SS Support - Mon. 4/25 thru Sun. 5/1

marci_paApril 25, 2005

Good Morning!! Start the week off with a smile on your face and a song in your heart!

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Good Morning,

Marci I am going to try and take your advice. I go back to school today after having a week off!!

Dee, come on up! There is lots to do here in October. Sit in traffic, yell at tourists, buy lots of tacky witch things! LOL If you come in the beginning of October, there will be a Harry Potter convention taking place. I hear they are having a game of Quidditch on Salem Common, no joke. Seriously, I would love to meet you, so if you do come give me a shout. :-)

I lost 2.6 pounds at WW this week, for a total of 9.6! I hope I can at least hit the 10# mark this week.

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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Good Morning! Can I join you here on the SS thread, even though I have never done SS?

I noticed, Besh, that you are doing WW and that's what I'm doing now. I've had luck with it in the past and finally got back with the program this past Saturday.


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Hi MaryAnn from the KT! You are welcome to join us. I'm also doing WW. I had lost about 38 lbs with SS in 1999, but gained most of it back. Low Carb is not for me, but I found that using Flex Points with WW is very manageable.

This is a very supportive group, and I hope you will stop in often.

Good MONDAY morning to everyone!
Make today count :-)

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Good Morning!!

I am starting the day Marci's way! : )

Hi MaryAnn.

DeeMarie, Whaddya mean, you don't like talking to yourself?? Ha Ha!

Congrats, Besh! That is great news. I can only imagine Salem in October! Must be as crazy as Pasadena after Christmas! (Rose Parade time)

Well, I am slowly but surely becoming more active. I tried to just jump back into the walks and Curves after stopping the prednisone but found that I was winded and easily fatigued (asthmatic). So I slowed down a bit and am feeling better. Slow but sure is better than medicine ANY DAY! I have promised myself that I would not go back on the prednisone no matter what and am working with a naturopath for a more wholistic approach to my health. So far, so good!

I AM making today count!


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Tikanas, I DO enjoy talking to's the ARGUING I dislike. I'm always losing! LOL!!!

Besh, my niece turns Sweet 16 on October 12, so I'm not sure we'll go if it's that weekend. Once they settle on the date, I'll let you know if we decide to go so that we can meet up at our hotel!

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Hi again and thanks for the welcome. I was on WW last year and lost 17 lbs. I thought it was a program I could stay on forever, but then came Spring Break and I got off and never could get back on till now. Why is it so hard to say no to the junk? anyway, I'm on day 3 and doing fine. I definitely want to start exercising more this time around. I live in a small town and we don't have any fitness centers, so I have to do it on my own.
I just haven't had any energy lately and I hate that feeling. Regular exercise gets my energy level way up!

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Welcome MaryAnn - Anyone is welcomed to join in and we are looking for new friends. I am SomerSizing, lost over 20lbs a few years back and then slowly but surely gained it all back. I just recommitted to it on March 7th and going full steam ahead. Keep us posted - looking forward to learning out more about you.

Besh - congrats on your loss - you are doing great!

BJ - we need to hear how you spent your birthday - hope the girls are doing better.

Marci - you were quite perky this morning LOL. Thanks for starting us off like that.

DeeMarie - How is DH doing? How are things at work? Have you gone to the Dr. recently or is it in the near future? I need answers LOL.

Patti - hope you are feeling better today.

Amy - don't be a stranger - keep posting. I don't have a website.

I have been busy, we are giving MIL an 85th bday party on Sunday, so I have been busy with trying to get everything arranged for that.

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Hi Guys!

I was gone yesterday---went to the San Juan Islands to enjoy a day of SUN! It was gorgeous over there and we dropped off the teens in town just after we got off the ferry. DH, the 2 younger DDs, and I drove all over the island while the teens explored the town and took in the Movie 'Sahara". They had a blast; so did we. We met up later for pizza, burgers (and salad for me), then caught the ferry home. FUN DAY!

