Bats in the basement

housenewbieJune 1, 2006

So how in heaven's name does it come about that I have a bat in my basement? Yes, BASEMENT. DH found it last night. Tried to chase it out the door (windows don't open) but then lost it somewhere. Was afraid to leave the door open all night, for obvious reasons, so unless the bat figured out how to leave the way he came in he's still there.

Oy. I like bats and all, but I have very clear ideas about the separation of bat-space and me-space. And I REALLY don't want to open the linen closet in the bathroom (site of a former clothes chute to the basement) and have a bat fly in my face.

Can it have come down the chimney? We had a wood stove put in last fall, so there's a steel liner in there and a cap on top. The only other thing I can think of is the hole where the dryer vent or the hose line goes out.

Now what? Other than buying a net for bat-catching, what the heck do I do?


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I had two that got in a couple years ago, think it was through a broken attic window then through a hole somebody stepped through in the ceiling, not sure. It is said they can get through very small cracks.

Years ago I killed one and the sound of its crying I remember to this day, so I had to figure out how to capture them alive. The cat alerted me to its whereabouts; it was flying through the house late at night; I even stepped on it accidentally but didn't hurt it and did not get bitten.

The upshot of it is that at night these seem to land on the floor in an open area if you don't get them too spooked. I threw a large white plastic bucket over it and put a weight on top until morning. Then I gently put a square rubbermaid plastic cannister over it and carefully slid the plastic lid under it and sealed it shut, took a photo of it.

You do not want to leave the lid sealed too long or it will run out of air, so crack it open if you can't release it right away.

I took them out (two different times) in different woodsy/creek areas pretty far from my house and let them go because I was afraid they would just get back in the house if I didn't.

My house is very open with stuff around, so it shouldn't be much worse than a basement unless they get up in the rafters which would make things more difficult.

If you can't solve the problem yourself, call the animal control people and ask them what to do.

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I don't really want to scare anyone but we recently had a teen die from a rabid bat that flew into his bedroom one night. It was a big shock. You can read the stories by googling "bat death houston".


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