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dmsgalAugust 5, 2007

Hi, I just got my Embroidery machine I would love to see what ya'll are making . Any suggestions for a newbie to start off with ? Thanks Mary in Va

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Mary in VA,

Did you end up buying the Baby Lock Ellure? The first thing I did was to practice on some dish towels.

My lastest projects use the premade denem bags (3 pack at Michaels/Walmart, white or blue). I have 2 teen girls and they love them to use as purses and general carry-alls. They make great birthday gifts. I have made this for all ages. They make great Library bags, baby bags, bible study bags, etc.

I sometimes open up the seam to hoop it better if my design is bigger. I measure about 6' down from top and center on one side of bag. My 17 DD wanted a bag that said 'Free Hugs' with a picture of 2 bears hugging. I sew out the design on one side. Then sew up the seam again. Get 1/2 yard of cotton fabric, cut 2 rectangle pieces about 1 inch larger than the side deminsions say about 15' wide and 17 ' long. I make a pocket (about 5x6) with the leftover fabric. Sew pocket pieces together, turn to right sides, sew onto the right side of one piece of fabric about 6' up from bottom. Then sew the 2 sides together (right sides) and bottom of rectangle pieces. Fit into the bag to see if adjustment are needed. Then turn down top to fit inside bag. I usually insert a magnetic clasp at this point (to inserted fabric first). Then I sew the liner to the bag.

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