I got DeeMarie's package Saturday afternoon! YAY! My DDs had just watched 'Odd Girl Out' on Hallmark channel and DeeMarie sent the book 'Odd Girl Out' and another book called 'Odd Girl Speaks Out'. My girls were SO excited and said, "Mom! You need to read these right away!", so I WILL! Thanks so much! Very cool!

We had a celebration Saturday at home - angel food cake and almost burned the place down lighting the candles----lol. The family gave me the DVD 'Michael' with John Travolta - love it!, the new Lisa Marie Presley CD, a Yankee candle, and a picture frame. Pretty great! The best things were the hand-written birthday/love notes from my kids - some things money can't buy!

Today I went to the orthodonist and got me new braces on - I picked teal bands, so I'm feeling very young! :) I love the braces - they have such fun colors now and you can change them every 6 weeks! I have to have them on for 2 years so I'm going to get to try LOTS of colors! And, BONUS----in the end, I'll have really, really straight teeth!

Well, gotta fly and pick up the kids.

Back tonight!

Thanks EVERYONE, for the birthday wishes! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Welcome, MaryAnnTX! We need all the sisters we can get for our little support system here. Check in often!

Good luck on WW! It always worked for me!

Now I'm on the "Teenage Daughter's Diet" and I've lost exactly 5 pounds so far, so I think I'll stay on it for now. :) I'm happier.

PS: Patti, HI! You are a ray of brilliant sunshine around here, you know it? We love you.

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"got me new braces on"....? What kind of typist am I?

I meant "got MY new braces on"....SHEESH!

Where the heckle is the spell/grammer check button on this thing?????!??????!

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Morning, folks!

It's been sunny here for the past few days, but now the rains are comin'. That should motivate me to get some things done!

QOD: Goals for summer (JUNE), anyone?

Only a couple of months left until summer, So what are your goals for:

Work? or House? or Physical exercise? or Weight? or Travel? or Learning something new? or a Project you've been putting off? or Contacting an old friend? Whatever....

Let's hear it here! ..... today!

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I have a few: BY JUNE

Garden: keep weeding, put up 2 arbors, and get some furniture for the deck.

Travel: KY Derby trip for now, but this summer, I want to take my kids to CA and take the older teens to Las Vegas.

Work: Continue work with Blood Center, flying charities, and maybe some more direct volunteerism beginning in summer.

House- yipes! I'd love to start the summer fresh by getting all the little stuff repaired. And, of course, I'd love to feng shui my office. :)

Exercise and Weight: Continue a downward spiral on the scale!

Learning something new or doing a hobby: maybe in summertime.

Answers to QODs form spring break: yes, I got my taxes done! and what I do for work: I was lucky to be involved pretty heavily in the entertainment industry earlier in my life and made some money, and so I am involved in a fair amount of charity work. But I am studying for the career I've always dreamed of now, and in a couple of years, I'll have it.

And now, back to goals for JUNE!.......

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QOD - Just keep on enjoying life and trying things that I have never done before, take more golf lessons and then hit the course, kayak, paint, garden, hike - that's all for today. We don't usually travel in the summer - too pretty to leave here and too busy at work.

Today I pick up my kayak and weather permitting will try it out there. I have never kayaked before - so this will be an experience. Wish me luck LOL - the water is way too cold to get wet.

BJ - I heard the movie Sahara is very funny. Sounds like you had a fun and active day! Can't wait to see your new teal smile.

Gotta run - it's a 2 hour trip to get the kayak - I am saving $150 but a lot of that will be eaten up in gas LOL - it's a pretty ride though - that's gotta be worth something.

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Raeanne! You are getting a kayak??!! I LOVE kayaking. I don't have my own but rent them all the time. There is a Starbucks down at the bay that has a "canoe thru window"!! Is that not TOO MUCH? What a blast! I hope that you really enjoy it.

Qod: Where to start....
continue working, keep up with my garden, increase my activity tolerance, celebrate that by getting back on the hiking trails this fall, take a Christian studies class, by another investment property with biz partner.

I enjoyed Sahara. Very action packed ( and the star was easy to look at too)

Enough Already! lol

Everybody have a great day!


