modify camcorder: please advise

tdesmondApril 5, 2009

Hello All,

I want to make a video rear view "mirror" for a wheelchair using the screen from a broken camcorder and a cheap webcam mounted to the back of the wheelchair seat. I'm handy and know electricity, but not much about electronics. Is a webcam's signal output compatible with a camcorder's screen display, (so they could be simply connected to one another)? Is there any convenient way to power both the screen and camera using a camcorder battery, (the wheelchair's own electrical system is 24 volt). Any ideas about how this could be done would be appreciated.


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I doubt you are using the right hardware. A webcam uses USB bus power. You would need to build a switchmode or similar power supply with different rails (voltages)

I guess it costs nothing to experiment, I am not super au fait with power supply design but you can often find designs on electronic forums (this one is more consumer level) - basically a couple of LM-317 s or 350's with appropriate added-on bits.

I would think a cheap reversing camera which you can buy in auto stores would be better, they will include mounting hardware then you will only need to supply 12v unless they have a 24v option built-in.

To work out the supply voltage of the camcorder screen (are you sure the screen works) ideally you want to measure the voltage supplied along the flexible cable, and go from there.

Don't forget a webcam will not have a 'video out' but a digital signal. That's going to be muy complicated. I would suggest a cheap security camera, which will come with a housing and mounting hardware. You can get them in most electronics stores or online, and they usually take 12v, some ac or dc.

The webcam would be too complicated.

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Pooh Bear

Can a USB webcam be attached to a video picture frame?
A little searching on the internet would tell you that.
Got me interested now.

My power chair is also 24volt. It's just two 12volt batteries
in series. You could easily tap 12volt off just one of the batteries.

Pooh Bear

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