Decorating vinyl wrapped windows

RosalieRosieJune 30, 2013

I am not happy. My house in Buffalo, N.Y. was built in 1932. My contractor suggested to vinyl wrap the windows for various reasons which seemed like good ideas.

Unfortunately, they sheared off the decorative wood at the top of each and now they�re flat. Fortunately, they haven�t gotten to two doors and one window.

Can decorative moulding be attached to the new wrap that would simulate the original wood?
Can the portion below the original moulding be �vinyled� leaving the original moulding to be scraped and painted?

All suggestions are welcome. I can�t say how aggravated I am � there are no words for this.

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Pictures would help but generally things cannot be attached to vinyl windows. However there is pvc or foam type trim that can be applied around the window as trim.

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Thank you so much for the advice - both on the decorating and the posting!

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