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QOD: get my yard in better condition (started already with the grass fertilizer and seed, because we fired the landscaper...paying for nothing much). Gonna plant different flowers out back and in the front of the house, but don't know yet what. Need to up my endurance by additional exercise; DH promises to help, as he gained 10 pounds during recuperation (haha!!!). Use my WW cookbook that Gretchen sent me to create meals that no one will suspect is "good for ya". Visit more with relatives and friends who say they miss's been a very long winter!

Raeanne, my doctor said there is still scar tissue on the left lung; right lung has 3 tiny dots on the CT Scan. Recommends a followup in 3-5 months. I can go back to cardio if I use my 'puffer' prior to exercise; see how I feel and stop if I get short or breath.

DFIL was admitted into the hospital this morning. He was going to get some new chemo, but MIL could not get him out of bed; he was too weak and had a fever of 103! DH was there all day, but all they did was take blood every 50 minutes. We'll have to wait and see...good thoughts, please.

Must get back to finish up a few things here at the office. I need to make my appt with my counselor this evening, followed by a 'cleaning' at the DDS. Dh will return to the hospital to see his dad. We were supposed to have a quiet dinner together, but you know that old saying about making plans....

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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(((((((((HUGS FOR YOUR DFIL, DEE MARIE)))))))))))))


(((((((((HUGGLES FOR YOU, DEE MARIE!))))))))))))

I love kayaking toooooooooo!!!!!!!! Raeanne, you bought a kayak and haven't kayaked before?????? Oh, well, you'll LOVE it! :)

Tikanas: I'm planning a driving trip from Fallbrook, CA to Las Vegas this summer. Are you any place along that route?

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Hi goils!

Welcome MaryAnn! My bugs-in-teeth KT buddy! We're glad to have you here. I SSed and lost 30 (I think), gained it all back, took off 25, and have put back on !! Hmmmm..... maybe I should be a mathmaticion! LOL!

BJ--I never rec my invite to the BBQ, so I didn't know it moved to Louisville--St. Joe's is a Catholic orphanage in an older part of the city, and it's gorgeous! It's on Frankfort Ave, which is a great place to shop, too! :) I know you're gonna be around Lexington--any chance of me coming down one morning?????


JUNE---hmmm.... actually, I haven't given it much thought--I'm just trying to get through Canada, and the rest of May. I'd like to think that .... well.... I don't know--lemme think on this....

Hey--where's KYSusieQ ???? Joanne? Amy?



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Maddie: Strange...I didn't receive my invite this year either. The computer must be screwed at the KY Cols. headquarters. My dad told me about moving the pic nic. With him being crippled and all, he didn't want to mess with the traffic, parking (even handicapped), and all. My brother's driving up from Florida this year and so I don't know what everyone has planned. I'll call you next week and tell you what they tell me! lol.

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I went to get my kayak yesterday and they put it in the water to be sure I liked it and I loved it. I have to get used to the stroke - a bit different than I thought it would be. Of course they are calling for rainy/cool weather now for the next couple of days and I go away this weekend. But there will be plenty of time to get out there.

Tikanis - that is too funny about a canoe thru Starbucks. Fortunately, I don't drink coffee, so I won't miss that LOL.

I have been itching to kayak for a couple of years now and one day DH surprised me by stopping at a sports shop to look at them and he talked me into getting one. We got a very good deal and a discount on all the accessories. (The accessories double the price of the kayak YIKES and I didn't get everything that I wanted).

DeeMarie - You have had your share lately. I am so sorry about DFIL, but glad that DH can be with him. I know you will listen to your Dr., but I am just gently reminding you too.

I have been stressing over centerpieces for my MIL's party this weekend and a friend called me this morning and offered to take care of them for me. What a relief and how generous of her. I totally trust her judgement and taste - she said she had been thinking a lot about me lately and was only too happy to do this for me.

I didn't drink enough yesterday, so I'm going to remind everyone to drink their water today.

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Good WEDNESDAY morning.

