot of odors also. Had a freezer that stunk and it worked well.
As far as furnite buy some odoban from Sam's and spray it on. That stuff works miracles. And if you can, haul your stuff outside for the sun to do its work. I know its a pain but fresh air and sunshine work well. Lots of luck.
Karen L

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Try spraying Fabreeze on you stuff. Avialable here in Canada. My wife uses it and says it works great. We live on the lakeshore and things get damp and musty after sitting too long in closets etc. when AC not running.

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The above ideas are good ones. Also use liberal amounts of baking soda on things you can dust it off of. As for the BBQ briquettes, make sure you don't get the ones you can light with a match. Just plain ones. They are good odor absorbers and you can reuse them by baking them in the oven on a low heat for an hour or two.

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Buy a jug of "ODO-BAN" at Sam`s and spray everything with it..This stuff really works and it`s cheap!

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Wash everything that is washable and send everything to the dry cleaners that needs to be dry cleaned. Books and papers can be placed in a container of kitty litter for odor absorption. Upholstered items and mattresses may have to be discarded because mold/mildew and musty smells have settled deep into the padding. An option is to rent an ozone machine and place the affected items in a room with the ozone machine and close the door. Exposing items to fresh air and sunshine is also helpful. Coffee grounds, baking soda, kitty litter, and activated charcoal from the pet store are frequently recommended as odor absorbers. Wood furniture can be washed with mild soap and water and rinsed, a section at a time, and buffed dry with soft cloth. All unsealed surfaces on drawers and inside the cabinet boxes can be wiped with denatured alcohol. If odor persists, then seal with a couple coats of polyurethane. Odor Ban from Sam's Club is an excellent enzyme digester cleaner/deodorizer for organic stains and odors.

Here is a link that might be useful: How Ozone Purifies the Air

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I just posted this on another thread. I thought I would fit your problem also. Here it is Hope it helps. Cherie

I have 2 cats that have a BAD habit of missing the catbox!!!
Everytime my daughter-in-law came over she could smell it and would always comment on the smell no matter what I did to rid the house of the odor. 3 weeks ago I purchased an Ozone machine. MY HOUSE SMELLS WONDERFUL!!!!! She came over this past weekend and the first thing out of her mouth was YOUR HOUSE SMELLS SOOOO CLEAN!!! Did you get rid of the cats? The only thing different was the ozone machine, the cats are still missing the catbox but the house smells wonderful. If anyone is interested in getting one...just email me & I will give you the info. I don't know if I can post the info here. Oh only costs $349.00 much cheaper than carpeting!!!!
Hope this info helps someone out there

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What exactly is an ozone machine???

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Hi - I am not a chemist or expert - but here is my novice explanation of how ozone decontamination works.

An Ozone machine is basically an appliance that takes regular Oxygen (O2) and adds an electrical charge that gives it an extra electron making Ozone (O3). This extra unpaired electron is called a free radical - which does a good job of attacking bacteria and or mold or other things and decontaminating them. There are lots of people that use ozone to keep their hot tubs clean without chlorine or bromine.

Anyway - we are in the process of buying an old house that has mold and smoker smells. I am hoping to rent a ozone generator to decontaminate it. Haven't figured out the cost yet - but I'm hoping it is a lot cheaper then buying one.

I have posted a link to a place that sells them on the web that has more info.


Here is a link that might be useful: ozone store

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more info:

I just found out that you can rent one at an equipment rental store. Where I live (Oregon) it's $20 per day.

Also - I think it's not a free electron but a whole extra Oxygen atom.


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