7.2V battery

stoveguyyApril 7, 2014

how long would it take my charger which puts out 350mA to charge my small battery pack in my cordless drill? it is a 7.2vdc drill and i rarely use it. the battery pack is good. i think? drill does work. they are not limh batteries or anything new. i think they are ni-cad. 4-6 hrs?

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Are you talking about a battery charger that came with the cordless drill? If so, why wouldn't you just plug it in? I think most all devices that are sold with chargers turn off the charging when done.

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You would need to know the total amp-hour rating of the battery pack. For example if it was 1 AH (= 1000 mAH), at 350 mA it would take about 3 hours minimum.

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I lost original charger. I dug up another. I did find online manual and it says initial charge should be 18hrs. This drill/charger is old tech. 10yrs old. Certainly not automatic charging capable.

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