Just checking in...thanks for all the hugs yesterday, they were needed and much appreciated. DFIL got a blood transfusion and SIL said his color improved dramatically. He even sat up to watch The Amazing Race! Before that, he had not spoken a word all day. They will be evaluating him and getting back to the family once the test results come back. Bad news is that they believe it has also moved into the liver. Such sad times; I know exactly what DH is going through, but he's not talking much. I woke up early this morning and just hugged him for a very long time. I'm the type of person who wants to fix everything. I get frustrated with this stuff, but some things are just not fixable. :-(

Make today count....HUG YOUR LOVED ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raeanne, drink that water. Enjoy yourself!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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((((((HUGS for DEEMARIE)))))) ...never give up.... we're ALWAYS here for ya!

Raeanne: The first time in a kayak is so exciting! You will LOVE this form of exercise! And it's so peaceful. Come out to Seattle and we'll paddle the San Juan Islands while the guys go to a Mariner baseball game! Glad you got help on the centerpieces. Time creeps up on us so fast, doesn't it?

My youngest (6yrs) punkin-heads was up all night sick. She either had too many chicken nuggets and strawberreis or she has the flu. She's home cuddling today. I hope it was just a food thing and not illness.

Speaking of punkin-heads, where's KYJenn and the girls report?????? BTW, you were lookin' pretty trim in those Easter pics, girlfriend!

I've got a truckload of phone calls I've been putting off, so I am going to do them right after I drop DH off at the bus for school. I had a double shot in my shot s/f n/f vanilla latte this morning, so I better take advantage of it!!!!!!!

PS: I'll be glad when summer comes so we hear from Marci and Besh more often! Besh, my 16 y.o. DD wants to go to the Harry Potter conference now!

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((((DeeMarie!))))) My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Please be very careful with your health... I must have missed something along the way: why are you on the inhaler? Are you astmatic?

Raeanne, I know what you mean about kayak accessories! They cost a fortune. What kind of kayak did you get? If you haven't already, check out for their great kayak stuff, contests etc. I have been trying to win a kayak all year! I am just a teeeny bit jealous... : )

Bj, When are you coming?? Fallbrook is a little over an hour from here! Let me know! I am sorry that your little one is sick : (

I must say that I am feeling so much better! I have been working with the Naturopath to stay off the prednisone and it is working. My breathing is improving and my feet are no longer puffy. Little by little my endurance is returning.
Today I am grateful for each little step of progress.

QOD: what are you most grateful for?

Be strong and be....WELL!!


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Good Morning.

I just had a chance to post and wanted to say hello.

Happy belated birthday BJ. Sounds like it was fun.

I just have a quick browse through the posts and now I am gonna go back and read them through tonight.

No good news on the SSing. I am so bad. One of these days I am gonna say ----- down 20 lbs. (ok, I'll wake up now).

I'll catch up and write again later.

Welcome MaryAnnTX.


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Oh, forgot to mention... went to see Fever Pitch last night. It was a great movie....very funny....adorable....I would highly recommend it. Ebert/magickitty.

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Tikanis - you shouldn't be at all jealous. My kayak is a Wilderness - Pongo 120 and it is purely recreational, not for serious paddling (which is probably what you do). I just want to float about the shoreline and enjoy the wildlife and tranquility. I also required a large cockpit, because I am deathly afraid of going over and being trapped inside - I know SILLY. It was relatively an inexpensive kayak and I got it on sale with a discount on my accessories, thanks for the website I will check it out.

Speaking of Kayaking, I went out for about an hour this morning, it was beautiful and I did okay - still a lot to learn and a lot to remember, but oh so peaceful.

MagicKitty - glad to hear from you, don't be a stranger.

QOD - I don't want to sound too cliche, but I am ever so grateful for my health, my family and my friends, that I don't have to worry about a roof over my head or food on the table.

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QOD: I'm with Raeanne.....soooo very grateful for the life I have right now. Loving relationship, wonderful friends and family, good health, shelter, food, and clothing. (OK, so the clothes could be a smaller size, but what the heck!!!) LOL

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Hi! I just got in from donating blood. If it wasn't for my donations I would never know what my blood pressure or cholesterol level was. LOL

Raeanne, the kayaking sounds so wonderful! I would love to try it! I long to live by the water!

