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ivamaeApril 5, 2010

Hi everyone. Ijust want to wish eveyone a fantastic week and lots of luck in your weight loss endevours.

It was a wonderful week-end weather wise in this part of Southern Ontario. The nicest Easter week-end that I can remember in recent years.

I'll be checking in again on Wednesday after my weekly weigh in. I wasn't very good over the week-end. Enjoyed some ( quite a bit) of home made seafoam candy. It did taste good though. Pay up time now.

Have a good one.


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Happy MONDAY; Happy Spring!

It felt good to have a few days of sunshine and no floods! LOL!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend; I was recovering from my nasty bronchitis, but got lots of rest and no running around. I'm in work today, but not too sure I can stay throughout the day without a nap!

The scale was good to me this morning. I made it completely through Lent without any sweets, but yesterday I had a handful of choc chips, and this morning I enjoyed an oatmeal cookie and a peanut butter cookie that my assistant brought in. I'm feeling lousy, so I may just "give it up" again for another month or two.

DH did lots of cleanup in the yard this weekend; and I felt kind of guilty because I could not help. He took today off to finish another project or two. Hopefully I won't come home to find him asleep on the family room sofa with the remote in his hand! LOL

Make this week count!

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Happy Spring Indeed!

Hi Ivamae, thanks for getting us started. What is seafoam candy? Glad that your Easter weekend was nice.

Dee, I had given up sweets for lent and had 1/2 a piece of strawberry shortcake and a handful of CHOCOLATE CHIPS! I also gave up adding salt at the dinner table(thank you DS) and now find that I don't miss it at all. I am glad that you are on the mend.

Suzanne, It sounds like a perfect weekend! I love the gorgeous pics, as always. THANK YOU! We need one of Sweet Pea now!

I had a wonderful weekend here. Good weather, good company. Church was fantastic. Some friends came over and joined us for dinner, and my wonderful brother in law did dishes. Doesn't get much better than that!

It's a wonderful rainy day here (we don't get too much "weather" here so I enjoy it) and I am working leisurely from home.

Where are those MIAs? Milk dud? And didn't Bj say that she would check in EVERY day. I'll give her till sundown.... : )


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Yes, where is everyone??? MIA's check in soon.

We had a lovely weekend as well. Got lots of farm chores done which always feels good. Dug out the rest of the ice in front of the horse stalls too.

Tikanis, it will be a while before I can get a nice photo of Miss Pea between shedding and mud my girls are a mess. It was warm enough to give them both a bath to wash away some of winter off them! That was fun and they are such good sports.

Today we are expecting showers too.

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Hi All....Happy Belated Easter/Spring. Sorry I have been away for a while. As some of you who are my friends of Facebook know, we had a tragic death in our circle of friends a couple of weeks ago. My son's long time friend, who was the closest thing he has had to a sister, was killed in a car accident. She was in a car with a wreckless drunk driver and unfortunately did not survive the crash. We have been long time friends of her family and always considered Julia to be a daughter. This is the hardest thing I have had to do and it has been even more devastating to my son. He is doing much better now, as we are all just trying to heal and move on.

Anyway, I will try to check in more often. I have been following Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure and am down 16# and 3" on my belly. I feel good and my clothes are feeling a little looser.

I hope all is well with everyone. Suzanne, it sounds like Sweet Pea is healing. I think of her often. Dee I hope you are on the mend. Ivame, the weather was beautiful here yesterday also. Tikanis I am glad that you are enjoying your rain....we have had enough of that here for a while. Yikes, there was a small stream going through my cellar for a while!

Be good....


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Happy Belated Easter!

Life has been busy, busy, busy and even though I haven't checked in I did lurk and did think of everyone.

2 more dogs on the horizon - had the home visit today. You may remember my Lacey was a Bichon Frise. I am in touch with the Delaware Valley Bichon Frise Rescue and we are seriously looking a two 4 year old females rescued from a Lancaster, PA puppy mill. They are in foster now. Hopefully these babies will work out for us.

Besh, ((hugs)) on your loss and congrats on your weight loss.

Gorgeous weather in South Jersey Sunday and Monday. Cooked dinner for family and friends last night - great dinner, great time.

Will stay in touch and keep you posted on the pooches.

Take care, be good and be safe!


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Good Tuesday all,

Besh!! So good to hear from you. So sorry about your loss. What a terrible thing. Glad you son is healing some - it takes time. I checked out Jorge after you posted last time. I am two weeks into it and I have only lost three pounds but 1". I am feeling a little discouraged but I will keep going. Are you drinking more or less wine since you now know there is no sugar and few carbs! lol I bought his book and it's pretty useful. Do come back soon - we worry about you.

Donna, good luck getting your dogs. I will be planting your card soon I hope.

Raeanne, what news of your artistic endeavors?

Dee, sugar is evil, evil, evil...what a bummer LOL!

It's another beauty of day here and it feels so good.

Jan, Maddie,Marci,Milkdud, BJ I am thinking of you all - where are you? BJ, I hope you didn't overdose on peeps!!

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Dee - you sound like you are feeling much better!

Besh - ((((HUGS)))) how awful. I will continue to send positive thoughts to you and your family and the girls family. That is a tough one.

