Magna Hoop

kick153August 7, 2008

I'm very much interested in some feedback from anyone who owns a Magna Hoop. I think I would like to purchase, but several factors are holding me back. Does it work as they say it does? Which size would you suggest and why? Do you feel it is worth the price?

There are so many gadgets available for the embroidery enthusiast, and I like to puchase accessories that will be of the most benefit. Without input from someone who has used it, I just can't seem to justify the expense.

Thanks to any who reply. I greatly appreciate it!

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I have one but is is good for bigger desines if you know how to line up or do a split design andthen line it up I don;t so mine don't help mr.

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I have Jumbo & regular Manga hoop and love them for quilting.I don't have to hoop anymore and get done in a fraction of the time.I don't use the plastic insert on the Jumbo hoop and it works just fine.I use them on my 300E

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