QOD: I couldn't say it any better than Raeanne and DeeMarie have - so many loving, caring people in my life, good health, lots of great books to read LOL, and so many other blessings. Oh yes, I must include my new twin grandchildren! They were born so early and small, yet they have no medical problems and are growing like weeds! Life is good.

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Tikanis - Yes, I have been to that website, but didn't realize it and I want to thank you, because they have a DVD that I wanted to order and forgot about it.

MaryAnn - Way To Go with the blood donation. That is a very generous thing that you do.

I gotta run. I haven't been on the internet much these past few days and I have a ton of e-mails to tend to.

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QOD: My kids, my health, my friends, my truck, my garden, and a few extra bucks in the bank.

Raeanne: Just for future reference, a kayak's sitting place, as with with an airplane, is not a 'cockpit' when a chick's onboard. When a gal is at the controls, it's a 'box office' ......!

MaryAnn~ Thank you for donating blood---Imagine saving a life! You just did! ((((HUGS))))

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BJ - ROFLMAO - leave it to you!

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Good Friday morning all!

I am back from Virginia where everything is in bloom. Dogwood, azalea, wisteria to name just a few. Just beautiful. I had an eventful trip. More later.

BJ, happy belated birthday Sis. I hope it was a great one. Hope your children are feeling better.

DeeMarie, Hugs to you . I hope things are improving with your family.

Tikanis, glad you are able to stay off the Prednisone. It's a necessary evil for sure. I don't remember why you were on it? Slow but sure is a good idea.

Lynn, come back and let us know what's going on with you! I sent your package yesterday so keep an eye out for it!

Maddie, it won't be long before Derby day...........I know how you love to don your hats!!

Raeanne, I can picture you kyaking. I had the opportunity to kyak years ago. I was with two people for the Society for the Protection of Loons here in NH and we were observing loons on this big lake, Dublin Lake (not big like Lake George). It was so cool. I simply love loons. It was a wonderful experience but I never caught the bug to kyak! Have fun.

Raeanne, you will be interested to know that I went to an animal communicator in Virginia. It was a pretty amazing experience. I could not believe some of the things this woman "knew" about my animals. The only info I gave her was name, age and breed! More on that later.

QOD: Graditude is part of my being human. I am grateful for everything and feel I would be less a person without it. It's something more people should practice as there is so much to be grateful for.

What is everyone up to this weekend? I will check in later.

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NH Suzanne - welcome home - the scenery sounds wonderful and the only thing blooming in my yard is the forsythia and tulips. My Rhododendron have some beautiful big buds on them and I can't wait for my perennials to pop open. I can't wait to hear more about the animal communicator. I may be attending a holistic animal care workshop in July. When I went to get my kayak, the saleswoman asked me if I was just getting one to float about the lake and watch the loons! Yes.

Dee - give us an update on your DFIL if you have a chance.

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QOD - Right after work tomorrow, I am heading to NJ to visit some of my dearest and oldest friends, then Sunday AM off to NYC to pick up my 2 DD's and head to my MIL's 85th surprise birthday party, after the party we are staying in NJ at a hotel where my DH's out of town family will be staying. I have to return by 3PM on Monday as DH has a business appointment.

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Raeanne~ a quick Bon Voyage to you!

NHSuzanne~ WELCOME BACK! We missed you! Can't wait to hear about the animal communicator! That stuff is so amazing!

Back later.....

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Hi Saturday people!

Well, finally everyone in my house has gotten through a stomach bug, save for my 14yo DD, who never showed any symtoms. Now everyone's better for the weekend!

The kids have lots of activities planned among them and I will just be the taxi mom basically! lol. I will, however, be going on baby visiting rounds, as 2 of my gal pals have little ones. Babies are so precious!

Sunday, I'm going to try and get some gardening in. It's supposed to rain on and off, but I really need to plant my elephant ear bulbs and do some weeding!

