my bathtub is backed up!!!

TONY_ROKJune 9, 2002

Well it took forever for the used water to go down and well if I wanted to take a bath I would have taken a bath but I want to take showers you know!!! Anyways I got an unplugger and all this dirty water started coming up!! Now I cant get this water to go down no matter how much I pump. And yes I covered the drain hole to control the suction. But I cant break the clog. What should I do?? I dont want to call the plumber or the landlord evn though this isnt my fault but dammmm come on!!! Suggestions anyone??


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My husbad has this great tool from Sears, it bends and has a plucker thingy on the could take the drain cover off and see if you just have hair and junk in the drain. I always ask for the nose picker thing to use down the drain after bathing the works good and you use a plunger thing with your thumb to open and close the end. I am sorry I don't know the real name....its a picker thing. You could try something like that...
Karen L

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thanks KAren..thats called a snake. Actually my girlfriend's fther came over with this high pressure hose he stuk in the drain and it cleared the whole thing. So we're back to normal im so happy!!! Thanks for your inpuT!!


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FYI--Just in case someone else has this problem and the snake won't work. We fought our tub for a few years with snakes and drain cleaners. We decided to remodel and found that the iron drain had rusted through-the water was draining under the house. We had to bust up part of the slab to make the necessary repairs.

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And sometimes it's not the drain that gets clogged, it's the vent pipe going to the roof. That requires running the snake down through the vent pipe.

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