Anyt Problem - Need Advice PLEASE!

slider9499June 5, 2007

I have a deck and there used to be a wooden trellace attached to the house. It was removed but the large 20 foot long piece of wood is still there and it is attached into the house. When it rains the water gets in and I am sure the ants got in via this area. The area described is directly behind my kitchen wall that has a window and a skylight above. These are the two main areas where the ants are coming in.

I looked at pictures of ants online and they are NOT carpenter ants nor are they termites. They look like regular pavement ants but some have very, very tiny wings. I tried spraying and even had Terminx come but they were usless

Any idea what these are and how to get rid of them?

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Find exactly where they're getting in and seal it.

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Well they may not be carpenter ants, but there ARE other kinds of ants. Call an exterminator.

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you can mix up your own non-toxic ant killer. I've used it for all kinds of ants, little black ones, red ants, etc. mix one spoonful of sugar, one spoonful of molasses, one spoonful of yeast. dry yeast like you use to make bread. you can spread it on any area they crawl on, or leave it where they'll find it and eat it. Its non toxic to cats dogs, kids, maybe a stomache ache but not a problem. the ants will eat it and burst when the yeast gets wet. they take it to the nest and it kills off the whole colony. good luck

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A link that might be useful:

Tips & Techniques Forum/Boric Acid/Posted by ILuvGinger on Sat, Sep 3, 05

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