Suzanne - I haven't 100% decided on what to do with the chair and haven't had any free time to do it. I am leaning towards the sailboats... but I did have a nice drive through some horse country this morning.

Donna - I hope that everything works out for your babies to be.

Tikanis - enjoy the rain, wish I could send ours your way LOL.

Ivamae - hope the scale is in your favor tomorrow.


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Hooray, the scales say 1 pound down. I'm very happy about that. Down a total of 37 pounds now. Nothng fits!!! Isn't that great? Says I can go shopping some of these days!

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BJ, put down the peeps and check in...hahaha

Just had time to say hello and provide some much-needed [[[[[[HUGS]]]]] to Donna, Besh, and all who need them.

Congrats to the losers here.


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Good morning!

It's partly sunny and already 69 F. here. We're getting rain late tonight which will cool things down for a couple of days though. I don't like running the a/c this early, so I'm happy!

I've been MIA so much the last couple of weeks because I've bounced back and forth between allergies (severe!) and a flu bug which took forever to kick. I'm just getting back out into the world today.

Besh, it's good seeing you here. My condolences to your family and especially your son. What a loss for everyone.

Ivamae, congratulations on the loss!

Dee, congrats to you on happy scale news!

I've missed everyone and have read but not posted. This is the week that my sorority's style show and luncheon keeps me running until mid-afternoon on Saturday. It's a worthwhile cause, raising money for our community's food pantry, so I'm glad to help. It is a lot of work though, and I hope I'm tough enough to get through it. LOL

Sending hugs to everyone! I'll be back tomorrow to address everyone.

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Good morning.

Ditto on what Dee said - "congratulations to all you losers!"

Besh, I am so sorry for your loss - very sad.

suzanne, hope you are having another beautiful day and Sweet Pea is continuing to recover.

milkdud, we've got the same weather that you're having. Rain tomorrow, but a little cooler and beautiful on Friday.

We had a wonderful Easter. Went to Ole Miss for the baseball weekend, saw lots of old friends. Drank my first wine since Lent, and would you believe I had a headache the next morning? Enjoyed visiting and shopping with my old friends. If any of you ever have a chance to visit Oxford (MS), it is such a beautiful, quaint town. We would love to retire there one of these days.

Missed Weight Watchers meeting on Monday, since we were so late getting home, but according to my scales, I'm at 62 pounds still, so that's good.

Today exercise will consist of cleaning this house and searching for some new sunglasses that have just "disappeared." Hope everyone is having a good day.

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Good Thursday all,

Jan and Milkdud, it's good to hear from you both. You two sure keep busy!

It was 86 degrees here yesterday! I don't like it when it gets that hot in early spring! Today will be in the high 50's which is more like it. Things are turning green and forsythia and all the spring bulbs are in bloom. The symphony of birds starts well before dawn now! I just love this time of year.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

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Guess everyone is enjoying nice weather. Hope you check in to say hello!

Be well,

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Good Friday morning to all.

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..." as Mr. Rogers used to sing. Getting ready to go shopping with a neighbor, which should be fun.

My walking buddy/neighbor is still away on vacation, so yesterday afternoon I went for my walk, solo. Normally, we walk at 6:30 a.m. so don't see a lot of people out. With this gorgeous weather and being later in the day, I ran into several neighbors working in their yards and stopped for chats. One new couple even invited me in to see their house. Learned about a new nursery to visit to buy plants.

Better run. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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Good Friday all,

Jan, it's rainy here today but a beautiful day in the neighborhood nonetheless! The rain cannot stop the symphony of spring birds.

I have a busy weekend ahead. More spring cleanup and cleaning out the garage on the agenda. Also wanting to plant the window boxes at my barn. It will be all outdoors for me!

What is everyone else doing?

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Hello everyone,

I love weekends, and I can only hope to someday retire. Can not imagine what it would be like to have time on my hands to catch up on all my interests and my home. [[[sigh]]]

The weather is really nice. We have a few tulips that poked out in front of the house; the backyard is still brown with a bit of green here and there.

I'm in the middle of baking for a Dept 56 club meeting tomorrow. My friend just called and we booked a cruise for December 2011! LOL!! Can't hold us down on land too long.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

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Dee, congratulations on booking your December cruise - I'm so envious! I've never been on one!

I haven't worked in several years, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. BUT I miss the comraderie of co-workers and all.

Suzanne, the birds are chirping like crazy at the Masters golf tournament. With HDTV and all, they sound like they are in my den - ha!

I woke up this a.m. with every intention of doing serious house cleaning. I stepped outside for "just a minute" at 10:30 and just came inside at 3:30! I pulled weeds, fed my flowers, watered, put out some grub killer, since I've got a hungry armadillo digging up my back beds. Visited with my neighbors, all out and enjoying this gorgeous weather. We're going to cook steaks, and I might just have a glass of wine or two. Since I worked through lunch, I don't think I'll go over my points.

Have a fun weekend.

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Dee, another cruise??? Good for you!!

Today we drove to Delaware to visit the puppy mill moms. OMG, I am in love! They are soooooo sweet. Please keep your fingers crossed my sister, Dee, feels the same way. She is 99/9% there but we have to be 100% - if all goes well we will pick up next Friday or Saturday! We are thinking of naming them Misty and Star.

Lo to to all!


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I meant love to all!

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