On THURSDAY, I off on a red-eye with a layover to K-Y! I hope the weather is nice for the trip!

Check in and say hi! Are you drinking water, water, water?

Here is a link that might be useful: Elephant Ears!

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Hi goils!

BJ--"box office", indeed! LMAO at you! Gosh, I hope I get to see you when you're in--we leave next Fri afternoon--

QOD--life. For all it's ups and downs, disappointments and belly laughs, I have a good one. I'm not where I want to be, but I think I'm where I'm supposed to be.

Life is good! :):)

Have a good saturday, everyone! :)



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BJ - have a great time, hope you catch some sleep on your flight. And I thought I had a busy weekend LOL. I have some stones for you, so you can check them out in The Crystal Bible.

Maddie - I love your answer. Hope you catch up with BJ.

One more hour at work and then I am outta here.

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Rabbit, Rabbit!!! Happy Sunday morning everyone. I hope you enjoy your day.

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Happy Sunday!

I am going to clean my laundry room, garden (pull weeds), and maybe do a little work in the garage. That, of, of course, with driving kids to their parties and activities! Ho, ho, ho. Tonight, I'm having a get-together which includes my ex-in-laws meeting my teen girls' boyfriends. Fun food, music, and probably lots of laughs. Luckily, I have a great relationship with my ex-in-laws. When I divorced my ex, they didn't divorce me. Thank heavens for that, as they are wonderful for my kids to have as grandparents.

NHSuzanne, don't forget to tell us about the animal communicator, even if you can only afford to write us the short version. I am so, so interested! Hope you get to ride your horse today!

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Rabbit! Rabbit! I always forget!

Suzanne, I second BJ's request. We wanna hear!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I know that I am. I went to lunch with a friend from another forum on Friday. ( That was FUN!!) and to dinner with another friend last night. So far today I've been to church and am going to sit down and watch the Dodger game with DS. Then, off to a movie in the late afternoon. I have been "good carbing" it without a hitch for 2 weeks now. I have been making a lot of the recipes from the Good Carb cookbook that DeeMarie gave me for Christmas.I have discovered that bringing sunflower seeds to the movies keeps me away from the butter soaked popcorn and I do not feel deprived : )

This looks to be another busy week. I am hoping for better time management on my part. It is so easy to get distracted when you are working from home. I better learn, as in September, I will be making a lot of Home Nursing visits and time efficiency will become imperative!

"See you" all tomorrow!

Tikanas ( who is kayaking vicariously thru Raeanne....)

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Gosh, I got to thinking --this was supposed to be the French Lick weekend.

I guess I'll go get a pedi tomorrow with some of the money I'd saved. Not as good as lounging in the mud bath with Dee, but I guess it'll hafta do--

Quick 13+ months, huh?

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I still want to plan for next year at French Lick. The sooner we make plans, the sooner we can each commit and set it in stone. What works best for everybody? A Summer date or should we plan for the Spring? I can flex with enough notice. I think that looking forward to an event is half the fun! I would like to start planning now....

A pedicure DOES sound nice, Maddie!

Tikanas (Excited but hoping I didn't sound too pushy...)

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QOD: On a larger scale, I'm grateful for the chance to live a life and for the fact that no matter where you are or what is happening, there is always mystery, beauty, and love to find. On a smaller scale, I'm grateful for many things, including having a computer, lol, my family and loved ones, my art, my opportunities, etc.

Raeanne, I sent you an email via your page. Did you get it?

BJ, I'm glad your people are on the mend.

I almost never "cheat" with my eating, but I kind of lost it today with a piece (only one, lol) of coffee cake and some cheetos - not even nutritious. :( Tasty, though.

We've lost some people over the months, and, yes, years, but it's always comforting to see so many familiar names, and new ones, too.

I'm trying to get a couple of businesses going. Seems like I'm always working on getting something going. I'm trying to get by more often, and keep up better.

Spring is coming :) lilacs and apple blossoms for you, rainbow shower flowers for me, lol.

Take care, see you all later,

    Bookmark   May 1, 2005 at 10:43PM
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