Moles in yard

localJune 16, 2002

Got lots of good advise about capturing ground squirrels on this forum. How about moles? How do you get rid of those?

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Mole control

Here is a link that might be useful: Mole control

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I didn't check the link above, so perhaps I'm repeating something, but I know we had some success trapping them. Set regular mousetraps baited with peanut butter, put them near the mole's entrance hole and covered both hole and trap with an upside down bucket. Usually had a mole in the trap every morning we did this. Don't know if it totally solved the problem, but it was inexpensive, non-chemical, and gave us some feeling that we were making a dent in the problem.

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We had moles and I tried all kinds of things, mostly the little gas bombs... turns out those things really don't work unless you hand it to the mole or tuck it under his pillow. But the best advice I got was to get rid of the grubs in the lawn and the moles would go away. I won't go into how to get rid of the grubs because everyone is different... some people love poisons, others need organics... some people want to do a grub catch and release. I took the advice, got rid of the grubs, and then the moles went away. Squirrels moved in though. Had to trap those and move 'em out to the country.

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Been hearing commercials for Ortho bug-be-gone. Sounds like if a chemical is the way to go, that one might be worth a try.

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I confess I didn't go to the link either but I've had some success by leaving the lawn mower running on idle over the mole pathways for an hour or so. Shove a trowel into the hump and open up a hole over which to run the mower. The noise and vibrations ran them off, if temporarily. Sometimes more permanently. I'll also mention that the moles had never done lasting damage to the turf - they may have improved the aeration. Of course, they can damage your ankles if you unexpectedly step on their hump!

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Did you know that skunks eat small vermin, among which are moles. You could all ways get a few skunks!
Seriously, we have moles about every other year, and it is not the end of the world. Just means you have a buggy yard.
I'll keep the bugs and moles, just no thanks to the skunks.
Kathy G in MI

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